Modular homes gained popularity back in the 1950s. After World War II, there was no time for months of traditional building. That’s where modular building entered the game and the industry hasn’t slowed down ever since.

Day by day, professionals come up with new ways of constructing and assembling modular homes. Modern modular homes evolved in the last few years. By improving quality and designs, modular homes manufacturers can now compete with traditional stick-built homes.

The quality of these houses is increasing with every new design. Modern modular homes are also capable of meeting any legal building code just as well as traditional homes.

There are many questions about how long do modular homes last, as well as myths about their safety. The assumption that these houses have shorter lifespan is justified by the fact that a modular home is factory-built before being set-up on the foundation.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Where is the proof? Well, homes constructed in the 1950s are still standing and gaining value on the market.

A Modular Home As A Future Of Housing

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A modular home is built a part by part in a factory, on a production line where professionals put together each component step by step.

Along with constructing, quality test teams are keeping an eye on every component, to ensure the maximum of modular home life. Finally, the finished product is transported to a new location. The last step in a modular home building is assembling a new house on a pre-made foundation.

Regarding the common misconception, a modular home isn’t a mobile home. While being transported to a locating, a modular house is still a regular house, simply built off-site, as opposed to traditional on-site building. Modular homes are often called prefabricated homes or prefabs.

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Although a modular home is built in a factory and transported to its permanent location, there are still some arrangements to be made on-site. The future homeowner has a choice of being a general contractor or hiring someone to do the job. Either way, a general constructor has to build the foundation, arrange service and utility installation, as well as do necessary landscaping.

Any of these factors can also affect how long do a manufactured home lasts.

Advantages of a Modular Home

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One of the biggest advantages of a modular home is fast construction. Being built indoors, there are no typical on-site weather delays. A modular home can be finished within a few weeks. However, this doesn’t affect how long does a manufactured home lasts.

Most importantly, modular homes may be one of the safest housing choices today. They are built by specific rules and building codes. Federal laws require any manufactured home to have smoke detectors, escape windows, and limited combustible materials around furnaces, water heaters and kitchen ranges.

If you wonder how long do modular homes last in specific weather conditions, prepare to be surprised. When properly installed, a modular home can withstand 120-130 mph/s strong winds in areas of hurricanes.

How Long Do Modular Homes Last?

You want a home to meet the needs of the whole family, as well as to stand the test of time. So, a question about how long do modular homes last is among the first that come to buyers’ minds.

Many factors contribute to the lifespan of any house. Whether it is a regular home or manufactured one, it’s hard to give a guarantee for a specific number of years. However, here are a few variables that can determine how long do modular homes lasts.

Quality of materials is a key factor in how long do modular homes last

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When thinking about materials, there are two factors to consider. First is the choice of material itself. There are many options on the market and the right professional can advise you on choosing a right for your needs.

The second factor is the quality of the material. Like with traditional buildings, you can choose between a luxury home with the highest-quality material or more budget-friendly options.

A modular home lifespan depends heavily on the quality of materials used in its construction. When it comes to how long do Clayton homes lasts, you can expect them to serve generations to come, as they are constructed with the same quality materials as site-built homes.

Stable structure will ensure the greatest experience 

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For modular homes, a stable and optimized structure is crucial. We believe simplicity to be a key to a quality and long-lasting modular home. Here in Clayton Homes, we aim to strip away everything unnecessary so you can enjoy focusing on the essentials. The simple structure will also make a modular home maintenance much easier.

A modular house has to be able to withstand the elements 

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Severe weather conditions, like tornadoes and hurricanes, can damage any structure regardless of where or how it`s built.

Modular homes are already required to travel intact from the factory to the location where the home will be assembled. Therefore, modular homes are constructed to withstand a strong and steady wind for several hours at least. If you’re considering purchasing a modular home in PA, you can be sure that your home is very safe in almost every weather condition.

Every home needs proper maintenance

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Generally, all homes need a certain amount of upkeep throughout the years to maintain the property structurally sound and safe to live in. A home will deteriorate relatively quickly without proper care. Prefabricated houses are no different in this case.

This is a factor contributing greatly to the time your modular home lasts. People often think that modular homes need more care and regular maintenance than any other form of housing. However, modular homes are often of better quality than many stick-built homes.

As an owner of a modular home, you don’t have to fear the poor quality of materials used in construction. You can trace each part of a future house back to a manufacturer. Every manufacturer can pass a third party inspection in every step of the building process.

Finally, every home has to pass quality control by teams in the factory before shipping.

Ending thoughts on how long do modular homes last

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A modular home has many benefits. When you consider the price, quality of materials, speed of construction, energy efficiency and safety of this type of housing, it`s no brainer why modular homes become more appealing to buyers every year.

By choosing a modular home, you’re choosing a quality living for many generations to come. Quality materials will ensure decades of safe living. Besides having an incredibly long lifespan, a modular home has many other benefits.

A modular home can save you quite a bit of money. When traditionally building, you have to source materials from many parts of the county. That also means many different suppliers have to get their material to your location on time. This can be a logistical nightmare that will probably take months.

Construction of a modular home in a factory takes a few weeks. According to Peak, when transported to a permanent location, it takes about three days to fully assemble those components.

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Furthermore, with a modular home, you’re able to save money on required inspections and paperwork around it. A third-party inspector will be involved during each phase of the construction in a factory. This means all of the inspections are already done when a house arrives on a permanent location.

If you’re thinking about going green, a modular home is a perfect choice for you. Besides being energy-efficient and environment-friendly, living in a modular home will make your expenses go down significantly.

When it comes to guaranteeing, modular buildings are safer than traditional construction. Traditional homes are usually built by construction firms without many years of experience on the market. These companies can go down or even bankrupt at any point since they`re relying on their customers for a steady income.

Modular home manufacturers have over 50 years of experience and an established record of success. Every part of your house can be traced right back to them.

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