Usually the bedroom is only for sleeping, optionally also for changing clothes. However, this does not change the fact that a spacious and pleasant bedroom is much more comfortable than a cramped and overwhelming one. Although sometimes we have no choice, out of these two options – it is better to devote the smallest room to the bedroom, because you do not spend too much time there. However, in order not to have claustrophobic experiences every day, you can try to enlarge the space optically. How to do it? There are several possibilities – the right play of colors, a self-adhesive wall mural or mirrors.

A small bedroom – a big problem

Getting enough sleep is extremely important to your health, both physically and mentally. The conditions in which it takes place are also important, therefore the bedroom should always be pleasant and encouraging to rest in it and guarantee that this rest will be effective. Tight, dark rooms do not always feel cozy – they can be tiring and troublesome. If your bedroom looks like this, something needs to be done about it, as nights and mornings will get tough over time. What to do when the bedroom is small and cramped? You can try to enlarge it!

Self-adhesive wall murals and the power of light – ways to enlarge the bedroom

Colors play a very important role here – bright ones make the room optically larger and more spacious, which is why the bedroom should be kept in such colors. The second important issue is proper lighting. Neutral or warm, with one main point and side points, it will make every corner well lit. Mirrors are also a good way to enlarge the space – it is worth hanging them in front of the windows – they will give the impression that the room is twice as large. An excellent method is also the use of a three-dimensional self-adhesive wall mural, e.g. by a road, terrace, path, tracks.

The self-adhesive wallpaper is very easy to apply – the only condition is that you have a perfectly even surface. It is good if you stick it on the wall where the bed does not adjoin and where nothing will cover what it presents. The three-dimensional motif on the photo wallpaper – – will give the impression that it is an extension of the room. It will be visually larger and more spacious at once. Here, it is also worth choosing wall murals in bright colors. There is no shortage of interesting patterns and colors, and such a solution, cheap and quick, will allow you to turn your small bedroom into a real oasis!

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