Boilers are an important source of heating in homes. It can be of two different types one is communal, and the other one is household heating. With the aid of the boiler, the ideal temperature of the house is maintained in winter. But it can be tedious to set up the boiler every time. So, the smart thermostat is incorporated with the boiler or the house’s heating system. A common question arises: What exactly does the thermostat do in the boiler system, despite its significance? Before going into greater detail on boiler thermostat operation, this essay will cover the fundamentals.

What is the importance of a boiler thermostat?

A boiler thermostat can automatically control the house’s temperature without manual scheduling. It consumes much less energy so that people can preserve their power bill. Investing in a thermostat is a great deal. Some people might often think it’s expensive but worth buying as it can save a lot of your money on the power bill. Also, with the boiler thermostat, you can easily maintain the ideal temperature of the house.

How does the Boiler Thermostat operate?

There are two major functions that the boiler performs. This includes:

  • The radiator is provided with hot water by the boiler
  • And the boiler also gives hot water to the faucets and shower.

So having two different temperature controllers for the above two purposes can be tedious. But if you have the Boiler thermostat, it can complete the above two functions together. Now the question comes what does the standard thermostat for the boiler do?

Earlier the standard thermostat maintained the temperature of the water inside the cylinder at a specific level. This is done by sensing the surrounding temperature, and then the boiler thermostat sets the temperature by shutting the heating cylinder so it doesn’t become too hot. At the same time, the boiler thermostat detects the temperature of the surrounding with a sensor. When it detects the desired temperature, it turns off the HVAC system. But if the temperature goes down again, it will restart the boiler.

Which is the best boiler thermostat?

Tado has the best smart thermostat for people who want to purchase a good boiler thermostat. It is easy to use and can be easily utilised through the app. Using the Tado smart home application, you can easily adjust or set the temperature schedule. Other than the Tado smart thermostat also performs many other functions like controlling the humidity inside the house, detecting any defect in the heating system and many more. It is an endless number of features in it. One biggest advantages of employing a boiler thermostat from Tado is that it can work with many brands and supports 95% of the boilers.

Moreover, the thermostat adjusts the temperature based on your preferences. The Tado boiler thermostat can also be operated with the voice controller and auto assist.

What temperature shall I set for my thermal boiler thermostat?

During summer

When manually operated settings when manually operated setting the boiler temperature could be challenging for some people. But with the help of the Tado boiler thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature. The ideal temperature of the boiler during the summer is18 degrees Celsius.

Although the smart thermostat maintains the temperature independently, you can also schedule the temperature using the mobile app. In countries like the UK, most houses bill more than 50% because of the central heating/ cooling system. It could be because almost 70% of homes in the UK heat their houses multiple times a day.

Hence it becomes very important to set a temperature limit while leaving the house in summer. By employing the smart thermostat, you can easily maintain the activity of your house heating and cooling system.

During Winter

Time of the winter; it’s extremely cold outside. Hence, it’s important to maintain the temperature at a higher level. The recommended boiler temperature during winter is around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. The boiler thermostat maintains this temperature.

How can you connect the Tado with the boiler?

You can insert the Tado° heater wireless thermostat for it to work with the boiler. You can easily control heating from anywhere by utilising the boiler thermostat from Tado. The only thing required is a strong WIFI connection and an extension box. The extension box is connected to the server of the Tado with the help of a bridge. So, a link between the router and the ethernet is made. Following the steps presented, the website of Tado could help to connect.

Summing Up

A smart boiler thermostat can allow you to control the heating system when you’re not at home. With this technology, you may control the boiler using a tablet or smartphone from any location. You can intelligently heat the space with the aid of Tado°. Therefore, select Tado° if you need to save extra money and energy.

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