The time has come for you to get your home decorating skills back on track and start planning out how you envision your hallway to look. Decorating hallways can be tricky, but decorating with masks can immediately make your walls look the trendiest, still blending into your home’s decor theme seamlessly. Can’t wait to start? We answer how to decorate a long hallway with masks in detail below!

Turn your hallway into a mask exhibition.

Masks have now become an objective statement in the decorating world. Bearing the evolution of various civilisations, the coverings themselves have their unique personalities that can lighten the long corridors of your home. Besides, they also carry their historical significance and cultural roots. For instance, a Venetian wall mask is a testament to Venetian craftsmanship with the calibre to intrigue anyone and evoke curiosities.

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Stylise your hallways with large, magnificent porcelain Venetian masks that will surely capture your guest’s attention. To decorate a long hallway, be sure to keep in mind the space available along with the composition you’re going for. For example, if you wish to display multiple pieces, go for similar-sized masks with moderate detailing and dazzling colours such as golden or brick red to compliment the wall they are hung on whilst making them the centrepiece.

Play with colours, shapes, and styles.

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It’s noteworthy to have a specific colour palette in mind that will suit the entire décor of your home. Walls are meant to encapsulate a person’s gaze, and what better way to show off your hallway than by hanging theatrical and fancy masks? After picking a nude tone for your wall, choose elements that will remind you of the court jesters in Shakespeare’s plays. You can also keep it classy and stick to the classic moon and sun design, or be a little bolder and pick ones with embedded gold decorations or musical notes.

Choose masks of different shapes and vivid expressions that can also set the mood of your humble abode. Whether diamond-shaped and patterned or asymmetrical and carved, paper maché masks can fit in any unique composition.

Don’t be shy to express your personality.

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With ambient lighting, make your hallways even more enthralling, as if you’re walking into an actual museum and hanging larger pieces of these Venetian masks, each symbolising a certain feel or look that leaves an imprint on your existing home. Let your walls have a bit of yourself in them, and choose masks that resonate with your personality. Fan of playing cards? Choose a design with cards on it. Perhaps a music enthusiast? How about picking a style shaped like a violin? The choices are endless, so get creative.

Hopefully, your question about how to decorate your hallways with masks has been answered. Now, all you need is to find some Venetian styles of the finest quality and get them hung in your hallways. The compliments are sure to be pouring in from your guests!

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