Whether you have a cycle or motorbike, every bike needs proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure the best performance and longevity. The maintenance of a bike does not just mean physical maintenance but also proper storage. Without proper storage space, the bike is exposed to the sun and rain, leading to rust, jamming of parts, and other problems. Additionally, if not kept securely stored, there is always a chance of theft.

However, keeping bikes in regular storage sheds or a garage can be challenging, as the bikes are long and sleek in design and most storage sheds have doors on the wall that is longer, leaving very little space to park the bike properly. Similarly, parking a bike can be problematic given the space constraint after the cars are parked in.

To ensure the security of the bike, along with protection from the weather, you need to choose a good, sturdy bike shed as a storage space. A variety of factors come into play when choosing the right bike shed.

Choose the Right Size Bike Shed

The first step for selecting the right bike shed is to decide the size of the shed required. This depends on two factors, the size of the bike, and the space available for setting up the shed. Also, you may consider having a bigger garden shed that can also house more than one bike, lawn mower, garden tools, or other things.

The Right Door That Fits Your Bike

You should ensure that the door of the shed is situated on the wall with a smaller length, instead of the longer one. This will enable you to easily get the bike inside the door and park it facing the door, which makes taking the bike out easier. It is also important to measure the size of the handle. This will help you understand whether the door is wide enough for the bike, or if you need a single or double door in the shed. You could also consider installing an extra door on another wall of the bike shed. This will help you enter the shed without having to squeeze past the parked bike, in case you need to retrieve anything from the shed.

Choose Sturdy Materials to Build the Shed

You must consider the material you want to use for building a bike shed. The three most popular materials are wood, plastic, and metal. The best thing about a wooden shed is that it is more customizable, because it is easy to install fixtures like shelves and hooks for storing bike accessories and tools.

On the other hand, plastic sheds are easy to assemble, require very less upkeep, and protect against insects and rodents. They are not very sturdy and cannot withstand extreme weather like storms, snowfall, or too-high temperatures. Metal sheds are the strongest and most weatherproof. They provide protection to the bikes in all types of weather and protect them from wear and tear. However, setting up a metal shed is a difficult task and needs a few people and extra tools.

What Type of Roof?

Also, think about the type of roof you want for your bike shed. Do you want a regular solid roof, or would you prefer a transparent or partially transparent roof panel for some extra natural light inside the shed?

You’re Going to Need a Ramp

Depending on the level of the ground and the height of the shed, you might consider installing a ramp to be able to easily move the bike in and out of the shed.

Get the Perfect Bike Shed with a Bit of Thought and planning

Every bike owner has a different requirement for their bike shed depending on the type and number of bikes, the area available for setting up a bike shed, and the alternative or additional use of the bike shed. It is very important to consider all these factors before choosing your perfect bike shed. Failure to do so could mean you end up with something that simply doesn’t work.

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