The living room in your home is often a much-used space. This is where you can sit and entertain guests, kick back and relax with a fabulous book, watch television and just feel comfortable in your home. It’s for these reasons that homeowners tend to spend a lot of time, energy and money on designing the perfect and stylish space that works with their lifestyle. If this is the balance you’re trying to create right now and you don’t know where to get started, these tips can offer you help and inspiration.

Update the Furniture and the Placement

Furniture will play a huge role in how useable and comfortable the living room is. You want to pick stylish pieces that work with your décor, fit in your budget and accommodate enough people. However, your furniture plan needs to go deeper than just picking stylish new pieces, as it can also be a great opportunity to play around with the placement of the items.

In a living room, you want to be sure the pieces are all placed in a manner that encourages conversation. This means having the pieces face into each other. This results in a cozy social atmosphere when entertaining. Also, they need to be placed far enough from each other that people can easily move about the room.

Install Recessed Lighting

Lighting should always be a big part of any design plan, no matter what room in the house you are updating. For a living room, recessed lighting is a fabulous option as it’s modern, elegant looking and highly functional, meaning the room has plenty of light. Creating a recessed lighting layout will require thought and planning. A few things to consider in the planning and installation process are what the purpose of the lighting is, how many lights should be used in the space and where the lights should be placed.

Bring Interesting Elements into the Space

For your living room to feel unique and personalized, experts recommend you bring interesting decor pieces into the space. Artwork can have a huge impact on your living room and it can take it from an average-looking space to something stylish and full of personality.

Use an Area Rug to Define the Space

An area rug can prove to be a very useful piece in the living room. It can add color, pull a design concept together, and act as a point of interest. It can also warm up the space and define the space. Defining the space is especially useful in open concept homes where your living room may not be an enclosed space. You can then use an area rug to anchor the furniture and create a separate space.

As far as the size of the area rug you should get, ideally, it should be large enough that it accommodates your main furniture pieces.

Using these tips means you’ll be able to give your living room a much-needed makeover, transforming it into a space that feels modern, stylish and welcoming.

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