Attic rooms are usually the most attractive rooms in the whole house, although we cannot say for sure what it is about them that attracts us so much. Some unconsciously associate them with secret rooms, some with the quietest corner in the whole house, and some even with large playgrounds. Anyway, attic rooms have a special charm and a certain warm feeling that follows you even after you leave the room. However, arranging such a space is not the easiest thing in the world. That’s why in the text below, we’ll discuss some tips on how to design it perfectly.

Unobtrusive colors

In attics, a sufficient amount of light is imperative. Freestanding and table lamps, as well as lamps that are installed on the ceiling or floor, can help, as can a wise choice of colors for the walls.

White always goes well, and light shades, such as gray or soft pastel colors, are also desirable. Unobtrusive light floors are also a good choice because they make the room airier and cleaner and respect the architecture of the space.

Neither hot nor cold

Whether it’s a studio apartment or a child’s room, sturdy, high-quality insulating materials and windows are crucial, even if they require adaptation or investment. In this way, you will save on heating or cooling and provide yourself with a more comfortable space. It is also worth investing in a good air conditioner. Furthermore, your roof must be perfectly sealed if you plan on using the attic for living. For this, it’s always better to look for a professional, and we highly recommend going local. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, ask around or simply check the yellow pages for a roofing company in York, PA to find the best deal while getting your roof fixed like never before. Why you might ask? This is simply because mold may develop if your heating and air conditioning systems run continuously over time. Add to this the humidity due to the leaking roof, and you’re looking at a major investment, not to mention the additional heating and electricity costs. Fix the roof, and then you can live under it without a problem.

Decorative details

If you want to “revive” the interior, you can always rely on cushions, decorative details, or smaller pieces of furniture in bright colors. If you like to play with eclectic styles, be moderate with the number of items because the space must breathe.

Particularly effective are the decorative beams painted to contrast with the shade of the walls, and if you opt for wood, match them with the rest of the carpentry. Wallpaper or walls painted with motifs of vertical stripes will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Small attics also benefit from wall murals, which you can use to quickly and easily create the impression of spaciousness. You can choose those that show city panoramas, exotic islands, or the streets of your favorite city.

Furniture that doesn’t steal square footage

When decorating small lofts, let simplicity, functionality, and minimalism be your inspiration. One of the most common puzzles is where to put the wardrobes.

Interior designers recommend full-height walls on the condition that they do not take up too much space, and preference should be given to ‘smart’ furniture that, in addition to its main function, also has a practical side – such as beds with drawers, tables, and stools that can serve as storage for excess items. You can also look up some functional furniture perfect for small spaces, or you could make it yourself or order it to be custom-made. This way, you’ll fit everything exactly within the last centimeter of space you have left.

a2 How To Design An Attic You Always Wanted At Home

Basic guidelines

Parts of the room that have a ceiling height below 170 cm are ideal for sleeping or sitting because they do not require frequent walking or standing.

Spaces that are lower than 100 cm should be used for wardrobes, which are best made to measure. Sliding doors are usually the best solution because they are practical and functional. Shelves, racks, or indoor plants will make lower corners more attractive and add charm to the interior. Last but not least, that little corner you’ve left at the very end of the attic is ideal for your resting spot. A place where you can sit down, have a cup of tea, read a good book, and enjoy some alone time.

With these tips, your attic will become like a “dream come true,” and you’ll finally have the additional space you’ve needed for so long. Enjoy, and make sure to follow the tips.

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