Baring it all takes a lot of courage, and modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve the raw, edgy style.

What other styles are at pains to hide, the industrial style design boldly puts on display.

Structural elements are turned into showpieces, achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and chic, basic features of an industrial look.

Increasingly used to style loft apartments, commercial spaces, and even some modern homes, the industrial home design trend is fast winning converts around the world.

Perhaps born out of necessity in trying to convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories, and barns into spaces conducive to urban living, the industrial look celebrates engineering and mechanical ingenuity like little else. Such urban living spaces need to balance design and architecture against more practical concepts such as safety and security – click here to see some examples.

Industrial interior designs in workplaces also serve as an inspiration for homes. For instance, Wurkspace 7 and other workplace interior designers have modern and open plans, which encourage collaboration and engagement.

Home interior designers derive similar industrial design concepts from promoting better family bonding in residential areas. Because modern workplaces in home settings also exist, interior designers can employ industrial design concepts quickly to boost work productivity inside the home. This job entails incorporating different industrial elements to delineate personal, family, and workspaces.

Learn the characteristics and elements of modern industrial interior designs for homes below.

Industrial interior design and its characteristics

The modern industrial design offers you an interesting opportunity to juxtapose the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic.

I know you may have reached this article searching for an industrial design definition and other useful details about industrial decor ideas. You’ll get more than that.

These are the best examples of architectural interior photography, showcasing the beauty of modern residential and commercial spaces.

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-5 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

The modern interior design also takes open concept living to the next level. The furniture and accessories typically used in industrial style homes define most spaces and the purpose they serve. So a lot of thought goes into every little detail.

While industrial house design ideas tend to be minimalist, there is a lot of room for creating drama by using floor to ceiling custom drapes contrasting high-gloss metal finishes with rustic or vintage cabinets, countertops, and furniture. Form and function are both equally important considerations for industrial modern design.

high-ceilings-factory-windows-industrial-living-room-decor Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

If there were one surface in such spaces that could be considered an industrial modern design definition, it would be the ceiling. That’s where the standout feature of this style generally plays out.

Bare beams, visible ductwork, and pipes add interest and visual dimension against a surface that is as good as invisible in other design styles. Definitely, the industrial style home has a very special look.

Making industrial elements stand out involves a keen eye for organization. Going overboard can create a cluttered look. It’s crucial to keep major industrial decor subtle and minimal to preserve the modern ambiance. Besides, homeowners also want to add their personal expression of industrial design through handpicked decor.

Those considering a renovation following the modern industrial style trends would be well served to create a mood board before embarking on the project. Also, be sure you have the right tools or contractor to complete the job. You can find tools at your local hardware store or online shops such as Stonex.

loft_header_2 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Draw inspiration from as many pictures, magazines, and online resources as you can for defining your own modern industrial living room. The more you research and plan your vision, the more likely your chances of executing it in reality.

Here are some basics of modern industrial style  design one should keep in mind, as the home decor definition may differ from the usual architectural and interior design patterns:

Exposed pipes, beams and ducts in modern industrial design

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-11 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

This really is the signature feature of the industrial design industry. Leaving exposed structural and mechanical elements that other styles invariably conceal has been the boldest move the design world has seen in a while.

The industrial design ideas challenged dramatically the classical architectural categories while continuing to use the basic concepts and definitions of comfort.

concrete-floors-jar-chandelier-industrial-style-living-room Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Practicality and creativity worked together in order to create this trend when people began converting former industrial spaces for residential living and made a living in their industrial modern home.

81tuv7CtAuL._SL1500_ Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

But of course, an industrial home design must still prioritize comfort more than functionality and aesthetics. Sometimes, excessive industrial design elements leave the mood upbeat and the mind active. Hence, relaxation-promoting decor elements are crucial to striking the perfect balance. Examples include soft and bouncy, comfortable leather sofas and couches, and scented candles in metal candle holders.

By effectively eliminating the cost of covering all the exposed pipes, beams and ducts running along with the high ceilings and walls, it also, in a sense, kept the building’s history alive. It is an important element of the industrial concept of design.

Wood and metal interplay

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-1 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

The delightful textural interplay of grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal is a very popular industrial interior design trend among industrial style houses.

Many choose to extend the presence of metal by selecting high-sheen steel or chrome accents in the kitchen and for light fixtures, part of the vintage industrial decor ideas.

Some even add a wooden clock with metal accents to get that functional and modern look. If you have no idea on where to place your wall clock, you may want to try these wall clock placement tips.

In a modern industrial interior design, metal items are usually used to provide a black accent. So, many people find that black is an excellent color for metals. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. The good thing is that you’ll still have room to experiment with the metal item’s finish. Particularly, polished metal looks modern and smooth while rusted and brushed metal should add to the rustic look of your interior.

Another modern industrial design idea is to add a rustic look that’s meant to make your interior look inviting yet relaxed. In this idea, you can combine different metal finishes while ensuring a cohesive look in the final design. To do this, you can choose two or three different finishes and repeat in different rooms. The repetition should make it clear that the design was planned and isn’t a coincidence.

In looking for metal accents, consider looking for a modern industrial interior design. Metals aren’t just cabinet pulls and faucets. Anything you plan to add into your room is a chance to add that metallic touch. For instance, you can try adding shelves with metal parts or chairs and tables with metal legs.

Color in industrial interior design

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-10 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Warm, neutral colors are generally favored for industrial style homes, which are typically large and open. You can easily include this pattern in the relatively novel category of industrial-chic design.

Such hues help to bring visual warmth to the industrial style rooms, part of an area that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts. Shades of gray work very well to an industrial looking cabinet.

Industrial interior design walls

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-12 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Many lofts and old factories being converted using industrial interior design ideas come with a wall in brick or concrete part of an industrial exposed ceiling,  that can become an amazing feature in the restyled space, see Visionary for more ideas on conversions.

This is a big bonus to the home decor industrial style because it stands out as an eye-catching attribute that is a conversation piece.

If it doesn’t look worn enough, give it a more distressed appearance to maximize drama offering a minimalist industrial design instead.

Floors in industrial home design

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-4 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

To keep true to the interior design industrial style feel, many opt for polished concrete floors. This is a practical and economical option, fitting perfectly with the theme of the industrial interior decor. Coarseness, imperfections, and patches make little difference to the industrial design house.

The effect is stunning. Those who wish to bring some added contrast and warmth into an industrial interior design prefer timber or stone floors. Both these flooring options also work very well, creating a warm industrial design feeling.

There are many flooring materials and options available that can work well with your industrial interior design. For instance, ceramic tile is a perfect alternative to natural stone to achieve a modern industrial interior design. Natural stone and ceramic tiles have superior durability and require only minimum maintenance.

One highly favored industrial-style flooring idea is the metal effect, a key element of urban style. Corten steel is a widely used metal in modern industrial interior design because of its distinctive, natural rusted-iron weathered look. For more sophisticated industrial interior designs, timeworn sheet metal dominates. Calamine floor design, on the other hand, depicts freshly processed iron.

When it comes to flooring accessories, you can use underlay, lacquers, oils, moldings, sanding, polishing, adhesives, and specialized tools to make your industrial interior floor design more functional, durable, and attractive. You can buy these products from a reputable flooring accessory supplier online or in a physical store.

With premier flooring accessories, you can create a flooring system that can withstand heavy foot traffic and other elements that generally wear down poorly installed floors. For instance, a coat of sealant can make your stone flooring look new and prevent grout lines from absorbing dust or dirt.

Industrial interior design lighting

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-7 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

This is a challenging aspect of the industrial decorating ideas, but there are a whole host of lighting options available today.

Floor lamps and pendants are liberally used throughout industrial design spaces for focused lighting. Track lights are a good option for ambient lighting of the industrial interior.

bb7dba15ef1f7d0bdf98761cc8db6656 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Recognizing the emergence of industrial interior design trends, more and more retailers are stocking metal-finish or distressed vintage pendants and floor lamps that are perfect for such rooms in rustic industrial interior design.

The industrial modern interior design décor

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-9 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

All those exposed structural elements would be overwhelming if not for softness-infusing décor used in the industrial home design.

Plush couches, scatter cushions and rugs bring visual balance to the modern industrial decor by sharply contrasting with the industrial features.

design-industrial-apartment Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Plants also bring warmth to the industrial modern decor.

When it comes to plants, the bigger the better is the formula to adopt for industrial interiors, otherwise they would be lost in the large space of a former industrial warehouse.

0c40ebbc851088ab65edf4b644f532cd Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

So now that you’re aware of the basics, how do you begin your personal journey to creating an industrial style decor?

It’s always a good idea to visit some historical buildings and see how they have reinvented themselves in modern times.

7aecc19ac8b19b4156d25efb5ef38fa8 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

City downtown areas and manufacturing hubs generally have a rich crop of such structures where you can see the beauty of exposed and aged brick on some interior and exterior wall examples, timber roof trusses as well as steel columns without drywall wraps.

Many of these old buildings are now being turned into upscale condos and offices.

apartment-Scandinavian-style Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

If you’ve long been a fan of this genre of interiors, you probably already own few pieces that embody all the best in terms of industrial design furniture, like re-purposed vintage furniture, pulley-operated or scissor accordion lighting – pieces that proudly display their inner workings, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Use these objects you love as inspirations for your own industrial decorating ideas, as jumping off points for your design vision.

Compile a mood board or lookbook to keep track of all the ideas you like so you can employ as many of them as possible. The industrial color palette is definitely more diverse than you had thought.

industrial-home-details_exposed-brick Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Starting with an empty loft space is ideal if you want to are into industrial minimalist ideas, as you can use the space as a black canvas for adding only those elements that really have a function into the overall home management.

If you’re renovating your home to achieve the look of industrial design interior, it is a little more challenging. You have the choice of introducing a feature element or two of industrial design style or going the whole nine yards and completely reworking the space.

Modern-Industrial-Interior-Design-Definition-And-Ideas-To-Follow-3 Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

A small infusion of this modern industrial home decor could be executed by re-orienting a fireplace and an accent wall with industrial exposed materials while leaving the rest of the room modern. Thus, you will end up having a modern industrial home.

Concrete is a fabulous and economical choice for the industrial interior design look and for any modern industrial home. It can be polished to a high gloss or left matte or unfinished for more rustic appeal.

industrial-coastal-living-room-with-grey Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Leaving nail heads and seams exposed pulls off the industrial home design to a new different level.

Concrete is also very versatile and can be used for floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and lots more. The industrial chic decorating ideas can be very practical and implemented within a limited budget

loft-idea-bulb-chandelier-industrial-living-room-lighting Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

You can even take the industrial interior look to your outdoor entertainment space. Industrial-inspired strings of large light bulbs bring a magical glow to patios, decks, pergolas, and gazebos.

Most lighting retailers have fixtures for the outdoors that are inspired by industrial design, therefore you can create your vintage industrial style without too much effort.

central-fireplace-wooden-chair-industrial-living Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

While there are some basics to bear in mind if you want to go down the industrial interior design road, it’s important to remember there’s room for some flexibility. There’s no one size fits all.

You can choose to complement the industrial elements with super-sleek, lustrous, and modern metal finishes for a very polished contemporary décor, creating the industrial chic interior design feeling.

Or you could set a more rustic tone by using a lot of richly textured wood and vintage accessories to contrast with the industrial features. You’ll find all you need at every price point. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a bold statement that defines any modern style definition.

Lastly, it is not easy to pull off these designs for your home since they require a lot of work. Fortunately, there are professional interior design agencies such as Alder & Tweed that can assist you with your needs, help you achieve the particular aesthetic that you are going for, and save you time in the process.

FAQs about modern industrial interior design

1. What are the key elements of modern industrial interior design?

Modern industrial interior design is characterized by a concentration on unpolished, raw materials like metal and concrete, exposed ducting, and a minimalist appearance. To lend a special and authentic touch, industrial design frequently uses remnants from the building’s previous function, like recycled factory floors or old machinery.

2. How can I incorporate natural materials like wood and metal into my industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design can use natural elements like metal and wood in a variety of ways. Reclaimed wood, for instance, can be used for accent walls or furniture, while metal can be used for shelving or light fixtures. These elements can be used to warm up the area and soften the industrial design.

3. What colors are commonly used in modern industrial interior design?

Neutral hues like gray, black, and white as well as subdued earth tones like brown and green are frequently employed in modern industrial interior design. These hues contribute to the utilitarian, minimalist design by harmonizing with the unfinished, industrial elements.

4. What kind of lighting works best in an industrial interior design?

Lighting fixtures that highlight the raw materials and structures in the room are an important part of industrial interior design. Metal fixtures, exposed bulbs, and pendant lighting are popular options. Dimmer switches or accent lighting can also be utilized in conjunction with lighting to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

5. How can I make my industrial interior design feel more comfortable and welcoming?

Balance the brutal, industrial components with soft textures and warm hues to make an industrial home design feel more cozy and welcoming. Softening the area and enhancing its inviting quality can be achieved by adding plush carpets, throw cushions, and comfortable chairs.

6. What are some popular furniture pieces in industrial interior design?

Leather couches and chairs, metal and wood coffee tables, and reused industrial items like metal workbenches or storage cabinets are common furniture items used in industrial interior design. These items give warmth and character while enhancing the room’s bare and functional design.

7. How can I add texture to my industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design can use texture in a number of ways, including through textured fabrics, patterned wallpaper, and ornate metalwork. Including plants and organic furnishings like woven baskets and wooden bowls can give the room texture and warmth.

8. What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing an industrial interior space?

When designing an industrial interior space, common pitfalls to avoid include emphasizing the industrial look too much, ignoring comfort and functionality, and failing to strike a balance between the raw and utilitarian features and warmth and individuality. It’s crucial to design a room that feels genuine and distinctive while also being cozy and practical for daily use.

9. What types of accessories can be used in modern industrial interior design?

Vintage signs, industrial-style clocks, and upcycled objects like metal toolboxes or wire baskets are a few accessories that can be employed in modern industrial interior design. These items enhance the space’s personality and character while enhancing its industrial design.

10. How can I balance the sleek, modern aesthetic of industrial interior design with warmth and personality?

Personal touches and decorative items that bring warmth and texture to the area are crucial to balancing the industrial interior design’s sleek, modern style with warmth and personality. While retaining the industrial look, adding personal touches like family photos, artwork, and memories can help the room feel more warm and inviting.


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