Do you also wish to disappear for a while, and curl up in a private haven at least for a while? Indoor hanging chairs can make this happen, not just because they are practical, but also because they look glamorous enough to impress every visitor that sees them.

In fact, hanging chairs are among those furniture pieces everyone would envy you about, in particular when finished in a stylish and colorful way that suits the rest of your décor.

Hanging cocoon chair is a smart idea both for stylish mansions and camping vacations, as these pieces come in all styles, sizes, and shapes.

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort9 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: THE RURAL BUILDING COMPANY

In recent years, designers have often mentioned these snazzy and comfortable elements as ‘hammock chairs’, even if the term ‘cocoon chairs’ is still their official name.

Be it a cocoon chair or a hammock one, you will love its coziness and the amazing stylish contribution it will make towards the elegance of your home.

A bubble Ikea hanging chair, for instance, is a sleek detail for every modern interior that won’t break the bank, and a lovely accessory for the bedroom, office, or even garden.

Hanging chairs indoor – the things you need to know

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort1 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Evelyn Muller

First and foremost, choose a machine-washable fabric.

So that your cocoon camping chair would be both practical and comfortable, you should look for one made of both polyester and cotton.

These fabrics blend into a waterproof canvas which is mold-proof and appealing, and ensure that your luxurious camping addition will last longer.

Unhook all metal components from the chair, and make sure you can place it into the washing machine.

Even if most chairs are machine-washable, yours may not be compatible with the tumble dryer, so check whether this is the case before you’ve washed it.

Another thing to remember is that cocoon chair will spend a lot of time exposed to sunshine, so choose such that are 100% UV resistant.

Cocoon chairs ideas

Image source: Laidlaw Schultz architects

The Cocoon Beach is a popular and very comfortable outdoor model large enough to be used as a daybed.

Its aluminum framework, synthetic wires, and waterproof straw will allow you to use it next to a pool, ideally with soft foam mattresses and transparent curtains.

Single cocoon hanging chair

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort2 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Paul Clout Design

Instead of hanging a chair for your kids to playon, you can consider Cocoon hanging chairs that can accommodate and fit any adult.

Use your creativity and imagination, and turn your garden into a playing area where you can entertain friends for hours.

Rocking cradles

Rather than hanging a fabric-made chair, do yourself a favor and opt for a relaxing, rocking cradle.

These cradles were originally designed as a safe and functional solution for autism patients and children with rhythmic movement disorders (RMD).

With time, they evolved into aesthetic and sustainable furniture pieces providing calmness and comfort in any home.

Double cocoon chairs

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort11 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Antonio Chaves

Double cocoon chairs look identical to their single-chair versions, the only difference being their wider diameter of 1.8m.

In terms of weight, they usually have 1 kg extra due the presence of a doubled nylon rope that supports the hanging system.

Butterfly sofas

If you’re having one of those days, and seems like there is nothing you can do to improve your mood, lay worries away on a lovely bean bag chair.

Butterfly sofas have a unique metallic silver weave which makes them look way more interesting than any other hanging chair type.

Papasan chairs

Bonsai cocoon chairs

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort3 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: KMSalter Design

Those of you who are into cocoon chairs have definitely heard of the Papasan chair, a classic solution that fits every interior, and can be traced back to the early 50s.

Nowadays, you can either buy the original one, or opt for some of the many different versions available on the market.

Kid-friendly Bonsai cocoon chairs

Bonsai is the smallest cocoon chair you can buy, as it has a 1.2m diameter. Nevertheless, the bonsai hanging chair is both waterproof and bacteria resistant, and you can place it in your garden.

Suspended nest chairs

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort4 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Urban Colony

This chair can either be hooked overhead or laid on the floor, and is usually over-sized to accommodate more people even in the most unusual meeting places.

The shape reminds of a genuine, secluded bird’s sanctuary, and a perfect suspended area for relaxation and meditation.

Shy lotus chairs

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort8 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Highshots Photography

The same as suspended nest chairs, shy lotus chairs look stunningly calming and distanced from the urban chaos, and can be easily accommodated both indoors and outdoors.

Modernizing the hanging chair concept can make you feel even more comfortable

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort5 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: jamesthomas Interiors

One would argue that hanging chairs, as catchy as they may look, are not practical enough to replace a traditional setting.

Many designers, nevertheless, claim the opposite, and promote cocoon chairs that can be used the ordinary way, but become more relaxing by pulling their ‘ears’ of.

In fact, the concept of ‘cocoon chairing’ was first embraced by airports and similar public places, where people spend a lot of time, and need to feel comfortable.

Egyptian throne chairs

As the name indicates, these chairs are large and appealing, and can accommodate two adults. What could be better than relaxing next to your loved one?

Cocoon armchairs

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort10 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: SW designs

Some cocoon chairs are designed with granulated structure to ensure stability, and have an open front such as the one of armchairs, so that they would ensure extra privacy.

The choice is quite diverse: you can decide for classy leather upholstery or a vintage velvet solution – cocoon armchairs can meet everybody’s preferences!

Dessert dome

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort7 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: Melanie Biehle

The Desert Dome chair doubles as a sleeping enclosure, and will soon become your favorite napping area.

Even if building it doesn’t take more than engulfing a chair in a sleeping bag, designers made sure it would be the sweetest and most interesting seating solution to accommodate you while relaxing.

The only problem that may arise is the unwillingness to stand up and move to the bedroom when sleeping time comes.

Ending thoughts

Indoor-And-Outdoor-Cocoon-Chairs-For-More-Comfort6 Indoor And Outdoor Cocoon Chairs For More ComfortImage source: The Cousins

Being completely honest, luxurious and modern cocoon sets can go a bit over your budget, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in them.

They are both relaxing and fun, ensuring you’ll perform both activities that are critical for a quality life.

Cocoon and hammock chairs are among the coziest and most modern seating solutions that have both an aesthetic and a practical side.

They are available in all styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, so that you would find the exact piece that matches your taste and preferences.

Most cocoon chairs are water- and mold-proof, which is how you get to use them in the garden, on the terrace, or even by the pool.

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