When you hear about pool heating without a heater, you think of solar heaters, right?. Well, you are half-right. A solar heater is a mechanical device that uses fossil fuels or electricity to heat the swimming pool water. Yet, not all pools will have adequate climates to keep your swimming pool comfortable during the swimming period.

Solar blankets are the most effective when eliminating heat loss during the night due to convection and evaporation. When you ask pool enthusiasts and professionals, you will get an excellent answer about how solar blankets are perfect to heat a swimming pool.

There are various choices to heat your pool depending on the existing heating system, how often you want to swim, the period you want to swim, and the size and the type. The solar pool heater is an effective method to warm pool water, but other routes will help you heat your pool and keep it open longer than usual.

How to heat a swimming pool without a heater: techniques to use

We provide you with the following techniques that pool owners use to heat a swimming pool and reduce heating costs:

Solar Pool Cover

Solar-Pool-Cover How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

A solar cover, solar blanket, or bubble blanket is a layer of semi-transparent, robust, and plastic bubble wrap. The design is exclusively to heat a swimming pool. You will need to get a solar wrap cover larger than your swimming pool.

Put the solar blanket on the pool and stretch it out carefully. Mark the pool edges with some magic marker and use scissors for cutting the edges. The solar cover system prevents evaporation and does not let the heat leave the water during the whole night. It is similar to putting a lid on your cup of hot coffee.

Solar Rings

Solar-Rings How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Solar rings are the far cheaper version of solar bubble wrap, and it is the same pool cover bubble wrap just in the form of rings. Solar rings are from clear plastic, lightweight, and inflatable disks placed on the swimming pool. Some brands offer solar rings with magnets around each disk. Magnets draw disks together in one place. They are smaller than a full pool cover, store, maneuver, and easier to handle. Solar rings are always a perfect idea for heating your pool.

Liquid Solar Cover

Liquid-Solar-Cover How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

A liquid solar cover is the most interesting one to heat a swimming pool. It is a microscopic alcohol layer that floats the water top, the same as oil floating on water. Liquid solar pool cover reduces evaporation because it causes heat loss in bodies with water, including swimming pools. It is pretty safe for children and pets. It would be best if you do not now drink it from a bottle, but the amount of liquid solar in swimming pools cannot hurt anyone.

Other techniques

Solar energy

Solar-energy How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Solar energy is another way to heat a pool. It is pretty attractive and simple at the first sign. Solar energy is an efficient and friendly method to heat your pool. However, there is a wide range of pool heating systems, and each solar heater has its disadvantages and advantages. We recommend you to choose carefully.

Solar pool water heater

Solar-pool-water-heater How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

The use of solar water heaters is primary for res sanitary facilities and residential heating. The actual solar water heater application depends on the number of panels that are installed on the roof. It is far environmentally friendly than fuel and gas heating and reduces evaporation. Yet, it needs sufficient energy to power the solar water heater so you can heat your pool for the swimming season.

Pool Solar panels

Pool-Solar-panels How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Solar panels do not produce energy; they produce heat. It s the reason that makes solar panels different from solar boilers. Solar panels’ power is completely friendly to the environment. You can use them to heat your pool and home. If you want to heat swimming pools or homes quickly, you should combine solar panels and an electric heating system like a heat exchanger. Solar panels’ price depends on the quality and type of solar panels, the number and panel’s capacity, and of course, the family size.

Solar mats / EPDM mats

Solats How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Pool owners use solar mats to heat small swimming pools. The water is pumped through mats in a pool heating system based on solar mats or EPDM. The solar pool mats become warm because of the sun and transfer the heat to swimming pool water. Swimming pools with large volumes require more time to pump the whole water volume through the solar mats.

With this pool heater, you will need a longer time to heat your pool. Solar mats are installed on a flat roof. It means that the pump should have enough capacity for pumping the pool water up to the ceiling. Ensure your swimming pool pump is powerful enough to heat the water quickly.

Dome Shaped Solar Collectors

Dome-Shaped-Solar-Collectors How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

The function of Solar collectors is almost the same as solar mats—the water heats in piping that is rolled in a dome. Compared to solar mats, this system takes less space. However, this pool heater is suitable only for small pools. It depends on sunlight and requires a lot of energy to pump the water properly through domes.

Heat pump

heatpum How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Among all ways to heat your pool, a heat pump is a perfect heating solution that needs great direct sunlight. A heat pump is far the most popular pool heater. Using a pool heat pump provides various benefits. It is easy to use, cost-effective, durable, and efficient. A heat pump is very friendly for the environment, much more than a fuel or gas pool heating system. It is long service life.

If you want productive pool heating, then use a solar heat pump of good quality. Heat pumps depend on the temperature outside and are pretty efficient as longer the temperature is over 10°C. A heat pump generates 1 kW of energy, up to 5 kW of heat. There are also different types of specific heat pumps that you can use at a lower temperature.


Wood2 How to heat a swimming pool without a heater

To heat your pool while using this system, you need to know that the water requires running along with the stove and picks up the heat caused by the fire. People use this way of pool heating mainly on pretty smaller pools with occasional use. Heating your pool with wood requires an intensive work process. Plus, the wood is rather expensive.

Ending thoughts on how to heat a swimming pool without a heater

Pool heating is essential to many pool owners, but it is more important to keep the pool water warm longer. In this way, you do not have to use a heating system often. This one is the main reason why pool owners need to cover the pool with a tarp or roller system that is automatic. You will enormously reduce the pool water cooling down.

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