Have you been wondering if Fort Lauderdale is a good place to move to or live? Would you want to know how safe and secure it is for you and your family? Or the ease of finding a job if you were moving to Fort Lauderdale? Well, Fort Lauderdale is such a fantastic place for you to relax, resort, find the job of your dreams and eat your favorite seafood. Here we are not only going to take you through the answers to your questions about moving to Ft Lauderdale, but we are also good to guide you on the best Ft Lauderdale moving company to make your moving experience as exciting and fulfilling as you ever dreamt.

What do you know about Fort Lauderdale rankings

Your judgment of whether Fort Lauderdale is a good place to live or not or your decision of moving to Ft Lauderdale begins with your knowledge of the basic ranking of the city in key areas. The United State’s Department of Education has provided the following statistics for Ft Lauderdale out of 228 cities in America.

  • Ft Lauderdale is ranked as the seventh in the best Cities to Retire in America.
  • Ft Lauderdale ranks 43 of the most Diverse Cities in America
  • Ft Lauderdale is ranked 56 of the Healthiest Cities in America.
  • Fort Lauderdale is the 56 healthiest places to live in America.
  • Fort Lauderdale is ranked 63 in the best cities for young professionals in America.
  • Ft Lauderdale is 73 best cities for outdoor activities in America.
  • Ft Lauderdale is the 121 best cities to live in America.

What you should know before moving to Fort Lauderdale


How does it feel being in Ft Lauderdale? You know you ought to know that about the weather before moving to Ft Lauderdale, right? Well, the weather is fabulous and accounts for why people actually move to the city. There is no snow all through the year. It might rain for as long as 134 days in a year, between May to October with the heaviest being in September. With an average temperature ranging between 61 to 89°, an extremely cold winter is almost impossible.


Moving to Ft Lauderdale would bring you closer to daily consumption of seafood. It is a coastline area, don’t forget. There are numerous continental dishes available though, but you just need to have it at the back of your mind that there is going to be more seafood available for daily consumption. However, you need not be afraid if you are not used to seafood. There are many restaurants ready to serve you just what you want, including: Coconuts, the Foxy Brown, El Camino Lauderdale, and many others.

Arts and culture

Moving to Ft Lauderdale? Just be ready for arts and culture. The city is only comparable to Miami in arts, local crafts, and music. The Music and Arts South of Sunrise, MASS District, and the Flagler Arts and Technology, are there to provide you with exquisite samples of whatever kind of art you desire.

Reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale

Job opportunities

If you are actively job hunting then moving to Fort Lauderdale is a great and wise decision for you. In recent years, the job market has risen by 1.9% and is seeing people trooping en masse to land jobs of their dreams. With the recent projection of Fort Lauderdale hitting some 37.9% job increase in the next ten years, which is 4.4% above the national average, your decision to move to the city for your dream job is bound to meet with success. The city itself plays host to some big companies and major employers including

  • AutoNation
  • SmartWater CSI
  • SFN Group
  • Broward County Public Schools.
  • Citrix Systems

Cost of living

For such a high brow area booming with the influx of resorters and job seekers, you might think that its cost of living would be way higher than the national average. Well, that isn’t the case with Ft Lauderdale. Granted that its cost of living is by 16% higher than the national average, but that is just some little fraction compared with other neighboring cities such as Miami which is by 4.2% higher than Fort Lauderdale in cost of living, and by 4.8% higher in cost of apartment than Ft Lauderdale. There are still neighborhoods where you can find apartments cheaper in the city, and remember that Florida does not take state income tax. This cuts down on your expenses and makes the city way enjoyable even for an average income earner.

Resort and recreation

Ft Lauderdale is popularly referred to as

The Venice of Florida”. Its colorful beaches, canal and waterways that link up the city in such a beautiful and exquisite manner provide an exciting resort for vacationers and movers who are willing to make new adventures in safe and vibrant areas. The area is a sort of a paradise for boaters and you would just like to be in a boat, flying through these beautiful coat areas. Swimming, jogging, running, hiking, walking the dog, skateboarding, kayaking, paddleboarding, inline skating, or riding your bike are some of the common outdoor activities that the city of Fort Lauderdale greatly supports.

Fort Lauderdale moving company

Taking a decision to move to Ft Lauderdale is not as difficult as moving to Ft Lauderdale itself. The Fort Lauderdale moving company you finally settle for determines whether your moving experience will justify your decision or not. With over ten years of awards and experience in local moving, the Best Movers Fort Lauderdale, FL has seen it all and can take care of your moving of any kind. We are reliable, trustworthy, early at work, affordable and always aim at excellent customer satisfaction. We are just a contact away from you and your experience will never be surpassed by any other moving company. Call us today.

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