Renovating your home is one of the most exciting projects to embark on. Transforming your house with new interiors, and a fresh look and feel is almost like buying a completely new home without losing any of the treasured memories. Interior renovations can be a tricky task though, with so many amazing materials and styles to choose from. Whether you are trying to find the best way to recreate your aesthetic or make a statement, the materials you choose are everything. This guide will help you understand just how to choose the right materials for your interior renovations.


It’s no secret that a big factor in choosing materials for your interior renovations is your budget. Making smart budget decisions can be the secret to smashing your renovations. For materials on base layers, look for ways to save and don’t opt for the super expensive materials. Options like plywood and some metals will be cheaper and easier to source than more expensive or rare materials. By being budget conscious at the right times, you can save a few dollars to spend on finishes or statement pieces later in the renovations. Understand what your budget is upfront so you can allow yourself to make informed choices on materials earlier in the project. There can be nothing worse than getting halfway through, only to discover you’ve run over your budget already. If you’re using a stylist or interior designer be sure to let them know what your budget is and ask for advice on where to save.

Know your vision

When it comes to choosing materials for an interior renovation you need to be clear on your vision. Take the time to visualise when the renovation is done and what the house will look like. When you know what the vision in your head looks like, making material decisions should be easier. If you have an interior theme, then make sure you make smart material decisions to match your theme. If you are looking for more of a wooden theme, then don’t consider metals or stone materials. If you want an earthy style, natural materials like granite or marble might be best to achieve your vision. Whichever way you go, be clear on your vision first and then buy your materials. Don’t buy a heap of materials and regret it later when they don’t match the picture you had in your head before you started.

Consistency is key

If you’ve ever been to a home where every room feels like you’ve walked into a new home, then you know how disjointed it can feel. When you’re choosing the materials for your interior renovations, the key is to be consistent. The materials will tell the story and help tie rooms together. Look for ways to bring materials across the home and into different rooms. This doesn’t mean you have to make every room look the same. If you use wood in one room, find a way to bring a wooden touch into the adjoining rooms.

Consistency is key when it comes to choosing materials and making sure you have enough of the chosen material. Creating a mood board might be an easy way to keep track of what you are adding to your interior concept. If you’re unsure how to achieve that consistency, be sure to ask a stylist for tips and tricks.

Think about the feel

Walking into a room can very often evoke feelings within us that we may or may not be aware of. The feel of a carpet, the way a colour brings back a memory or a material makes a feel can be a powerful experience. Choosing the materials that make us feel this way is the key to a successful interior renovation. One of the best ways to successfully choose the right material is to first work out how you want the room to make you feel. If you want the kitchen to make you feel close to the earth, then having metal benchtops probably won’t achieve that.

Take the time to understand how you want to feel when you walk through the rooms of your home, then decide what materials make you feel that way. Marble in the living room might make you feel elegant or it might make you feel cold, either way, you first need to know what you want to feel. Then you can decide which materials to buy to achieve that feeling.


Interior renovations are one of the most exciting jobs any homeowner can take on. An interior renovation can give new life to a home that may feel a little old or outdated. Making the right decision when it comes to materials is crucial. There is no going back, or at least no cheap way to go back once the renovation is complete. Take the time to plan and choose the right materials for your interior renovations and enjoy the end product for many years to come.

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