There is no way to avoid small bathrooms. These are becoming a standard in new homes to make better use of available spaces. However, a small bathroom will present a storage challenge, especially when it comes to towels, as these are a constant use instrument that cannot be hidden. If you don’t know where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom, the following options are for you.

A small bathroom can have the necessary sanitary pieces to fulfill its function, such as a shower, a sink, and a toilet. The problem is that they have very little storage space for other implements.

Personal care products you don’t use daily may be in drawers, but the towel you will constantly use should be in an accessible location at all times.

Additionally, when you finish bathing you have to take care of wet towels that you cannot just leave on the floor.

But don’t worry, although it seems like an impossible mission, organizing the space in a small bathroom is simple, and there are many projects that you can apply depending on your tastes. These are some of the most practical.

So, where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom?

Towel Rings & Bars – Simple alternative

Image source: Sullivan Design Studio

Towel rings and bars are a standard decoration in any bathroom. These can come in sets or singles, and even if you don’t need them at one point, they’ll make a great wall accent.

If you have enough space, the bar is a better option, as it gives you wider support in which to place your towels. However, hanging towels in a small bathroom is also possible with the use of rings, although these usually only hold one towel at a time.

It is recommended to have a small ring or bar near the sink to have an accessible towel with which to dry your hands. Sometimes, you need to make a decision based on towel sizes as it may create problems later on. Here’s a study that you can read out: What Bath Towel Sizes | Bathroom Towels Size Guide. Originally published by Mizu Towels, this article will help you choose the best size for your towel depending upon your needs.

Image source: Studio 80 Interior Design

In case you do not have enough horizontal space for the installation of these decorations, you can place them vertically on the wall as if making a ladder. This design is very original and will allow you to hang more than one towel at a time, which could be part of the bathroom design. The best thing about this alternative is that it frees up cabinet space, which you can use to store other supplies.

Door space is essential

Image source: Tim Ditchfield Architects

You shouldn’t limit yourself to wall accessories when you want to place a towel. There are solutions on the market like this InterDesign towel rack that can be located on any door.

We are not just referring to the bathroom entrance door; some showers have doors large enough to fit these accessories, which will facilitate the drying process of wet towels.

There are even shower doors whose designs include bars on which towels can be placed. This is perhaps the best option where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom. The place is perfect because it allows you to grab the towel immediately after showering without having to wet the bathroom floor, and the steam from the shower can dry the towel in the process.

Sure, there are also shower doors whose designs are very large for small bathrooms, such as the hinged swivel ones, but this will depend on your space.

Baskets are a practical option

Image source: GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Although many people believe that using a basket will impoverish their bathroom environment, the truth is that these are very useful.

A basket not only serves to store dry towels but also can be used as a deposit for wet towels so as not to wet the floor. The basket is also the perfect place to store used towels that need to be washed.

If you don’t want the basket to look like an accessory you randomly placed in the bathroom, try to match it with its surroundings. If you can’t find a similar color, you can always go for the classic varnished brown.

To avoid clutter, try a hanging basket

Image source: Esther Hershcovich

This is a variant of the previous option, but instead of being resting on the floor or a table, it hangs on the ceiling so that it does not disturb when walking.

A tip to make the most of the space these baskets offer is to roll up the towels you are going to store instead of folding them. Rolled towels are easier to order in groups and require less basket area.

Vanity with towel bar included

Image source: David Wilkes Builders

When spaces are limited, installed furniture should make the most of it. Some sinks and vanities include towel bars.

Since the bar is located at the bottom, it will not interfere with the available walking area.

Wooden stools for any occasion

Image source: Nina Struve Photography

Although it doesn’t seem practical, a small wooden stool can create a new surface on which to place towels. Due to their size and shape, these can fit in almost any corner without disturbing.

Install cabinets in free spaces

Image source: Carisa Mahnken Design Guild

Drying towels in a small bathroom can be much easier if you have adequate storage spaces. If you are missing cabinets and don’t know where to locate them, try placing them on the sides of your toilet.

Try to use cabinets that are thin and tall so they don’t get in the way when walking. You can even use them to store other objects such as toilet paper for emergencies.

If you have a shelf in your home that you are not going to use, try installing it in the bathroom. Just make sure it resists moisture.

The staircase design is phenomenal

Image source: HUX London

The best thing about tiered designs is that each level offers a compartment in which to place any object, including towels. Unlike traditional shelves, staircase-style shelves are eye-catching and allow for unique decorations.

In addition to bathroom accessories, you can put houseplants and other decorations on these shelves to create a more beautiful environment.

Take advantage of the space above the toilet

Image source: Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Unless your toilet has the tank close to the ceiling, this space is always unoccupied and can be used for many things. If you don’t know where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom, then chances are you’re not taking advantage of this area.

Install a small closet or medicine cabinet where you can store small items or towels. Remember that this should not disturb when sitting on the toilet.

Wasted space under the sinks

Image source: Peach Studio

Especially when it comes to sinks that don’t use a pedestal, these leave plenty of free space at the bottom that can be used for other things. With a couple of tables, you can create different levels in which to organize the objects.

Install a shelf above your door

Although the space available above the doors is small, this does not prevent you from using it to place a shelf. The only downside is that it can be a little high for some people.

Use your abandoned vanity recess

Image source: Post 31 Interiors

If you have an unused vanity recess, you may have already found where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom. These spaces, dedicated for stools, can be used as shelves in which to place both dry and wet towels.

The best thing is that they are accessible spaces, so you won’t have to get the whole bathroom wet when washing your hands just to get a towel.

Can’t miss the towel stands

Image source: Jamie Herzlinger

Obviously, a list of places to store towels cannot be complete without mentioning towel stands. These furnishings take advantage of the vertical space to create a shelf on which to display all your towels.

This is one of the most decorative options, and all you need is to have some floor space available to install it.

Chair and towel rack in one piece of furniture

We already mentioned that creativity is important in small bathrooms, and there is nothing more creative than a chair that also serves to store towels.

We finish this list of places where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom with a versatile option that can be used even in other rooms inside your home.

FAQs about hanging wet towels in small bathroom

1. What are the best ways to hang wet towels in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, towel bars or hooks mounted to the wall work best for hanging wet towels. Since they take up less room, hooks are a wonderful choice for small bathrooms, whereas towel bars are preferable for larger towels. To prevent the growth of mold or mildew, make sure to put them in an area that allows for adequate air circulation.

2. Is it better to use a hook or a towel bar for hanging wet towels in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, towel bars and hooks can both be used to hang wet towels, but which is best will ultimately depend on your preferences and the size of the towels. Since they can be put on the wall or the back of a door without taking up much area, hooks are a perfect alternative for small bathrooms. Larger towels work better with towel bars since they can support greater weight while maintaining the towel’s straightness.

3. Can I hang wet towels on the back of the bathroom door without damaging it?

It depends on the hook or adhesive you use, but you can hang wet towels on the back of the bathroom door without harming it. You can use adhesive hooks that can be removed without leaving a trace or over-the-door hooks. To guarantee that the adhesive or hook can support the weight of the wet towels, make sure to check its weight capacity.

4. How many towels can I hang in a small bathroom without making it feel cluttered?

The size of the bathroom and the number of users will determine how many towels can be hung there without the space feeling cluttered. Generally speaking, it’s better to keep the quantity of towels per person to two and make sure they are hung neatly to avoid clutter.

5. Are there any creative ways to hang wet towels in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, you can hang wet towels in a variety of inventive ways, like on a ladder towel rack, a towel tree, or a wall-mounted wine rack. These choices not only offer a practical way to hang towels but also enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

6. Can I use suction cup hooks to hang wet towels in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, suction cup hooks can be used to hang damp towels, but they might not be the best solution. Over time, the suction cups may lose their hold, allowing the hook to fall and the towel to rewet. If you decide to utilize suction cup hooks, be sure to pick ones with a powerful suction grip and good quality.

7. Should I consider installing a towel warmer to dry wet towels in a small bathroom?

In a tiny bathroom, installing a towel warmer can be a terrific method to quickly dry wet towels, but it might not be the most practical solution for everyone. Towel warmers may occupy important wall space in a tiny bathroom and can be expensive to install and maintain.

8. What is the best location to hang wet towels in a small bathroom to allow for proper air circulation?

The region that allows for optimum air circulation is the best place to hang damp towels in a tiny bathroom. This can be close to a fan, a vent, or a window. In order to prevent the growth of mold or mildew, avoid hanging wet towels in confined or moist spaces.

9. How can I keep wet towels from smelling bad in a small bathroom with poor ventilation?

Try to wash and dry the towels as soon as you can to avoid the musty smell that might develop in a tiny bathroom with limited ventilation. Avoid leaving them in a clump on the floor and instead hang them in a well-ventilated area if you can’t wash them straight away.

10. Is it a good idea to hang wet towels on the shower rod in a small bathroom?

If there is enough room and adequate ventilation, hanging damp towels on the shower rod in a compact bathroom may be an option. The towel should not, however, touch the shower curtain or liner as this could result in it being wet once more. Additionally, be sure to hang the towel so that appropriate airflow may occur.

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