When you get home after a long day, what do you primarily look forward to? If you’re like most people, they’d want to rest and lie down in their beds, and there should be no compromise when it comes to the quality of sleep you’re getting. Luxury bedding may be able to help you get the long and deep shut-eye you need. Below are what you should be looking for luxury bedding brands before spending your money.

What Is Luxury Bedding?

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The term ‘luxury’ is primarily subjective, but luxury bedding has many characteristics consumers should be looking for. The best luxury bedding is made of comfortable premium materials crafted to be durable and lasting many years. They maintain their feel and their color longer than standard bedding as well. Looking for a premium company like Beddable and others near you could help ensure quality sheets.

What Should You Look For In Bedding

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Before spending outright, it’s essential to know the essentials first. You don’t want to be tossing and turning all night because your bedding aren’t as good as you think they are. Ideally, they should be treated with fewer chemicals, absorb moisture, help regulate body temperature, and keep you warm during cold seasons.

You don’t want to buy them separately as well. If one brand offers the same high-quality in different bedding types, it makes sense to buy them all from one source.

The following are common bedding types and what you should look for in their luxury counterparts:


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The right pillowcases should feel good to the skin and suitable for the hair, and Beddable pillowcases are featured in the Independent because they feel luxurious with the superb quality you’d want on your bed.

Silk pillowcases offer so much more because they are static-free, and hair is less likely to become frizzy as they slide on this. Some materials like mulberry silk are comparable to Egyptian cotton. Other combinations are also popular such as silk and cotton jacquard. Organic pillowcases also mean they’re ideal for those with allergies and irritations.


When looking for duvets, you can look at the tog rating first since it has to do with the warmth it gives. Spring and summer duvets have tog ranges from 2.5-7.0. Higher ratings from 9.0-13.5 are for the fall and winter seasons. If you want a duvet for all seasons, get separate duvets with lower togs such as 4.5 and 9.0 to make a thicker one. Children sweat easily so they’ll fair with 4.5 duvets better.

Duvet casings are important because the type is essential for your comfort. Cotton duvets are better because they’re breathable, absorbent, and moisture-wicking. There are also others like down, feather, silk, feather combinations, wool, hollow fiber, microfiber, and recycled fibers.

Duvets become discolored and flat over time. They also lose their luster and softness. The best duvet typically last, and having them changed over time is essential as it would initiate you into buying new bedding.


Before buying a bed pillow, there are things to consider first. The best type of pillows for sleep should have support for the upper body and comfort. They help with the correct alignment of the spine to prevent neck and back pain.

There are many types of luxury pillows as well, and they’re made of natural materials such as buckwheat, down, feather, memory, and synthetic. If you’re allergic to certain natural materials, there are synthetic luxury pillows offering coolness, firmness, and minimized overheating.

It would be best if you also considered the height and thickness of the pillow essential to your comfort level. Pillow huggers want a larger pillow, but contoured memory pillows are for laying your head back only.

Pillow covers made of cotton are breathable and non-hypoallergenic. They’re often the choice of those with allergies and skin conditions. Maintenance-wise, they should also be easy to clean as pillows may come in white color.

Fitted Or Flat Sheets

Your bed would feel great either with fitted sheets that’ll make your life easier since they stay covering your bed securely or with flat sheets you can fold neatly underneath. You can get fitted sheets, but they must have the correct dimensions. There are many types of sheets you should consider and more to expect if you want luxury ones.

Material-wise, if you want something authentic, go for Egyptian cotton, linen, and silk materials. These natural materials are ideal because they hold up much longer than other fabrics. They’re also characterized by their woven options in percale and sateen finishes.

Taking also the consideration of weight and durability, you’d want sheets with a higher thread count, but it can also mean an inflated quality to the sheets. Breathability is also a factor to keep you cool, which is why the mentioned materials are your best pick.

Quilts Or Coverlets

The quilt or the coverlet goes on top of the mattress sheets. These are two different things and shouldn’t be confused with one another. Coverlets are smaller and thinner than duvets or quilts. They’re perfect for all seasons and weather because they can be paired with thicker bedding. A quilt goes back hundreds of years and is thicker, and they’re generally used on cold nights as they consist of three layers.

Coverlets can add texture and depth to your luxury bed. They can be made of cotton, Belgian linen, percale, hemp, and silk. The best quilts are also made up of cotton because of their breathable characteristic. The quilter’s weight cotton is 100% pure and shrinks less than ordinary cotton does. Home décor weight cotton is heavier with a sateen finish.

Other materials used for quilts are quilter’s linen, Essex linen, and voile.


Luxury bedding are different from your standard bedding because they offer much more comfort and health benefits for better sleep. The materials need to be soft and breathable to the skin to stay comfortable and relaxed, contributing to uninterrupted sleep. Luxury bedding aren’t hard to find as they’re available everywhere in the market.

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