When you are designing your dream home, there are a lot of different places to consider decorating. This includes the walls, ceiling, floors, windows, and more. But what about the corners?

The corners are an easily forgettable part of the home that are often left empty.

They are the least used part of most homes, only serving to collect dust and provide a space for spiders to form webs.

However, regardless of how small or seemingly useless a space in the house is, there is always a purpose it can have.

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This beautiful corner bath tub is luxurious and offers elegance and space all at the same time. With modern fixtures and design you can be sure to enjoy your relaxation time!

In kitchens, the corners are often used for kitchen cabinets or a sink. This makes the cabinets bigger and the counters more spacious without using up a larger area in the kitchen.

Bathrooms can make similar use of corner space. Corner bathtubs can be a perfect fit for almost any bathroom, allowing more space for more accessories without making the room feel crowded.

What is a Corner Tub and Why Should You Consider Getting One?

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The name “corner tub” can be a bit misleading. Although it can be used for bathing like a regular tub, it is often used just for relaxing in.

Corner tubs are specially designed so that they will easily fit into the corner of your bathroom. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some corner tubs resemble the home plate in a baseball game.

Others take on a more rectangular or trapezoid-like structure. The base of the tub is always very large. This is done so that more than one person can be in the tub at one time. This is great for lovers or those who would like to use their tub as a party center.

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Most corner tubs have built in benches, arm rests, and ledges used for placing objects outside of the tub. You can prop your feet up and lay back while a glass of wine sits on the ledge next to you! Or you can read a book as you soak in the water, using the ledge as a safe place to rest your book so it does not get wet. It can also be used as a place for parents to sit as they bathe their children.

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Most corner bath tubs are used simply to relax and soak in warm, deep water. Others are used in a more recreational way, turning the tub into a place of attraction for guests.

These tubs have air jets, whirlpools, massaging waterfalls, or other additional features added to them. You can even have standard faucets fitted in them, giving you the experience and ease of use of a normal tub.

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Corner tubs are usually made of acrylic or cast iron. The dimensions of these tubs are commonly four feet by four feet or larger.

These tubs are meant to be deep to allow a nice, thorough soak. The depth of corner tubs generally range from 21 to 26 inches—about two feet.

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You have a choice in how corner tubs are installed in your home. They can either be built in, or they can be dropped into a platform. Have the surrounding area of your drop in tub made of limestone or marble for a unique effect and overall bathing experience. Or you can fill the surrounding area with plant life to give the bather a sense of nature and peace. If your house has a cottage like feel to it, surround the built in corner tub with white beaded board to keep up this theme.

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If you want a more traditional environment, go for stained wooden panels. The material you use for your platform or surround is your choice. However, be sure not to use carpet or similar materials. You would not want to risk damaging the material by getting them wet!

Corner bathtubs add originality to your bathroom or to any other room of the house you would like one installed. They are unlike the classic, rectangular bathtubs against the wall or the large, flashy, round tubs that are often placed in the center of a very large bathroom. A small corner tub may seem uncomfortable, but the size works great.

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It uses up the otherwise wasted space in a very clever and convenient way. And while they may seem tiny, corner tubs can still provide a satisfying and complete bathing experience without feeling too cramped.

Corner tubs are great because they use a little bit of space yet achieve so much. The design allows for the tub to be spacious, capable of having two occupants at one time. This makes the tub great for couples or for parents needing to bathe their children!

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Some of these tubs are also easily equipped with a shower, giving you all the features of a normal bath tub for less room. Give your bathroom a truly modern look by installing glass walls or curtains around the tub. This keeps your bathing area stylish while keeping it efficient.

Is a Modern Corner Bathtub the Right Kind of Tub for You?

When installing a corner tub, like with any other feature of your home, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider.


On the positive side, corner tubs are very conservative in space while still offering a deep bath. Often, these tubs can be deeper than traditional bathtubs. This makes them perfect for those who would like a nice, long soak.

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For someone who is prone to achy muscles and stress, the deep, warm water will help take the pains away while calming that person down. In a way, these tubs can almost be like a small hot tub! For another health benefit, the soak can also lower blood pressure as it relaxes the bather.

Corner tubs make your bathroom more stylish by being fashionable themselves. Their unique shapes add a unique twist on the traditional tub. It is no wonder why these types of tubs have become so increasingly popular among those who are wanting to redesign their bathrooms for a more interesting look.

Adding a corner tub to the redesign is also popular since it allows more space for other accessories and bathroom furniture, such as shelves, plants, or just storage.

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Corner bathtubs are actually more easily decorated than ordinary bathtubs. This is largely because the unique design of the tub already adds personality and modernization to the bathroom.

You can individualize this tub even more by adding color or patterns to it to either match the theme of your bathroom or to directly reflect who you are. The material the tub is made out of and where it is placed in the bathroom also add character.

Corner tubs are not too difficult to install. The main concerns with inserting this type of tub are knowing where you are going to put it, how you are going to position it, what size you want it to be, and what is going to surround it. Once you have all of those aspects worked out, the installation itself is relatively simple.

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There are several bonus features that come with a corner tub. One of which is the ability to easily incorporate a Jacuzzi into the tub. This intensifies the experience and provides even more stress relief and relaxation. A nice soak in a Jacuzzi tub can work wonders on bodily aches and built up tension. Another option is the inclusion of a whirlpool.

A whirlpool feature added to the Jacuzzi is an excellent way to spice up the tub and turn it into something fun or just extremely relaxing. Replicate the greatness of a spa within your own home with these two features that can be added easily to any corner tub!

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Most corner tubs have ledges jetting out from the edge of the tub. This is a great addition because it allows you are place to put your things. You can use the ledge for toiletries or for other things, such as drinks or small snacks. It can also serve as a dry place to put down something you are using while in the tub. Now you can use your smartphone or other devices while in the tub without having to worry about dropping them in the water and damaging them!

Some corner tubs have benches, foot rests, back rests, and/or arm rests built into them. This increases the ultimate comfort achievable in these special tubs. With so much to relax you, time seems to stand still while in the warmth and care of a deep soak made possible by a corner tub.

While you are in the soothing water, there is no need to worry about deadlines, appointments, schedules, or anything else that causing stress throughout your day. Just lay back, enjoy the steamy water, and take the comfortable resting time you deserve.

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As with any addition to the home, there are some negative aspects as well as positive ones. One consequence of owning a corner tub is that most do not come with built-in showers. You always have the ability to install a shower, but it often looks careless or tacky to do so, since the shower takes away from the elegance and charm of the corner tub. Corner tubs are made to be ideal for deep, long soaks as opposed to quick washes.

Another drawback to the corner bathtub is that some may find the design to be a bit awkward looking or even bulky. The design is meant to fit into a corner, causing the tub to have several angles that make the tub distinct from the usual curves of a traditional tub.

Some people may not want such a geometrical tub in their bathroom. It can interfere with the ambiance they have in mind for the room, or it can simply go against their personality.

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A tub with such angles is not a good match for a bubbly, care-free, fun personality type. Smaller tubs could be installed to compensate for this. However, the smaller the tub is, the less comfortable it will be, since there will be less room to fully stretch out without bumping into the walls.

Cleaning a corner tub requires more effort than is required for a standard bathtub. The angles create creases in the tub that can easily conceal dirt due to shadows in the creases covering it up. Since the tub is deeper than normal, it is difficult to effectively scrub to the bottom of the tub by simply leaning over the edge. Often, it is required that the owner must get into the tub in order to properly clean it.

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Ironically, the tub’s greatest asset can be an annoyance. Fitting into the corner so well creates an area of the tub that is very difficult to reach. This provides another reason that owners must enter the bathtub while cleaning, which may be unappealing to some.

For bathrooms that are already small with limited room, corner tubs are not very appropriate. These tubs provide space in bathrooms that are above-average in size. However, in smaller bathrooms, these tubs have the opposite effect. The design, while very unique and stylish, can work against it. The tub’s angles jut out into the limited space, making it difficult to maneuver around the tub and throughout the crowded bathroom.

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Even with a small corner tub, it still stands out far too much in the bathroom because the restricted room causes the tub to look even bigger, bulkier, and more out of place in comparison to the rest of the bathroom. In general, it is best to only consider a corner tub if your bathroom is larger than the standard bathroom in order to avoid an awkward looking and cramped feeling bathroom.

Corner tubs also use up a lot of water. This is because of the deep soak design. The deeper the water level, the more water is used up. This can be an issue when it comes to your wallet, which may already be stretched from the high cost of the tub itself.

If you are worried about a raised water bill, you may want to stick to an ordinary bathtub. If you add a whirlpool or a Jacuzzi to your corner tub, that is also using up electricity which can be costly as well.

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In addition to monetary costs, corner tubs are also a strain on the environment. The abundance of water and electricity being used means that there are a lot of Earth’s resources being used up as well. While all tubs require a lot of water to fill, the deeper corner tubs are definitely a less environmentally and financially efficient option.

Adding a Corner Bathtub to Your Bathroom

Though the unusual shape of the tub may cause some concern, it is actually not too complicated to install. So long as you have a good idea of what you are doing and tread carefully, a corner tub can successfully be added to your bathroom without much delay.

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As previously mentioned, there is a lot of things to consider before you install this bathtub. Does it look right in your bathroom? Can it be customized to meet your preferences? Can it be properly installed without interfering with the rest of your bathroom?

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If you do decide that a corner tub might be the right fit for your home, know that these tubs are generally regarded as being sensible and somewhat sophisticated. They add a level of intrigue and charm to a room that is not usually meant to be admired.

These tubs are easy to personalize to fit in with the bathroom décor. You can add plants to the ends of a tub made of organic materials to produce a natural atmosphere. Add some fixtures or order the tub in a certain color to reflect who you are individually. It is not uncommon to turn your corner tub into a nice Jacuzzi for the perfect spot to relax or party with friends!

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Corner Tub Shower

Usually, corner tubs do not come with built-in showers. However, this does not mean you have to find a separate space for a stand-alone shower! The simplest solution is to put your corner tub inside of your shower. It may seem unusual or even absurd, but this is actually growing among bathroom tub ideas.

You can have the full effect of a tub and shower combo while still being more efficient and stylish than what you would ordinarily expect to see in a bathroom. It also gives you an added layer of privacy while you are in the tub without the stifling, closed-offness of a shower curtain.

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In addition to being a great design that gives you all the features you normally have, a corner tub within a shower is also more practical than a traditional bathing area. Since these tubs are deeper than regular ones, the higher walls offer splash protection.

This is helpful in the case of messy bathers, such as small children who like to play around in the water. The design prevents water from collecting on the floor, which can damage the tiles and travel to hard to reach places, allowing mold to grow out of sight.

Certain corner tubs can also be used as a bench to sit on while you shower or indulge in the steam. You can turn your bathroom into your own personal steam room! This bench also allows you to sit down or perch your leg while you shave. For those who are at risk of getting light-headed in the shower or who may be a little weak in their legs, the bench gives you a place to rest, preventing injuries or further discomfort.

Image source: Beazer Homes

Most stand alone showers are designed to be waterproof to avoid unwanted damage and messes. If this is the case with the show you have or plan on buying, be sure to consider how this will affect the tub. The tub will drain out through a line that will have to go through the shower’s waterproofing membrane.

Otherwise, the water from the tub will just spill out into the shower, which can lead to the shower needing to be cleaned or a lot more serious problems. This is something you will need to consider as you look into how and where to install your corner tub.

Other Factors to Consider

Bathroom Walls

When adding any new piece to the bathroom—or to any room!—you should always think about how this addition will fit with the design of the rest of the room. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the walls. The color, texture, and size of the walls are all important to remember as you try to pick out a tub that will go nicely with all of these features.

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Or, you can paint the walls to match the color of the bathtub. You might also want to consider a wall divider. This will come in handy if you do not want to alter your walls nor the tub to make them match. The wall divider hide the tub away so that it is out of immediate sight.

Placement of the Tub

Where is your tub going to go? This might be one of the first questions you thought of. However, many people underestimate just how difficult yet important it is to have this step thoroughly planned and figured out. If you are planning to use your corner tub as more of a lounge area while having a separate area for bathing, it may be best to place the tub a fair distance away from the bathing area. In general, it is also best to put your corner tub in one of the furthest corners away from the door.

It is also a good idea to place the tub next to or near sinks and other such vanities. This can be a great strategic approach since you can use the same plumbing pipes and drain system. This makes installation a bit less complicated and saves more time.

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Many people enjoy having their tub underneath or very near to a window. This allows natural light to flood the bathroom in the daytime, adding to the calming sensation. This placement also allows you and your guests to take in the peaceful views of the sky or the garden as you soak. Natural sounds, such as chirping birds or a light breeze, add to the overall serenity of the experience, connecting the bather with the calming presence of nature.


There are two main sizes when it comes to corner tubs. There are the large, somewhat bulky designs that can sometimes make the spacing of your bathroom awkward to work with. On the bright side, these larger tubs allow for more relaxation and more room to share with others.

You should choose this option is you want room to spread out while in the tub or if you plan on having Jacuzzi parties or other tub gatherings. Larger tubs also allow for a romantic setting. Two lovers emerged in a deep, warm bath, surrounded by candles and giving soothing massages is the perfect way to end a date night.

Image source: Schell Brothers

The other main size is small. These tubs are still large enough to bathe in, but they are a bit too small too truly lay back and relax in. These tubs can be great for families since it will be easier to bathe small children. Smaller tubs are also not as deep, so children are less likely to drown in them.

Smaller tubs are a good choice for those who plan to have a lot of features to their bathroom and require a bit more room. Smaller tubs are also likely to be easier to move into your independent shower without as many complications.

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If you want to make use of a corner in your bathroom or if you simply need more room, consider installing a corner tub. They are stylish and make an efficient use of space that not many other tubs make possible. They can be hidden inside a platform or surround if you wish to install them outside of the bathroom. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so there are a lot of options lot choose from!

You can make the tub more fun and inviting by installing a Jacuzzi, whirlpool, massaging waterfall, or other great features. These tubs are made for relaxation. The deepness of the tub allows for a full body soak to relax muscles and remove stress. However, the deep design also requires a large amount of water.

Image source: Royal Restorations

While these tubs are meant to be small in order to make more space in the room, they are big enough to allow for a full soaking experience. Some are even large enough to accommodate more than one person! These tubs are great for romantic baths or friendly get-togethers.

Most of these special tubs come with ledges, arm rests, leg rests, and other extensions built in. These all serve to increase satisfaction. The ledges can be a great area to place items you may need while soaking or bathing.

Once you have figured out the details of your corner tub—placement, size, color, etc—it is time to order. The easiest way to order is to either search online or to go to a local bathroom fixture showroom. There are plenty of models to choose from, and it is best to look at several different ones before making a final decision so that you can order the corner tub that is most satisfying for you.

Image source: Marc Julien Homes

Going to a showroom will provide a great experience because you will be able to see the tub in person. You will have a good idea of what this tub looks like when you are near it and can form a more accurate picture of what it may look like when installed in your home.

If you are unsure of which tub will work best for your needs, ask your interior designer or another professional for their insights. But, remember, in the end, it is your home, and you should do what you like best. Corner tubs can be expensive, and this price only increases with the addition over other recreational features, such as a whirlpool.

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More than anything, you want to make sure you got the right choice the first time so that you get the maximum amount of satisfaction for the ideal price.

You now have a lot of tips and information about corner tubs. Just remember everything you have learned and choosing the right tub for your home will be easy!

FAQs about modern corner bathtub ideas

1. What are some popular materials used in modern corner bathtubs?

Acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain, and even natural stone can all be used to create modern corner bathtubs. Due to their dependability, affordability, and simplicity of maintenance, acrylic and fiberglass are preferred materials. Although they can be more expensive and require more upkeep, porcelain, and genuine stone have a more opulent appearance.

2. How can I incorporate a corner bathtub into my small bathroom space?

Because they make advantage of the room’s corners and take up less floor space, corner bathtubs are a great choice for small bathrooms. Consider utilizing a smaller-sized tub or a freestanding style that doesn’t require walls for support if you want to fit a corner bathtub in a small bathroom. A light-colored bathtub and strategically positioned mirrors are further ways to provide the impression of more space.

3. What are some unique design features available in modern corner bathtubs?

A few distinctive characteristics of contemporary corner bathtubs are built-in seating, built-in shelves, and even integrated LED lighting. They are available in a range of styles. Additionally, many versions come with adjustable massage functions like air or water jets, variable water flow, and even aromatherapy.

4. What are some popular color options for modern corner bathtubs?

Modern corner bathtubs come in a virtually limitless range of colors, with popular choices like white, cream, beige, and even black. Many manufacturers offer a variety of custom color options to suit a customer’s desire or the décor of their bathroom.

5. Can modern corner bathtubs be customized to fit specific dimensions or needs?

Yes, contemporary corner bathtubs can be made to order to meet specific requirements. Size, shape, color, and even massaging features can all be customized. To guarantee that the personalized bathtub fits properly and is fitted properly, it is vital to seek professional advice.

6. What are some benefits of choosing a corner bathtub over a traditional bathtub?

A corner bathtub has a number of advantages over a regular bathtub, including the ability to save floor space, expand bathroom design possibilities, and create a distinctive focal point. Furthermore, compared to regular bathtubs, corner bathtubs frequently have additional built-in amenities and customization choices.

7. How do I properly maintain and clean a modern corner bathtub?

The type of material and the manufacturer’s instructions will determine how to properly maintain and clean a contemporary corner bathtub. Regular cleaning is advised to avoid accumulation and stains, and a mild, non-abrasive solution should be used. It’s crucial to stay away from utilizing harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, or scrubbing pads that could scratch or harm the surface.

8. What are some innovative features available in modern corner bathtubs, such as whirlpool or air massage systems?

Modern corner bathtubs come with a number of cutting-edge amenities, including built-in speakers, adjustable water flow, and whirlpool or air massage systems. These amenities add to the sense of relaxation and can transform the bathtub into a sumptuous spa setting.

9. Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when installing a modern corner bathtub?

It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines when installing a contemporary corner bathtub and to have the bathtub fitted by a professional. The bathtub can also be made safe for use by all ages and abilities by installing grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, and anti-scald devices.

10. How can I enhance the overall aesthetic of my bathroom by incorporating a modern corner bathtub?

A modern corner bathtub may give a touch of elegance and a distinctive focal point to a bathroom, improving its overall appeal. The overall appearance can be improved by selecting a bathtub that blends in with the bathroom’s decor and adding accents like candles, plants, or artwork.

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