A fresh coat of paint can always refresh your home. Not only that, but it can also improve the overall appearance of your home and even add higher value to it. New paint can beautify your home, make it brighter and more delicate. Painting might seem like a simple job to do. However, it is much harder. You need to fully understand how paint and the painting process work in order to optimize its use.

The quality of paint is an essential element of the whole process. The right color lasts long, with minimal touch ups over time.

A good painting stands the test of time, but what makes it last? The quality of the paint itself. Occasional paint touch ups keep your home looking fresh and sparkling. Sometimes, you can’t avoid having leftover paint at home. You can’t throw it away as you can still use it for touch ups and repairs. The problem lies not on how to use leftover paint, however. The problem lies in how long does paint last.

Why must we keep track of the expiry date for the paint? 

Just like any product, paint expires. Keep that in mind the next time you plan on using leftover paint. Perhaps you want to save money and use the old paint you have stored in your garage, however, think of the quality that paint will have.

What to Do With Leftover Paint

What-to-Do-With-Leftover-Paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Leftover paint can be useful, though, depending on numerous factors. Before using it, make sure it is still in good shape. If you have kept it in moist or sun-exposed places, then dispose of the paint. These elements play a huge role in the life and quality of the color.

Factors That Could Affect the life of Stored Paint

The storage temperature 

The-storage-temperature How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Paint, like everything else, is sensitive to temperature. Storing it in dry and dark places can be useful for the paint. Areas that have no direct sun exposure yet aren’t freezing can preserve the paint. If you store it in such places, you can then use the paint years after it has been opened.

Overall, if you want to retain the quality of the paint, keep the temperature in check. Ensure you store it safely and in the right place, as it is very crucial. Drastic temperature changes can also affect it. Please keep it in one place as the temperature can chemically change the paint. It can separate the numerous components of the mixture.

Quality Of Seal

Quality-Of-Seal How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

In order to prolong the life of the pain, make sure you seal it properly. Ensure it is tightly closed with no exposed opening. That way, you won’t make the paint create lumps.

How long does paint last depending on the type of paint 

Different types of pain have various components. This is important to know if you want to prolong the life of the paint. Make sure to research how your type of paint is preserved and how long does paint last depending on its type. The various components and the different creation processes are factors that play a massive role in preservation. Some are made from latex, oils, and adhesives, and some have chalk and milk-based components. This is why you can’t store each paint the same way.

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-Based-Paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Oil-based paint lasts longer. This is because this type of paint contains various solvents making it harder to expire. Such paints can last for more than 15 years. Latex paint tends to expire more quickly. The difference in chemical structure makes these two paints so different.

Latex exterior paint 

Latex-exterior-paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Latex paint, even though quite different from oil-based paint, can last up to 10 years. This applies to all types of latex-based paints.

Chalk Paint

chalk-based-paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Unlike the claim that chalk paint can last up to several years, chalk-based paint can’t last for more than one year. Even though it has a thick consistency, chalk paint can’t film over like latex or oil. That’s why it makes it harder to stay in life for an extended period. If your chalk paint has thickened or hardened, you can revive it by simply adding a little bit of water to it.

Milk Paint

Milk-Paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Milk paint lasts the least. Due to the milk proteins, the color can last no more than two days. However, there is quality milk paint on the market that can last up to a week. When buying milk paint, search for additives that help preserve the paint. Powdered milk paint can stay in life for an indefinite period if refrigerated and properly kept dry.

Signs That Paint Has Gone Bad

You know the answer to how long does paint last before it goes bad. But sometimes the storage conditions of a bucket of surface coating might be unknown to us. You don’t want to use ill or rotten paint and end up ruining the walls and wasting your time.

So, how can you tell if the paint is terrible? There are a few signs that will tell you if and how the surface coating has spoiled.

Film at the Top

Film-at-the-Top How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Once you open the paint, it is normal for it to develop a thick coating at the top. If you want to use the paint again, check it. The coat should only be formed at the top. If the rest is liquidy, you can use it with no problem.

Overly Lumpy Paint

Overly-Lumpy-Paint How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

It is natural for latex paint to develop a film on the top after some time.

However, if the paint Is hardened to the point of no return, throw it away. If the paint is in chunks and can’t be recovered by adding water or another type of solvent, it is time to discard the paint.

Bad Smell

Bad-Smell How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Although it never smells particularly pleasant, harmful paint has a more rancid smell. Horrible smelling paint means it contains bacteria and must be disposed of safely according to your state regulations.

Jelly-Like Consistency

jelly-like-consistency How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Another sign for an expired paint is its jelly consistency. Such clumps form when the paint is left open on-air for an extended period. This kind of paint can’t be smoothly mixed and will fall apart.

Rusty Container    

Rusty-Container How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

The state of the container can tell a lot about the paint inside. If the lid or the can is rusty, the paint is probably in a lousy state too. If you notice any amount of rust on the package, throw the whole paint away.

Test it beforehand

Test-it-beforehand How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Before using the paint, make sure to test it. Mix it carefully with a paint stirrer. If the consistency is right, move on to the next step. With a small brush, previously dipped in paint, paint over a small piece of cardboard. If the color is smooth, you can now apply it to the desired item. If it has lumps or grains, throw it out.

How Long Does Primer Last?

How-Long-Does-Primer-Last How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Paint primer is excellent for making the paint last longer. However, just like a paint can expire. Keeping your primer appropriately stored according to the manual can extend its duration. So how long does paint last when you seal it tightly? Sealing it tightly can also help stay around for 2-3 years.

Store paint the right way to extend its shelf life.

Store-paint-the-right-way-to-extend-its-shelf-life How long does paint last until it goes bad? (Answered)

Paint is expensive. And constantly buying paint can cut down on your wallet. It saves the leftover  paint  or partial can of paint for touch ups, use these tips:

  • First and foremost, store the paint indoors. It is best if you put it away from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
  • To store a half-empty can and make the paint last, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top and then tap the lid back into place with a hammer.
  • Mark the date and color name in marker on the side for easy future reference.
  • Take any organic elements out of paint like leaves, grass, pieces of tree bark, etc.

Above are all the things you need to know about the lifespan of the paint. Knowing how long does paint last ensures you optimize its use. When using these simple rules, you will be able to prolongate the life of your paints and re-use them many times when needed to keep your house well-groomed.

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