A house is incomplete without windows which makes it an indispensable part of the building. Apart from protecting the house from elements such as rain and sunlight, they also add aesthetic features to the house. While windows play important roles in your buildings or properties, they can get dirty and worn out if not regularly cleaned and properly managed.

Windows also come in different shapes and forms and may not require the same pattern for maintenance. However, there are ways by which you can take good care of your windows as required so they can serve you longer than expected. Keep reading to find out how you can ensure your windows are durable, maintaining the luxture they came in with.

1.  Inspect The Window

You should inspect your window regularly. Check for any signs of rot on the window frames and sash that could probably be a result of water infiltration. Be on the lookout for the parts that need to be replaced and thoroughly cleaned so you can act accordingly. Inspecting your windows will help you know the right steps to take in taking the proper care of your windows.

Different windows have different structures which would require different methods of cleaning. Find out the important parts of your window and check them thoroughly. Check for peeled-off paints if your window frames are painted. Also, check for any possible gaps between the window frames and the wall. A window is meant to cover the space between the walls where it is placed so there should be no opening anywhere around your window.

2.  Clean Them Regularly

This is an important means of keeping your windows almost as good as new. Let cleaning your window become a part of your daily routine. Residents of Utah can hire companies that do window cleaning in Logan UT, especially if you’re quite the busy fella. If you don’t get the chance to do it in a day, you can put in extra effort in cleaning it the next day.

You should also pay extra attention to the parts of the windows that are not easily reached. Use materials that can reach the corners that cannot be reached with a piece of cloth or a brush. Cleaning may include using liquid soap and water or a spray and a dry piece of cloth. Either way, try and make sure that every inch of the window is cleaned up and no part is left untouched. This will stop any dust build-up in any inconspicuous part of the window.

3.  Repaint Worn-Off Parts

Repaint the window frames of your property including the wooden and metal parts at least every three to four years. They keep them attractive and protect them from elements that could cause damage. Repainting your windows helps them maintain their appearance and keep them looking new. You can choose any color of paint for the job and use quality paints to make it come out well.

w2-1 How To Take Proper Care Of Your Windows And Make Them Last Longer

Be careful not to paint your windows while they are closed as they might get sealed in as a result of the adhesive from the paints. Keep them open after painting so they can dry up properly and in time. Also, you should only apply paints to your window after they have been well cleaned as this would give you a good paint job. Remember to give the windows ample time to dry off before closing them or touching them. This would help you not to smear them or destroy the work you have done.

4.  Lubricate the Movable Parts

A good window is one that’ll be movable without hassle. You should be able to close and open your window freely and with no creaking sound or any difficulty in doing so. Before you lubricate your window, you should clean off any form of dust or dirt on the surface of the window and on the hinge parts of the window.

There is no set period or timeframe to lubricate your windows. You should lubricate your hardware any time it is not working as it should or if it keeps making a creaky sound while opening or closing it. This would help you avoid the deterioration of your window’s lifespan. It is important to not use citrus, vinegar, or abrasive solutions in cleaning up your window.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your window looking new no matter how long you’ve had it. Your windows are an integral part of the house and should be properly monitored to keep it functioning as it should.

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