Perfect natural lighting is beautiful until the sun’s reflections on your TV leave you squinting your eyes and tilting your head to enjoy a show. The good news is smart motorized shades can come in handy here.

That’s what smart shades or blinds could do for you.

What are smart blinds and shades?

Smart blinds and shades are simply your regular shades with a touch of window blind automation. This automation allows them to be controlled through voice control, a phone application, or any other smart method.

When you make blinds smart they completely eliminate the use of hands to control your blinds, and you can schedule the actions of your blinds and shades (open, close, raise, lower) to respond to the time of day, the temperature of the room, or the light of the room.

Why it is better to have motorized shades than manual

Some may argue that getting up to shut the blinds isn’t difficult, and so, are motorized shades worth it? Well, after a hard day at work and you are too tired to lift a finger, you’d wish the sun rays blinding you on your screen could go away automatically.

The first and the most common reason to make blinds automatic is convenience. Motorized shades work smoothly with smart homes and can be integrated with other smart home devices. So, you can control your shades through your tablet, Smart TV, phone, and voice control.

You can also give yourself a wake-up schedule with your blinds if you set them to track the sun’s rays as it moves over your house.

Benefits of smart roller blinds

Besides the “techiness,” it gives your home, there are a ton of other benefits you stand to enjoy when you convert blinds to smart blinds, including:

Automatic operation

That’s the best part of motorized shades. When you make your blinds smart, you do not have to struggle with the cords to operate them manually.

Increased security

You do not have to wonder if you shut your windows before leaving the house. When you make your blinds automatic, you can control them from anywhere. Plus, it can keep thieves away since they will assume someone is home.

Improve the longevity of your gadgets and furniture

The sun’s glare constantly reflected on your electronics and furniture can reduce the gadgets’ lifespan. So, you can add a motor to blinds at home to automatically shut out the sun at peak hours.

What are the features of having shades from a professional company

Although there are tips and kits for DIY smart blinds, there are certain perks you get for having shades from a professional company like Om Wave, including:

  • Expertise in installation and service

As professionals, we are more experienced in handling and installing amazing blinds for you.

  • Provide ideal value for your blinds and shades.

We make and recommend the best blinds and shades, so you get value for your money.

  • Quick delivery

We are dedicated to delivering their blinds and services quickly and efficiently

  • Customer satisfaction

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unrivaled as we strive to deliver our services efficiently.

What are the benefits of having DIY blinds

Now, if you want to change your blinds into smart blinds without changing your manual ones, you could get a conversion kit and do it yourself. The smart blinds retrofit offers benefits like:

Affordability – they are often less expensive than a professional installation

Easy installation – they are easy to install yourself (though you may still have to get an electrician)

Several available choices – there are many available DIY blinds to choose from.

While the conversion kits offer similar advantages as custom-made smart blinds, most kits don’t have smart features. You may still have to use a remote. And you can’t integrate them with other smart devices.


You have several options, whether you want to DIY smart blinds or call professionals to assist you. Ensure you do your research and choose what’s best for you and convenient for your home.

You can always contact us at Om Wave if you have more questions. We are always ready to provide smart solutions.

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