Listing your home on the market is one of the most heartbreaking decisions you’ll ever make, but once you’ve made it, all that is left is to entrust somebody with your treasure in return for a solid amount.

And it doesn’t even have to be your house at all. It could be your parents’ house in case something tragic happens. In this particular case, you might need an estate sales guide.

In any case, you need to be prepared.

Good deals are not always negotiated deals, but rather a result of a carefully prepared home prior to the sale itself.

Therefore, if you want to make the most of the bargain, prepare your home and make sure it grabs more attention than similar houses with similar price ranges.

Check out our essential tips for preparing your home for sale:

How to prepare your home for sale?

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Perfection doesn’t exist, unless you’re referring to cleaning

As simple as it sounds, nothing is more important than offering a clean house. You can have the most gorgeous house ever, but it will certainly turn offers down as the buyer gets an impression that you didn’t care about it as you should. If you don’t have the time or the experience, deep cleaning services are always the best solution.

Cleanness is the first and foremost indicator that you appreciate your property, and it tends to determine what your house is worth in truth.

Beware-cleaning doesn’t refer to vacuuming and random dusting, but extensive removal of dirt from every surface (windows, baseboards, walls, ceilings).

Besides, the impression has to remain the same indoors and outdoors, so if you have a patio/backyard, make sure they are spotless too. Nothing should be overlooked, because cleanness is the first step towards a good deal.

Start packing even before you’ve listed the house

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You might thing that packing is easy, and it won’t take ages to collect your belongings, but the drama starts once you realize how much useless clutter you’ve kept at home for years.

In order not to skip deadlines (what if you sell a house just few days after listing it?), pack at least half of your stuff before you’ve even listed the house.

Clothes and shoes that you’re not about to wear soon are the first ones to go. The same counts for kitchen tools and appliances, glassware, and accessories.

Once a visitor arrives to check the place out, make sure there are no personal items to deter him from buying (photos, hanging clothes, or shelves heaped with cosmetics show that you’re not ready to leave the place anytime soon).

Pack even bigger furniture pieces that you don’t use every day. The cleaner and less cluttered the rooms appear, the easier it would be for the buyer to estimate what he is really gaining from buying your place.

Empty the garage

For most of us, a garage is everything but a closed car parking, and we heap it with old boxes, broken machines, tools, and all sorts of stuff whose place is not there. Meanwhile, the car stands on the street exposed to damage and unpleasant weather conditions.

That’s not what the prospective owner wants to see: you need to clean the garage, and show him that there is enough space to accommodate his vehicle.

Make maintenance visible

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Board and Vellum

Remember all that small renovating work you postponed for years? You’d better get sleeves up and deal with it before the buyer comes. Of course, nobody expects you to do complete remodeling, but rather to show that the house is durable and you’ve taken proper care of it.

Realty Mgmt Associates says that after you sign a purchase contract on a house, try to arrange for a home inspection to evaluate the condition of the property.

Even if you think there is nothing to do, go for a detailed, real-estate inspection from the basement to the roof. Who knows, maybe you’re about to discover hidden damage that would reduce the price! Most importantly, don’t fool yourself that the buyer is not going to see that-that’s exactly what he is coming to see!

Finally, have in mind that maintenance refers even to day-to-day tasks: get ready to show buyers that you’ve cleaned your roofs and gutters, you’ve painted regularly, you’ve confirmed the safety of your attic, and took care even of the tiniest faucet.

Take a model home tour

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If there are no such tours organized in your area, you can make up your personal buying story, and go check few places absolutely randomly.

There is no better way to learn about home décor! Walking around airy and clean rooms, painted with neutral palettes and furnished with simple pieces will show you what you should do with your own place. Don’t those clutter-free countertops, set dinner tables with adorable glassware, or high-end curtains look amazing?

Why couldn’t your place look so good? The reason why these ideas are always successful is that they are clean, stylish, and modern; and they please everybody that has an eye for sophisticated solutions.

Stand out of the crowd. Literally.

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Yes, your house matches the neighborhood and the overall appeal of the suburb where it is located. Back in the days, you thought this was perfect, but as time approaches to sell the property, you start thinking there is really nothing that makes it better than the other houses. Is it so? Well, it is time to change something!

You can fertilize the lawn and plant new, seasonal flowers. There are also few touches for the sidewalks and the patio, the car drive, or the small pond.

You might even consider getting hands around bugger projects, such as repainting the façade, or getting rid of overgrown shrubs and pesky weeds in the garden. One thing is for sure-this is where buyers arrive first, and you don’t want to make them think that your house is not worth of checking.

Decide which are your biggest advantages and focus on them

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Do you have a southward house with large French doors? Is your garden somehow exceptional? Is there a patio tub to be their favorite owner’s retreat? Dedicate your attention to the things that make your home special, and make them shine!

Clean them, buy new items, redecorate them-long story short, do whatever is necessary to make sure buyers notice them. Positive attention will be guaranteed!

Try to understand your buyers

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One of the marvelous things real estate brokers do is to help you develop ‘buyer profiles’, namely to list target clients who are most likely to buy a house like yours. The profile can help you focus on the most important preparations, and estimate a serious buyer once he appears.

If you can’t really come up with a single profile, try to understand buyers as they come, and try to guess what they need and expect.

If you know this, it will be much easier for you to connect those needs with the good sides of living in a house like yours (for instance, if you are talking with a working couple, let them know about the areas that are suitable for a home office).

Make a full inspection before you sell it

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Or in case you don’t, get ready to be asked to do it by a serious buyer who might already be on his way out. For the purpose, you’ll need to hire reputable home inspectors who will draw your attention towards potential repairs, and will issue an inspection certificate.

Prospective buyers will appreciate the effort of making a full inspection, because it means they’re about to save money doing one of their own.

They may want to hire another professional, or they might not even care about it, but a full inspection remains a credential that influences the price.

Demand a top 5/top 10 list of repairs that need to be done prior to the listing, so that you will know what to focus on to stay ahead of the game.

Also, make sure you have a sellers home warranty. That’s the same warranty policy buyers get after the purchase of a home, but this one covers the property while it’s on the market. At the time of closing it is transferred to the buyer.

Offer quality photography

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In fact, this is a task of your broker, and if he doesn’t seem to do his works properly go to another one. Almost every buyer nowadays starts searching for a place online, meaning that the first encounter he’ll have with your place are the photos you’ve posted.

Needless to say, the photos should be beautiful and interesting, made in a way that will inspire people to imagine how it would be for them to live there. Therefore, there is no compromise regarding their quality: they must be perfect!

Stay flexible

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It will not be easy, but you’ve known this all along. People will come all the time, one going in, the other going out, and you need to respond to all of their needs.

You need to look like a friendly vendor, rather than a grumpy owner who doesn’t care about selling the place. Schedule visits as often as you can (let someone do it while you’re out working) and walk people around yourself.

Make sure tours last at least 30 minutes so that buyers could see and ask everything they want. It is exhausting, but it will certainly lead you towards the desired aim-selling your house for top dollars!