Paint by numbers projects are some of the most popular ways for individuals that do not have any painting experience to create beautiful art. This type of painting can not only be very forgiving on a technical level, but is also one of the most affordable ways for people to pick up painting as a hobby.

All paint by number kits, such as the ones from established companies like PaintingKits, are designed to be as easy to use as possible and include all the materials that are required to paint the design. The kits contain paint of different colours (acrylic, watercolour, or oil-based), one or more brushes, and a canvas that already has a numbered design printed on it.

Individuals only have to use the numbered paint colours in the designated areas of the canvas.

There are thousands of different designs on the market. Some are reproductions of famous paintings from all over the world, others are created as digitized images, and there are even kits that come with mosaic designs or mandalas. Most of the available designs are beautiful and range from simple to challenging. This makes them perfect for individuals of all ages.

However, it is also possible for individuals to choose their designs and have them printed on the canvas, by the manufacturer. This allows them to create custom kits that have a special significance to them or their loved ones.

This having been said, how can one create a custom kit for the whole family to enjoy and what are the important things to keep in mind when choosing a design?

Choose a large image that has several difficulty levels

The kit will be designed for the whole family, which makes it important to choose a large image and a large canvas. This will make it easy for all family members to paint at the same time without colliding with each other.

Furthermore, it is important to take into account that the family members have different ages. This means some areas of the design should be simple enough to be painted by the youngest family members while others can be more complex and cater to the dexterity of the adults.

Make sure you have enough supplies for the whole family

Most kits, even larger ones, may not come with enough supplies for the whole family. Those who want to attempt a paint by numbers project, as a family, will have to buy additional brushes, as well as a few other items, such as:

  • Plastic cups for each family member – These will be used to rinse and clean the brushes when changing colours;
  • Paper towels – When there are several people involved in painting a single canvas, mistakes are bound to happen. Paper towels are great for wiping excess paint, or unintended paint smudges;
  • Aprons or old t-shirts – These are best used for small children because they tend to be messier when it comes to painting;

Get a framed kit or buy a separate frame

It is also advised to either get a kit that includes a frame for the canvas or to buy one separately. This will make it easier to display the painting once it is finished, but it will also ensure that it can be moved and manipulated without having it wrinkle.

Choose an image that means something or one that is fun to paint

Lastly, those interested should either choose a representative image for the whole family, or a design that will be fun to paint. Landscapes and portraits are usually not suited for small children. On the other hand, mandalas and mosaic designs can be extremely entertaining to paint, especially when using vibrant colours.

How to make the custom paint by numbers kit?

There are two ways of having the kit made. First of all, certain kit manufacturers allow individuals to upload their designs to their websites and have a product built around them. Depending on the company, the buyer may be asked to also choose the size of the canvas, the type of paint, as well as the colours.

Secondly, there are websites and online tools that enable visitors to upload an image, after which it will be divided into numbered regions. This method is closed to a DIY project in the sense that once the image has been rendered, the user will have to print it and then buy the supplies from a different source.

Regardless of the chosen method, having custom kits made is not expensive and painting the design can be a great family activity. When attempted by the whole family, these kits can help children learn how to work as a team, share supplies, and work towards a common goal.

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