What comes to your mind first and foremost in association with the word ‘Mediterranean’? Is it a delicious seafood salad, or a sip of a premium red wine?

Does it perhaps remind you of long seaside walks, long swims, or cheerful music?

Mediterranean culture has certainly made a great contribution to the world, not just in terms of tradition, but also home decoration.

Let’s quickly get some questions covered and then go into detail.

What is Mediterranean style decor?

This style originated in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and is often referred to today as “Spanish modern.” Mediterranean-style decor ranges from simply functional to extremely formal.

What does Mediterranean style house mean?

The Mediterranean house plan is defined by an open style with large exterior windows, a low-pitched, tiled roof, and stucco or brick siding. This openness hearkens toward pleasant weather, making the Mediterranean house plan a favorite for warm climate locales.

Both your old and new design projects could benefit from this ‘warm’ influence on the Mediterranean style home, and could take you to the wonderful coast in no time.

The classic charm and the seductive beauty of Mediterranean architecture cannot be obtained through any other design solution. This is exactly why the style is so popular nowadays, and successfully applied almost everywhere in the world. The big question is: How could you adapt the Mediterranean interior design to your place?

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First of all, we have to distinguish between the three dominant types of Mediterranean homes:  you can opt between the Italian, Greek, or Spanish influences; or introduce the regional touch of Western Asia and Northern Africa. What could be really unique is to apply Moorish motifs, and to replicate the rich Islamic influence of the ninth and the tenth century?

The main feature of Mediterranean style home is how they bring nature inside the home. Each element is carefully chosen to blend the interior with the exterior; there are lots of wood, organic fabrics, and fresh colors which define the Mediterranean style. The style is usually preferred by families living in warmer regions, which is exactly why such homes are recognizable by their shaded alcoves and sunny pools in the courtyards.

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However, the climate is not a decisive factor for incorporating Mediterranean colors and home design and architecture: sun-inspired homes are even better in colder regions, where people need extra warmth and comfort. Besides, Mediterranean homes will still look authentic if you introduce elements inspired by your own culture and region.

Mediterranean home décor ideas (quick overview)

  • Natural colors
  • Choose furniture that matches your style
  • Use rustic finishes
  • Forget about rectangular doors and windows
  • Use patterns and textures
  • Mediterranean curtains
  • Use soft rugs
  • Handmade accessories
  • A mosaic touch
  • Don’t forget about exterior design

Now let’s look at these in detail.

Natural colors

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas1 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Laura U, Inc.

The key tool for replicating Mediterranean culture is by using colors inspired by nature. The choice generally refers to walls, but also to fabrics and furniture which are an important part of the Mediterranean style. Take a moment and look for inspiration in the navy nuances of the sea, or the crispiness of the cloudy sky. Your perfect Mediterranean decor can bring you far far away from home.

Warm terracotta tones for the furniture, calm beige for the walls, or playful lime and lavender for the accessories will remind from the very first moment to the visitors of their unforgettable Mediterranean vacationing time.

Choose furniture that matches your style

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas3 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Fairfax & Sammons Architects
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The best choice for your tailored Mediterranean design is to add solid and sturdy furniture; ideally made of wood or wrought iron. Their warm, yet dark colors could be refreshed with vivid pillows, rugs, or bright accent bedding.

In terms of accessories of your Mediterranean home decor, we recommend a ‘bronze touch’, visible through amazing chandeliers, figurines, or candle holders. Curtains, on the other hand, should be lighter and modest, in order to ensure brightness and airiness in every room of the Mediterranean homes. We recommend white or cream as the perfect curtain choices

Rustic finishes

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas2 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Sharp Design Studio

Besides ‘playful’ and ‘vivid’, Mediterranean is often associated with ‘rustic’. That’s why many Mediterranean style homes favor beams for their high ceilings; or tiles for the path towards their entrance.

The biggest advantage of this ‘old world’ Mediterranean style aesthetic is affordability: detailed mosaics in the yard and the entryways are more traditional than modern; even if there are many popular designers trying to create contemporary versions. Tiles are perfect for every room and every item; and they look amazing on mirrors, pool decks, tabletops, or door frames.

Forget about rectangular doors and windows

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas12 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Brandon Architects, Inc.

Assuming you’re still in the construction phase of your Mediterranean style houses, we recommend you to opt for arched windows and doors. What could also be perfect to create the Mediterranean design is to add terraces and balconies and to melt the beautiful outdoor with your perfect interior.

There is nothing in the Mediterranean as patterns and textures

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The impressive and traditional presence of textures and patterns part of the Mediterranean decorating ideas are both physical and visual. These creative people have no restrictions when it comes to discovering texture-suitable surfaces: they apply them everywhere, from their textiles to their walls and carved furniture.

The most devoted among you could work on their skills, and try to replicate even the most detailed textures. Finding the appropriate materials to creating your own Mediterranean home decorating plans will not be difficult, as paint manufacturers offer a wide range of painting kits, plasters, ceiling applications, or bathroom topcoats. If not so sure what to do, contact a designer or check some online tutorials about creating your own Mediterranean home decor.

Mediterranean curtains

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas5 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Newberry Architects

In fact, there is no such thing as a traditional Mediterranean curtain as the Mediterranean home interior design is a versatile concept. The closest it can get is to choose light curtains, which let a lot of sun and air inside. We recommend you to choose oversized pieces, rich with colors and patterns; or to personalize your Mediterranean home decor space with specific rings, rods, or finals. However, remember that darker shades are more suitable for large and spacious rooms.

Soft rugs

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas6 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: House of Jade Interiors

Rugs are compulsory elements of every Mediterranean home design. Besides their inviting character and the cute looks, rugs are a practical choice for covering torn and outdated floors. The best thing about rugs is their variety, which means you’re likely to find even the most specific color or the pattern for your Mediterranean style living room. Therefore, don’t think twice, and fill your home with piles of soft rugs!

Handmade accessories

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas11 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: V.I.Photography & Design

Your brand new Mediterranean home is the best place to expose your handmade souvenir collection-ceramic bowls, terracotta pottery, and carved-wood culinary sets capture the unique Mediterranean feel; especially because of the contrasts you never thought could look so beautiful.

A mosaic touch

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas10-683x1024 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Gingerwood

Resembling Mediterranean influence is easy for creative people who know how to arrange tiles-small and large, inner and outer mosaics create the unique and exotic vibe you need! Mosaics are a common choice for pool decks, mirrors, kitchen walls, or hallways in the Mediterranean home decorations. In fact, you can use them in every corner that needs a dose of life and playfulness.

Exterior design

Mediterranean-Interior-Style-And-Home-Decor-Ideas4 Mediterranean Interior Style And Home Decor IdeasImage source: Veranda Fine Homes

Don’t forget that the main idea of ‘going the Mediterranean’ is to blend the interior with the exterior. This fact makes the outdoor area of your well-designed home equally as important as the interior. Therefore, don’t forget to rearrange the porch, stairways, or patios; even when you live in cold and snowy regions you still can have a villa decorating process which appeals to warmer parts of the world.

To start with, add warmth with iron fences, breathtaking fountains, or wall decoration. Feel free to use bold colors; and inspire random walkers to dream for a home like yours. The Mediterranean colors suit both the interior as the exterior of the home.

Mediterranean people favor metals for their exterior design. In most of the cases, they replicate the wrought constructions of their furniture, so that there will be a clear connection between in- and outdoors. The backyards of the modern Mediterranean homes are often rich with greenery, while the luckiest among them have amazing pools and sunbathing decks.

What about your yard? Doesn’t it deserve some extra vividness and architectural features like fountains, gazebo, or pergolas? Your Mediterranean look will be almost perfect!

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