Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stay in New Carrollton, Maryland? This locale is located in Prince George’s County, and is six miles west of Bowie and eight miles northeast of Washington, D.C.

About 13,000 individuals call New Carrollton their home, per the American Community Survey of 2017 by the U.S. Census Bureau—but don’t let the numbers fool you. The presence of large companies, such as pharmaceutical giant Kaiser Permanente, and government offices could easily increase the workday population in the area. And with all the current developments, as well as its strategic location, the US Census Bureau projects an average population growth of around 2.9%–5% from 2015–2020.

Whether planning to relocate or stay indefinitely, here’s a guide to help you find the best new Carrollton apartments to choose from.

  1. Average rental price for apartments: The average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in New Carrollton as of February 2021 is $1,403. This reflects a 1% decrease compared to 2020 figures. Moreover, of all the major locales in Maryland, New Carrollton apartment rental average is the third cheapest, coming only behind Baltimore County ($1,281), and Baltimore City ($1,312), according to Apartments in Washington, DC are predictably the most expensive at $2,063.
  2. Pet-friendly apartments: Some rental spaces are friendly enough to accommodate your furry friends. Some allow both cats and dogs, while some are partial to cats or dogs only. But this offer comes with a price. There’s a one-time fee ranging from $200–$300, and monthly dues of around $25. However, check with your property representatives as some rentals only allow specific dog breeds.
  3. Apartments near transportation hubs. New Carrollton residents can access three major cities—Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis—with the greatest of ease. If you work in any of these locations, consider snagging a rental near transportation centers such as the local Metro station, the Maryland Rail Commuter Service (MARC), and the Amtrak rail service. There also the newly-built Metro Purple Line, which connects the town to
  4. Apartments near green spaces. The Prince George’s County Beautification Award has been granted to New Carrollton four times, and the city was given the moniker ‘Tree City USA’ by the Arbor Foundation thanks to its wide green spaces, including the 1,176-acre Greenbelt Park. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be happy to know that some luxury and mid-cost apartments in New Carrollton are located in close proximity of these forested parks.
  5. Luxury apartments. They may not look like Colonial houses, but New Caroll has its share of luxury home rentals, too. The Remy Apartments in Lanham is just a stone’s throw away from the New Carrollton Metro Station. The rental also boasts of amenities such as a pool and a fitness gym, where a Pilates and yoga studio are housed.

Hilltop Apartments boasts of a green community that mixes the vibrant feel of the                metropolis and the serene suburbia. The luxury property sits close to shopping, dining and entertainment places, as well as the metro station.

  1. Affordable apartments. If you prefer a budget-friendly and garden-inspired property, New Carrollton has them, too. One of such worthy options is the Fountain Club Apartments. Like its predecessors, this posh rental is close to the New Carrollton Metro Station, making Washington D.C. easily accessible.
  2. Short-term leases. Most rentals prefer at least a one-year lease term, but some New Carollton apartments do have options for short-term rentals, such as those ranging from two months (Gates of Cipriano) and three months (Fountain Club Apartments) at the minimum.

Points of Interest

a2 New Carrollton Apartments 101: 7 Things to Know

If you’re visiting New Carollton for the first time, consider going to Greenbelt Park. It’s one of the most famous parks in the region, and there you can take your family to a camping and picnic adventure along with other outdoor delights.

Bookworms will definitely find delight in the 58,500 square-foot New Carrollton Branch Library, which holds a collection of more than 50,000 magazines, books, audiobooks, and DVDs.

A few steps from New Carrollton’s town center is the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, which you and your family can visit for free.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to make the big move to New Carrollton, consider renting apartments near these local attractions if you’re interested in them. However, don’t forget to check the other points discussed above to see which fits your situation best.

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