There are thousands of interior designers in the UK, and many don’t have an online presence. If you are an interior designer, it’s time to focus on marketing your business and the fantastic skills you have to offer. Your online presence should reflect your style as a designer, what you can offer and where you can offer it.

Make use of your design skills and organise all your projects on an interior design platform. Here are a few ways you can grow your client basis, both on and offline.

Get help from others.

If you are spreading yourself too thinly across your business, you will end up burning out or making mistakes. Consider hiring a virtual assistant or freelancer to handle your marketing strategy and administrative tasks. You can focus on doing the best job for your client and building a brilliant reputation for yourself.

You need to deliver a consistent service to all of your clients. A few positive reviews online and word of mouth can attract new clients in a matter of weeks. Make sure you interview and chat with your potential employees before hiring them. You need the best people to help get your business off the ground.

Make sure you have a digital presence.

Your company needs a website and a few social media channels. Hire someone to post on these channels regularly and make sure your online identity portrays your style as a designer. Use your company Instagram as a place to display your portfolio, best work, and any interior trends you love right now. You could also write an email newsletter to clients to keep them updated on your progress as a brand.

Once you have your website and social channels going, it might be time to develop a strategy. Digital marketing is all about SEO, high-quality content and staying up to date with various algorithms. Identify your business goals and host a meet with your marketing team to see how social media can help you reach these goals. You may be able to connect with other designers in the industry online or acquire new clients.

Build strong networks with others in the industry

An interior designer is only one part of the property renovation puzzle. You need to network and find contacts in the real estate industry, such as property developers and estate agents. Design some business cards with your brand name, logo and contact details to hand out at networking events. You may run into these professionals when you are in the field designing – have a chat with them and learn about their role. The chances are you need some of those professionals to make your designs and ideas come to life in a home.

Grow your business and keep doing what you do best, designing!

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