There are many people who think that they can just use a surface cleaner to clean their house and be done with it. However, this is not the case. There are many different ways to ensure your house is fully sanitized and free of germs, and we will go into detail about each one in this article!

Shoe sanitizer

Shoe sanitizers are a very good idea for anyone who wants to keep their house free of germs and completely clean. When you enter your home at the end of the day, there is no doubt that you want to take off your shoes before entering any further into your home, but many people do not realize how much dirt and bacteria accumulate on shoes over time! If this sounds like something that interests you or if it worries you, then definitely consider getting yourself a UV shoe sanitizer that can be used to kill any germs and bacteria on your shoes. You can use a UV shoe sanitizer in conjunction with a mat that will allow you to clean the soles of your shoes every time they touch them.

Vacuum your carpet and furniture at least once a week

Another thing that you can do to ensure your house is fully sanitized and free of germs, is vacuum the carpets in your home at least once a week. This will help remove any dirt or dust that has collected on them over time and it will also allow you to get up all of the pet hair if there happens to be any in your home! Not only this, but vacuuming allows for an easier way to clean by making sure everything stays where you want it instead of having things move around while trying to spray them down with disinfectant.

Use an antibacterial cleaner to sanitize all surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of the house

There are many different antibacterial cleaners that you can use to kill any germs or bacteria in your house. As long as there are no harsh chemicals involved, it will not do damage either! Just make sure when using an antibacterial cleaner on surfaces like countertops and bathtubs, that the disinfectant does not get into areas where people put their hands because this could cause some irritation due to how open the pores of the skin become after a hot shower for example.

Wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer

It can be hard for children to remember this throughout their day so it would also help if adults in a household set an example for them. By washing hands regularly, you are able to get rid of any germs and bacteria that have possibly stuck onto your hands throughout the day. There is always a risk for someone getting sick if their house does not maintain its cleanliness so make sure everyone in a household knows how important it is. Clean hands are great for preventing the spread of diseases and other germs!

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

If a virus has made its way onto someone’s hands, for example, it could be passed on if they touch a door handle or other object in their home without washing these things off first. Cough or sneeze into your arm or another piece of clothing to avoid contaminating surfaces in the home. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterward!

Keep fresh flowers in each room for natural air purification

This will help freshen up the air in your home and it may also add a beautiful touch as well. There are many different kinds of flowers that you could use so feel free to be creative with this one. Of course, if you don’t want to use flowers, there are other alternatives for natural air purification like a houseplant or candle.

Replace carpets with hardwood floors

This will reduce dust mites that cause allergies and asthma symptoms since carpets can be a haven for these types of allergens. Hardwood floors are great for cleaning and they can be disinfected with an antibacterial cleaner as well. Another bonus to using hardwood floors is that there will not be any pet hair or dander left behind on them since these surfaces are more difficult to clean than carpeting.

g2 How To Ensure That Your House Is Fully Sanitized And Free Of Germs

By following all of these steps, you will find yourself with a much cleaner house than before. It does not take very long at all to do each step so just make sure everything gets done every week and then enjoy having an extra clean home!

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