We’re living in the most exciting time of our existence. If we manage to ignore the problems our planet and humanity are facing, we can easily conclude that there was never a more fun time to live in. Everything around us is being affected by the numerous tech inventions.

The latest improvements in automation and AI technologies brought them directly into our homes. Although AI has been around for quite some time, it wasn’t accessible to everyone as it is now. Every home can afford to implement AI-driven machines inside their homes.

In this article, we’re talking more about how AI and automation transform our living space. We will talk more about what these are and what the benefits are. If you want to know more about how technology drives the quality of our lives forward, read on and learn more about it.

AI Adds a New Level of Security

Home surveillance first started gaining traction in the early 1970s. Although the concept of video recording premises was older, people actively started implementing CCTV cameras to record movement around their homes and properties.

Today, video surveillance is on an entirely new level. CCTV cameras are connected to smartphones and broadcast live coverage of people’s homes, allowing them to monitor activity inside and outside their homes 24/7.

The latest technology means installing smart cameras driven by artificial intelligence that provide complete control over the home, protecting not only from burglars but also from potential hazards and even injuries of people inside those homes.

AI software controlling the CCTV cameras alarm for several potential safety threats, including fire, flood, people carrying weapons on the premises, and even residents suffering heart attacks or lying in unusual positions that often mean an accident or injury.

Smarthomes are the Latest Technology

Have you heard about the smart home living concept? Basically, it is a standard home with standard appliances and items, but they are all connected to the internet. So, you have an ordinary kitchen with a stove, furnace, fridge, and other small kitchen appliances, but they are all connected to the internet.

Through a dedicated app, they are all connected to your smartphone. Most modern companies for electronics have specialized apps that allow connectivity to nearly anything you have in your home and have Wi-Fi integrated inside them.

Aside from the items we mentioned, you can also connect many other things. From your TV, which is probably already connected to the internet, to your washing machine to even your doors and windows. Everything’s now available with internet connectivity and eligible to become part of the smart home concept.

Why is this great? Because when you go to work, and you’re not sure if you left the iron plugged in, you can check through your phone and turn it off. You can control the AC through your phone without looking for the remote controller, and you can even boil the eggs perfectly without getting up from the sofa.

Automation Means Hands-free Everything

In times of great pandemics like the Covid-19 and those that will inevitably come in the future, having the hands-free option is essential for anything around us. Global warming is obviously causing germs and bacteria to mutate, and we must find ways to avoid touching anything we think of with our hands.

The only thing that we should touch is our smartphone. That’s how automation and AI are essential. They will help us create a new world in which everything will be hands-free. Your smartphone is also activated and controlled through your voice, so you have no problem with it.

Coming from home and telling the computer in your car to open the garage door without getting out and opening it manually is a blessing. You don’t even have to wait for the thing to open. Many garage doors suppliers already have this option available in their stores.

The best thing with AI is that it can predict our needs and wishes in particular moments and do things for us. In an ideal setting, you can get a Starbucks coffee without doing anything and even thinking about it when you’re near a Starbucks cafè. Your personalized AI will know if you want one, order it, pay for it, and tell you that a cup of coffee is waiting for you at the door.


We live in some exciting times, but the future is beyond exciting. We can’t even imagine where technology will go and what will happen in a decade or so. What we know right now is that our homes can be turned from ordinary, even boring places into exciting and fun living spaces.

Take advantage of technology and renovate your home. Implement the new stuff available on the market and be part of the growing trend. Get a smart home and see how many people worldwide enjoy modern living.

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