If you’re gathering friends round the firepit this summer, a BBQ is the best way to keep them satisfied. You simply can’t beat the authentic smokiness from a BBQ, but it isn’t easy to get a perfect result.

Do you find yourself cooking the same things and getting stressed out with all the different options? Or would you like to impress with some new skills? There are tools out there to help you cook up a storm in a quick and easy way.

From preserving the life of your BBQ with BBQ covers, to using a digital thermometer which alerts you when meat has cooked through, these accessories are a must-try at your next get-together for a smooth experience.

BBQ Covers

To keep your BBQ in pristine condition, BBQ covers are a must. And you shouldn’t save them for the winter, cover it after each use to keep your BBQ secure and safe from bugs, rats and that unpredictable English weather.

There isn’t much point in investing in a good quality barbecue to have it ruined by moisture, rust and bugs. A good BBQ cover will protect everything from the ignition to its electrical systems, lasting for longer.

Beer Chicken Holder

Make the most succulent chicken with the beer chicken holder. Fill with beer, stock, wine or whatever you’d like to spice your chicken and give it a moist finish. It couldn’t be simpler to use yet offers such an impressive result. Add this to your cart if you’re a fan of chicken on the BBQ.

Drumstick Holder

Save the stress of food going cold and sticking to your plates with a drumstick holder. You can cook your chicken through evenly and keep your chicken marinated when using a drumstick holder.

Digital Thermometer

There’s always the risk of undercooking the middle of your meat but burning the outside when doing a BBQ. But this worry can be easily put to rest when using a digital thermometer. Not only will it tell you when your meat is done, but you can leave it to do its thing and set an alarm for when it reaches your chosen temperature.

This gives you more time to spend with your guests and less time checking the meat again and again and being unsure if it’s ready or not.

Basting Brush

Marinating is the easiest way to give your food an extra flavourful kick.  However, when cooking on the BBQ, the flames and smokiness can easily take over from your marinade – making it almost a waste of time. But, if you baste your meat with the same marinade whilst you cook, you’re giving that extra flavour the chance to shine amongst the smokiness.

Next time you marinade your meat for a BBQ, make sure to save any leftovers and use a basting brush to glaze your food while it grills.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Get right into the action with heat resistance gloves and you never have to worry about getting burnt again. It can give you the peace of mind and allow you to spend more time checking if the food is ready to serve.

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

If flavour is what you’re after, a Himalayan salt BBQ plank doesn’t only look exciting, but it’ll add a salty kick to any BBQ meal.

Preheat the plate by placing it on the BBQ and then stack up your veggies, steak or whatever your guest’s fancy.

When using this plank, try to keep the heat on low to avoid any cracking.

Multi-Cooking Surface

Get the most out of your BBQ with a multi-surface cooking set. This allows you to expand your culinary skills, cooking anything from pancakes to eggs to pizzas on your BBQ. You can really make the most out of your investment and use it for more than just a summer burger!

Create the Ultimate BBQ

With these tools you can bring your BBQ to the next level. Not only will the food be tastier, but you’ll feel less stressed, more in control and able to spend more time with your guests.

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