Would you like to customize your leather shoes or jacket with a touch of design? How can you do that? Well, in that case, acrylic paint can be used.

Many people get confused about whether they can use acrylic paint on leather or not. For them, we can ensure that the paint is optimal for the material, but understanding how to seal acrylic paint on leather is the most significant part.

Acrylics are one of the prominent leather paints for jackets to shoes, but you must go for a sealant. Sealing the paint leads to an unblemished surface and endows the color looking its best for the long term.

However, in this article, we’ll show a couple of instructions that you can follow to seal and paint acrylics on leather. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Acrylic Paint?

Before moving into the main discussion, we would like to discuss the definition of acrylic paint first. What is acrylic paint? It’s a fast-drying paint that is made of pigment dependent on acrylic polymer emulsion and silicone, defoamers, oils, plasticizers, metal soap, or stabilizers.  Acrylic paints mostly are water-based, but they become resistant when dry. The paint can change the appearance, limberness, textures, and characteristics of the materials by using acrylic mediums.

What Makes Acrylics So Special?

Why are acrylic paints so different? This question may come to your mind. Let’s see below.

  1. Acrylics paint dry quickly within 10-12 minutes
  2. They can be curbed
  3. You can clean acrylic paint with water when they become wet
  4. They become everlasting when dry
  5. Stick to any surface with ease
  6. Come with different thicknesses and formats to suit you
  7. They hold a low odor and are non-flammable
  8. Their character can be changed with mediums

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Leather?

The answer to the question is, yes! You can. The soft surface like fabric and leather can be painted with acrylic paint without difficulties. It is true that leather is another popular option, but acrylics are most similar to that and less expensive. Besides, acrylic paints come in different vibrant colors so, you’ll get more paint shades available.

But, how well your project will be done depends on your utilization technique. That’s why, before you buy, how well your project will be done depends on your utilization technique. That’s why, before you Use Acrylic Paint On Leather, you have to take proper preparation. Otherwise, it won’t stick to the material long-term. After painting the leather with acrylic paint, seal the surface. , you have to take proper preparation. Otherwise, it won’t stick to the material long-term. After painting the leather with acrylic paint, seal the surface.

Anyway, if you would like to know how to paint leather with acrylic paint, you can check the instructions below.

How To Paint Leather With Acrylic Paint [Step-By-Step Guideline]

2-1 How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather?

To start painting leather with acrylic paint, you need to accumulate some essential materials first. These are

  1. Water-Based Acrylic Paint
  2. 2-Inch Paint Brush
  3. Wool Dauber or Towel
  4. Tape

Now, follow the steps below.

Step-1: Clean The Leather First

Before you kick off painting, you must clean the leather. To clean the leather, take an ounce of leather bleach and one part of water and mix them properly. Now, use a towel or wool dauber to clean up the leather’s surface.

Step-2: Prepare Your Work Area

As you know, acrylic paint is too hard to remove, so you have to protect your area first. Place a tarp cloth to keep the paint from getting on anything.  Moreover, you should also wear protective clothing or an apron that will keep your cloth safe from painting. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves as well.

Step-3: Paint The Leather

Acrylic paint is specially made for leather, and works the best. But, before selecting the acrylic paint, make sure that it is the solid water-based leather paint for your project.

Now start applying the purified acrylic paint to the surface of the leather in one coat.  You can add more coats depending on need, but let the paint dry perfectly for a minimum of 2 hours before putting on another layer.

A tape can be used to mark off the areas which will remain unpainted. Using tape is not mandatory. It is useful if you would like to create a design or only paint a small area.

Step-4: Seal & Dry

Once the paint is accomplished, and it looks like how you wanted and is completely dry, then go for sealing the paint. Don’t forget to remove the dirt and dust before executing the finisher.

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather?

Sealing acrylic paint on leather is as simple as you think. You just need to follow some steps to complete the task. Here are the guidelines.

1.  Clean Your Leather & Let it Dry

Before sealing the paint, you have to make sure that the leather is cleaned. If not, then dust or debris on the material will be captured.

2.  Seal The Paint in Rives

A liquid paint finisher or spray sealant can be used to stick the acrylic paint to leather.  If you go for an acrylic paint finisher, add an ounce with one part of water. Execute the mixture in a light coat with a wool dauber. Let one coat dry for a minimum of 5 minutes, then add another coat.

You can use a spray as well that is available in most stores, but before you purchase a spray sealant, make sure it’s suitable for leather.

Step-3: Use a Waterproofing Spray

To add an extra layer of protection, durability, and moisture resistance to your leather, you have to use a waterproofing spray that is available in many general stores. Any kind of waterproofing spray you can use, but make sure the brand you select is adjustable with your acrylic paint. After using the spray, let the coat dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Can You Paint On Leather Jackets With Acrylics?

3 How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather?

Most people ask whether they can paint on leather jackets with acrylics, or not. You’ll be astonished to hear that, the maximum number of designs on leather jackets are hand-painted with acrylics. It is an incredible way to personalize your jackets and give them a new look.

To paint on a leather jacket, first, clean it up with isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the jacket with a damp cloth once more. Now, wear an apron and hand gloves, as it is difficult to remove acrylic paint if it sticks to your clothes or hands gloves.

After that, create a design that you want to paint. You can use a pencil or permanent marker to create a layout on your jacket. So, once you have created the design, then start painting your leather jacket. You can use a round brush that is ideal for the project. When the first coat is done, let the jack dry. Then apply another coat if needed.

Final Thought

So, It was all about sealing acrylic paint on leather. Acrylic paint is specially designed for leather surfaces that stick to the leather properly and sustain long term. If you would like to give your jacket a new look and customize it depending on your own choice, you can use acrylic paint. And, you’ll be amazed to see that, the design you see on most leather jackets is hand-printed with acrylics. However, we have provided all the information regarding how to seal acrylic paint on leather. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the content. If you like it, don’t forget to give feedback.

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