To save on costs, refreshing your furniture without restoration is the best option for many homeowners. There are many options for doing so. Whether you opt for slipcovers for recliners or fabrics to cover the bookcase, you can instantly refresh your furniture. Many DIY projects for refreshing furniture are available online. There are a few factors you should consider before deciding on the available options.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Research on ways to refresh your furniture
  • Cleaning and repairs to prepare for the refreshing process
  • Review the budget for proper planning
  • Ensure you have the necessary tools such as sandpaper, brushes, and measuring tape
  • Research on ways to refresh your furniture

Below we have some ideas on how you can refresh your furniture without a restoration.

Paint or stain the furniture

One of the cheapest and easy home upgrade tips is to paint. The same applies to old furniture. One way to refresh it would be a new coat of paint application for wooden and metal furniture. There are many ideas to choose from depending on your taste and preference. You also do not have to paint the entire staining, it may also be a good idea on different parts, especially those areas showing signs of lack-luster or rust will give it a fresh look.

Slipcovers and fabric cover

Seat covers will give your living room an instant upgrade. For recliner seats, opt for recliner slipcovers. To choose the best, consider durability, comfort, and the latest style. Quilting cotton, silk, and linen are some of the best materials for slipcovers. To know the best design for the slipcovers, consider how often recliners are in use and if you want a formal look in your living room or a fashionable look. For more inspiration in the choice of slipcovers, consider the house theme, home upgrade magazines, and reviews, or get some tips from friends and family. Another piece of furniture that may need covering is the bookshelves, storage spaces and racks, and the tables. You should choose the right fabric and color that complements the house décor.

Cleaning and adding shine to furniture

Cleaning furniture refreshes it and gives it a new look. Learn a few tips on cleaning different furniture and use the appropriate cleaning agents. For metal parts of the table, chairs, or sofas, you may need to shine it for that new look to resurface. For wood, a coat of polish or waxing will do the trick.

Lamination and use mirrors

Adding lamination to the countertops gives it an instant uplift. You may also skim coat if you are on a tight budget. For coffee tables and a dressing covering up with cheap acrylic, mirrors will give them a fresh look. At the hardware, they will cut the mirrors as per your requirement. You may seek professional help in fixing the mirrors for a good finish.

These are some of the simple ways to refresh the furniture in your home without a restoration. You may also review home upgrade magazines and information from the experts of more ideas. Home upgrade and décor is a continuous process. You will always get more ideas to implement in your home.

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