What are the secrets to keeping your office spaces clean and organized?

It’s all about creating a system that works for you. But, before we get into how exactly you do this, let’s take a step back and look at why it’s so important in the first place. The main reason is that having an organized space leads to increased productivity.

Think about it: every time you have to search through piles of papers just to find one thing or spend minutes shuffling through drawers where everything is jumbled together, chances are good that valuable time has been wasted. And when working with clients or co-workers, having an unorganized workspace can send out negative signals about yourself as a person who doesn’t care and/or gets things done.

Now that we’ve got reasons to care, let’s talk about how you can keep your office clean and organized.

Create a Filing System

Start by getting yourself a good-quality filing cabinet or drawer system for all those papers and documents that need to be kept. You want one with drawers that come equipped with locks, so you can secure all of your important documents. Then, take some time to do a big clean out of everyone’s desk drawers.

Eliminating the Clutter

Start by putting all unneeded papers and files in inboxes. If possible, recycle anything that is old and doesn’t need to be kept, then put the remaining into new folders or files. Now it’s time to get organized! Here are some tips for sorting through your papers:

Use separate folders or hanging files for each section. Label them clearly so you know exactly where everyone goes. Put all miscellaneous papers into an “Action Pending” folder (if that’s not possible, then use a large envelope or box for this).

Hire Cleaning Services

Keep your workspace clean, organized, and looking like the office of a professional by hiring cleaning services.

Office cleaning services are usually available for short or long-term contracts, with daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly schedules. Hiring Sydney Covid cleaning services can even help disinfect your space thoroughly so that it’s not just looking clean but also free from germs.

The frequency of service depends on your needs and personal preference. You may choose to have the office cleaned every day after everyone leaves at night. You can also ask for extra deep cleanings before special events

Get Rid Of What You’re Not Using

Every time you’re finished with a file or folder, get rid of it by shredding any confidential information. This is especially important for documents that are no longer relevant to your work.

If you’re using a filing cabinet, don’t hold onto anything for too long! Every few months, go through everything and get rid of things that are no longer needed.

Avoid adding too much stuff to your office! We know it’s a tempting option, especially if you see something that will help you get organized or save time. But, the truth is that the more things you have cluttering up your space, the harder it’ll be to stay clean and organized.

Create A Personalized Workspace

While it’s important to keep everything clean and organized, remember that it’s also about making your space comfortable and personal. This is where you mix all your favorite things, quirky trinkets, and personal touches so that it’s clear to anyone walking in that you are a unique individual.

It’s also important to remember that “clean” doesn’t mean “sterile.” Instead of spending time dusting or vacuuming, focus on your work and let someone else take care of the cleaning.

Organize Your Cables

Getting rid of cable clutter is a must, otherwise, it will end up looking like spaghetti in no time. To start, get some cheap or free cable holders and organize all of your cords and computer cables. Then, we suggest investing in a surge protector with USB hook-ups on the side so you can keep all your electronics plugged into one central location.

Throw Garbage Out Immediately

Keeping your office clean is to keep the garbage can empty. Usually, you should dispose of paper trash in the bin right away. If there are any staples involved, take a minute to remove them so your fingers won’t have to bear it later.

Do not let garbage pile up. If you don’t have time to go throw it out right away, put it in a bag or container and take care of it at the end of the day.

Establish Work Zones

Make sure you have work zones to keep things organized. These can be anywhere – your desk, a filing cabinet, or even the floor near where you stand. It’s important to make these areas accessible so everyone has an equal chance at staying clean and organized.

o2 How To Keep Your Office Spaces Clean And Organized

Strictly enforce a “clean desk” policy at the work zones. It might be hard to regulate, but just because you aren’t looking over everyone’s shoulders doesn’t mean that it can’t become a standard of professionalism for everyone in the office.

Most importantly, make sure there are designated days when people take care of their own offices and desks. This will keep it from becoming overwhelming or unorganized.

Eliminating Electronic Clutter

You’ll want to create a new folder on your computer where you can put all of those random documents, links, and images. Then upload the important ones to an online project management system or cloud storage solution so they are easily accessible from anywhere.

While it’s important to keep everything clean and organized, remember that it’s also about making your space comfortable and personal. Keeping your office space clean and organized would increase the level of productivity in ways you can’t imagine.

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