While squirrels can be fun to watch, they’re a common nuisance for homeowners, particularly those living near wooded areas. Their quick movements, and the ability to climb on any surface, often mean headaches for families, especially if wildlife can access the home’s interior.

To avoid dealing with squirrels inside your home, these DIY tips can help keep you safe and wildlife-free.

Capping Your Chimney

If your home has an open chimney, chances are wildlife like squirrels or raccoons are taking it as an invitation to crown inside. If your chimney has access points leading inside your home, adding a cap to the top of the structure is an easy and environmentally-friendly way to keep those squirrels outside. Typically, capping involves a wire mesh placed over the opening. Most wildlife is unable to access the inside of your home once you’ve added this feature.

However, squirrels are known to be stubborn, and even capping may not be enough. You may just be past the point of no return in some cases, and you need professional assistance. It might be time to look for squirrel removal services in Markham or the GTA to manage the problem. The squirrel removal experts at Wildlife Shield know first-hand how important it is to protect yourself and your family from unwanted wildlife — that’s why they’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s entry points to make sure squirrels haven’t found another way inside.

Sealing Holes Around the Home

The pipes in and around your home are easy access points for squirrels and small wildlife. To avoid any surprises, it’s essential there are no holes in your pipes. If the pipes are copper, squirrels can often chew through them — causing additional damage and costs to your home.

To protect your home and keep your pipes free from squirrels, a piece of a stovepipe or sheet metal sleeve over any openings will prevent squirrels from finding their way inside. It’s essential to use a metal adhesive to anchor the sleeve.

Sprinkles the Exterior with Spices

This may feel unconventional, but squirrels aren’t fans of spicy foods, and you can actually use that to your advantage. If you have black pepper or cayenne pepper, sprinkle these spices around your property — particularly near the eavestrough or any exposed pipes — and the smell will deter them from coming anywhere near your home.

Trim Your Trees

Squirrels love to use trees and tall plants as jumping-off points — so the less leverage you have, the harder it will be for them to access your roof or eavestroughs and find their way inside your home. It’s recommended that you trim at least eight feet of greenery from your roof and your neighbours’ trees.

Additionally, you can block squirrels from climbing and nesting in trees in your backyard with another DIY trick — attaching loose-fitting metal collars with springs to the trees around your property. This method can also prevent squirrels from climbing poles and using them as additional jumping-off points.

With a few easy and affordable DIY tips, you can keep the inside of your home free from squirrels and other small wildlife — keeping your family safe and healthy.

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