Clarksville is the 5th largest city in the state of Tennessee. It is growing incredibly fast and has been opening many opportunities for a comfortable lifestyle. It is also the second-fastest metropolitan area in the state.

Despite the small-town vibes, the area offers many developed and urban amenities. One can consider living in this region as the living costs are quite affordable and there are numerous job prospects. The downtown area of Clarksville is well maintained and has historic value.

The residents can enjoy the picturesque small town aesthetics as well as the scenic river walk. There are many quaint restaurants that provide delicious brunches and suppers. The cities’ inviting facilities and low cost of living are enticing many people.

This article will discuss everything you need to know before moving to the city of Clarksville.

Living Cost in Clarksville

Residents of Clarksville reap the benefits of the low cost of living. In fact, this city is considered to have the lowest living cost in the whole state of Tennessee.

The living expense index of this area is only 85.6. Which is a clear indicator of residents benefitting from a 14.4% decrease in living expenses compared with the nationwide average. Another fact about Clarksville is, the cost of living here is 2% less than the entire Tennessee state.


One might wonder whether such low living costs contribute to a good quality lifestyle. The answer to this question is yes, Clarksville can provide you a comfortable and happy lifestyle with a low living cost. The scenic natural views and the urban architecture make up a wholesome aesthetic of this city.

The captivating views of the city paired with the affordable living expenses make the moving decision very compelling. For about 159,300 dollars, you can get a beautiful three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Clarksville. One of the most common reasons for people moving to this city is because the median home value is quite cheap.

The houses in Clarksville boast impressive interior designs within an affordable budget. The homes are spacious and offer similar amenities found in other states.

Moreover, they have the same living quality and dimensions as found in other cities, some of those houses are considered to be better. You can reach out to any reputable Clarksville Real Estate to get a clear picture and insights.

The rental market is also very competitive with approximately 50% of people renting a home or an apartment. The rent of a studio apartment starts from $610 every month, around $350 less than the nationwide average. You can rent an apartment with one or two bedrooms in Clarksville for $730 and $920.

The rent for a three or four-bedroom living space may cost around $1300 to $1500 per month. In essence, Clarksville has a very affordable living cost in almost every factor considered in the index score.

However, it must be noted that residents of Clarksville earn less than the average people in other cities across America. This does not affect the quality of their lifestyle since the city offers proper amenities within the budget. The average salary in the USA is around $28,500 annually, whereas the average salary generated in Clarksville is around $21,400 yearly.

Since the state of Tennessee does not require the residents to pay income tax, residents of Clarksville save an average of 4.6% of their earnings annually. The residents only need to pay a 9.5% sales tax, which is higher than the national average.

Job Market in Clarksville

The largest employer in Clarksville is the Fort Campbell Military Base. Besides the renowned military base, there is also a significant number of non-military businesses. Some corporations have also built their headquarters in the area, establishing more job opportunities.

These corporations are American Standard, Bridgestone, Trane Company, and Convergys Corporation, all are well-known companies and carry a good rapport. Some of these companies are the largest employers in the country.

Trane Company has about a thousand residents as employees.  Convergys Corporation hired around 600 residents, whereas Bridgestone employed more than 380 residents of Clarksville.

The economy of Clarksville mainly depends on the military, hospitality, and government production. About 75% of Clarksville inhabitants are recruited by these industries. There are also job prospects in other fields as well, like healthcare, food services, education, and retail.

In July 2021, the unemployment rate in Clarksville is 5.1%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rate is lower than cities in other states like Mississippi.

If you are planning to move to this city without employment, you can apply online for government jobs. You can also get important career information at the Tennessee Career Center in Clarksville. The Clarksville Chamber of Commerce can provide you with the necessary resources to open small businesses.

Clarksville Climate

Clarksville is one of the most comfortable areas to reside in Tennessee. The city has four distinct seasons as it lies in the humid subtropical zone of the United States. The summers are quite hot and very humid. The winters are chilly but mild. The city experiences very little snowfall, around only 6.9 inches every year.

In winters the temperatures are as low as 20F. In contrast, during the summers, the temperature can be as high as 91F. It is wise to bring clothes suitable for different seasons when relocating to Clarksville.

Clarksville’s Culture and Contemporary Life

There are several popular leisure and entertainment attractions in Clarksville that are enjoyed by the locals. Cumberland Riverwalk is a path on the riverside that has a playground, picnic space, quay, amphitheater, and plazas.

Beachaven Vineyards and Winery is an award-winning site that features charming Vintage aesthetics in Tudor-style architecture. You can also visit and explore the Dunbar Cave State Natural Area. There are guided tours, hikes, and even fish in this spot.

Flaunt your creative skills and create a masterpiece in Swirlz Art Studio. Enjoy live captivating performances in the iconic Roxy Theater. If you have an interest in facts and history, you will enjoy the eccentric Customs House Museum and Cultural Center.


Be it a change of scene or a better lifestyle, moving to Clarksville, Tennessee can be a good decision in your life.  You need to make important considerations before moving to a new state. With the affordability, invigorating beauty, and lively cultures of this city, you can definitely lead a great lifestyle in this region.

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