Installing new pendant lights in the kitchen is without a doubt the quickest and most cost effective way to completely redo this heavily used room in your home. Mini kitchen pendants will give you the most versatility and options, allowing you to ensure a perfect fit that meets your needs exactly. Still, though, you probably have a lot of questions on how to go about this process. Never fear! Keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know about hanging mini pendant lights in the kitchen.

What is a kitchen mini pendant light?

Well for starters, a pendant is a lone light suspended from the ceiling by a chain, wire, cord, or rod. Mini pendants are those which have a diameter of 12 inches or less. Kitchen pendants are normally shaped to focus the light downwards, though you’ll also see other designs for those who already have plenty of illumination in the room.

How high should you hang mini pendants over the kitchen island?

The best height for hanging your mini kitchen island pendants is one which allows you plenty of space to move around, while still staying close enough to light the countertop evenly and completely. For most people, this means a height of 30 to 36 inches above the countertop. This is measuring from the very bottom of the fixture to the top of the island.

How far apart should you space mini pendant lights over your island?

Leave two feet of space between each mini kitchen pendant fixture. This is measuring the sides of the fixture which are closest to each other, not from the center of one pendant to the center of the other. This keeps them spaced nicely so they’ll provide you with an even, soft illumination that will make cooking and other tasks a breeze.

How many kitchen mini pendant lights do I need?

This all depends on the length of your kitchen island. For those on the smaller side (four to five feet in length), then two is the perfect number. Islands larger than this will normally be best served by three mini pendant lights.

What shape of mini pendant is best for the kitchen?

Most people prefer a dome or bell shaped pendant when they’re going to be placed in the kitchen. The shape of these fixtures is meant to direct the light downwards, which is perfect for food prep or other projects you might have. These are both very popular styles, so you should have no problem finding plenty of mini kitchen pendant lights with just the right look for you.

Can you hang mini pendant lights in a kitchen with a sloped ceiling?

In most cases, yes. Most major lighting sites will provide this information directly on the product page. If it’s not available, then simply check the hanging method. Chains, cords, and wires will be able to be hung on a slanted ceiling without issue. Even many pendants which use a downrod for the hanging device will be adaptable for sloped ceilings, but in those cases you should check before purchasing to be sure.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about hanging mini pendants in the kitchen, the real fun begins: the search! With careful browsing, you’re sure to find lighting fixtures you’ll love which will be a treasured addition to your home for years to come.

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