Baseboards should not be ignored because they are an essential home detail. They offer a different vibe depending on how you join them, intersect them, and what unifying components they feature. Choosing the right baseboard ideas might not be though an easy task. The baseboard is that trim that goes in the lowest part of your interior wall.

It can look like a small detail, but if you pay attention to it, you can change the look of the entire house. When you are choosing your baseboard ideas to go for, you need to consider some aspects like the style of the house. Baseboard materials can be anything from solid wood to medium density fiberboard. Provide it the appropriate paint and sealing work to prevent it from cracking it time.

Image source: Nicole Helene Designs

Larger ones should be used when you want to make a stand-out presence. No matter what style you go for your baseboard ideas, they will dictate the vibe of your home.

Baseboard Ideas Style

When you want to add the baseboard molding, you need to be depended on a bunch of aspects that include the style of the house. When you choose the baseboard, you need to think about your budget as well because it is an important aspect. We prepared some baseboard styles that you can choose from, so to have a look at the following:

Modern and minimal flat baseboards

Image source: Texas Construction Company

One of your baseboard ideas could be this one. It has an elegant style because it is simple. This is one of the most ubiquitous baseboards that you can come across when entering a house. It’s one of those versatile baseboard options that you can take advantage of at any time. The natural brown color is beautiful, and you can also paint it if needed.

Flat baseboards play against traditional expectations of curving, rounded baseboards, and bring a flat surface.

Traditional Style baseboard

Image source: Bella Staging & Design

Going for something more traditional can’t go wrong. This style gives you a more natural look that you can’t go wrong with. The function has worked tremendous, and shorter boards always provide depth to the ceiling together with a lovely look.

Country Style Baseboard

Image source: Alexander White

This style of baseboard ideas is taller and goes better with a quarter-round to put the focus on its depth. It can be a real option, so consider it very reliable.

Victorian Style Baseboard

Image source: Alexander White

This is very majestic, indeed. Many people like this style because of the details it shows. We liked the high frame of this baseboard. For sure, anybody that sees it is going to appreciate the sophistication.

Usually, Victorian-style baseboards have different shapes and profiles. Most of the time, they involve standardized patterns that can bring a lot of changes into spaces.

Colonial Styles Baseboard

Through our baseboard ideas, we also find this style. Colonial baseboard is one of the most used methods that you can find in North America. As there are many regions in North America, you can see that most of them have their Colonial background. This background makes baseboard to have their version of the style.

Art crafts style baseboard

Image source: Kemp Hall Studio

Known as the “Craftsman” style, this one brings curvatures and fine craftsmanship in the design. You can express lines and draw the eye from this genetic makeup. It is not subtle, and it does not want to hide.

Baseboard ideas like this on have a nice smooth but edgy design. All is about natural and handmade materials. You should expect to see hardwood baseboards and moldings that go with this style.

Modern Style Baseboard

Image source: Darci Hether New York

Modern baseboards are accessible, and many interior designs are done using them. They are minimalist and monochromatic most of the time. Even though they might seem inconsequential, they are quite indispensable when we talk about well-trafficked homes.

They are suitable for protection against furniture bumps or scrapes. As time went by, the purpose of baseboards hasn’t changed after all.

Baseboard Ideas to check

Soft Bedroom

Image source: EAG Studio

Any bedroom needs to have a modern look, and this is why a wide plain white baseboard can be a fantastic way to get all you need together. It promotes the idea that space is welcome to interpretation.

Gleaming Glam Metal baseboards

Image source: KBC Developments

Check this unique but real concept where the baseboard is used to add some shine to your home. Metal baseboards can connect well with the concrete floor. They give an industrial fair and balance the other metallic accents that can be found in the room.

Rejuvenating Entry Room

Image source: Eden LA Furniture and Interiors

You can’t find anything as refreshing and rejuvenating as an entryway full of light and decor. All can be done in a quiet and toned way using the right baseboard. What it does is it brights out the light colors in the wood, and it also helps finish the look.

Neutral Painted baseboards

Image source: Eden LA Furniture and Interiors

Architectural details like door profiles and window trim are the key features that change the room entirely. They are perfect if you want to make your space vibrant and welcoming. Painting the baseboards that you have in neutral shades is going to direct attention to specific details.

Eclectic Entry

Image source: Victorian Foyer

If you want to have an entryway that showcases artwork go for small baseboards. In baseboard ideas like this one, a simple design is going to put in focus any detail you want.

Remember that for this example, the baseboard is going to be a frame for the wall. What you want to do is make sure that there is much emphasis on the artwork.

Simple Vinyl Baseboard

Image source: Michael Abrams Interiors

Vinyl baseboards have been very popular lately as this baseboard is more affordable compared with other baseboards. This is because they get produced in a mass quantity because of the increased demand for it. The significant advantage of this type of baseboard idea is that they can fit any house.

Flush Baseboards with a Shadow Line

Image source: Brandon Architects, Inc.

A shadow line is a separation between the boards and the start of the walls. They are used to give specific details to the design, so have a look at this example.

Hardwood Baseboard

Image source: Peace Design

Hardwood baseboards are some of the most costly baseboards moldings of all. The price can be varied depending on the profile and wood type. They are great if you want an elegant look and they go with any trim.

Tastefully Tailored Rectangular Baseboards

Image source: Fifth Element Homes

Rectangular baseboards have clean-lined silhouettes that have no rounded edges. They do, however, offer more complexity compared with the flat style.

Bold and Artistic Painted-Out baseboards

Image source: Matt Gamble Photography

If you like loud colors, then you should consider baseboard ideas like this one. They create an artistic effect and for sure, are going to impress anybody that sees them.

Oversized baseboards

Image source: SagreraBrazil Design, Inc.

A lot of designers go for this in many situations. By removing crown moldings and raising baseboards, you get a more custom look. Having a minimum six-inch-tall baseboard is going to look cute in any residence. Consider it a real option no matter what you want to do.

Ending thoughts on baseboard ideas

In conclusion, choosing the baseboard ideas that you want to go with takes time. There is no right choice here, and it all depends on what you want to get. Be clear about what you want, and you will discover what you need.

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