There is a reason rows and columns are so popular in every type of design, and that’s because they’re pleasant to look at.

This is particularly true when you’re using them to put your favorite belongings in order, and show in such way that you live in perfect harmony.

No wonder home owners are paying more and more attention to living room built ins, using them to create breathtaking assemblage and exhibit their things creatively instead of turning them into a blank slate.

With living room built in shelves, for instance, you can turn your dull walls into a creative and personal gallery your visitors would wish they had.

Indeed, living room shelves are always an attractive décor solution, but their true value is the capacity to store and hold literally all types of items.

They are easy to place and replace, fairly affordable, and available in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Wall shelf ideas are probably the less committing furniture choice you can make, even if most families decide to keep them as long-term storage solutions.

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If you’re ready to solve your problem and organize the chaotic stock of belongings, look no further than shelving ideas.

But what is so good about living room shelves and built in cabinetry? As a general rule, built ins for living rooms allow you to consider storage both vertically and horizontally.

They don’t need to be too high or too wide – their standard dimensions usually work for every home and household, but yet choice is unlimited to meet each specific need you can think of.

Storage, nevertheless, is not the only advantage they have – shelves in the room will also accommodate your media equipment, showcase neatly collectibles and memorabilia, and keep your child’s toys out of the way while he/she’s sleeping.

Not even to mention the amount of dishes, barware, and napkins they can accommodate in the kitchen!

Wall shelving ideas and why you should consider them

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Tell me about that homeowner who never had a storage problem! No wonder you can’t think of such, and neither of one who would refuse extra built-ins to organize his stuff.

Instead of complicated furniture choices, it is way handier to opt for custom shelves, or simply looking for matching ones in the closest furniture store.

Shelving makes use of every available inch and thereof maximize the potential of your home, and fit in whatever room you believe you need them, be that your office or your entertainment center.

High quality built ins should never be underestimated because of how much they cost –they look just as good as they serve! There is rarely any furniture solution that looks that attractive, being at the same time flexible and practical.

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Shelves are probably at the peak of their popularity, as design trends are shifting towards minimalism, and there are more and more people trying to maximize the use of their space without renouncing on creativity.

It is because shelves are easy to retrofit as the family is growing, and even easier to replace once more simplicity is needed.

Plus, it may be about time to give up on the formal and pristine living rooms of our ancestors, and move towards something modern and more functional.

As we said before, shelves work fine wherever you put them, and that’s because you’re empower to customize them in every way you want.

Basically, they will do just fine in an ornate, traditional home as they would in a minimalist one. The better news is that there is no room where you can’t put few.

How will shelves help you?

Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution8 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

  • They will secure extra storage
  • They will improve the way you organize belongings
  • They will make your home more beautiful
  • They will fit all rooms and corners – built in cabinetry has no unified application./ul>
  • Except of the living room, where can you install them?

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution6 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

    • The kitchen
    • The dining room
    • The foyer and the hall
    • The garage
    • The basement and the playroom
    • The bedroom
    • The guestroom
    • The office

    Built in shelves ideas you could consider at home

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    There are numerous built in shelving ideas that combine form and function in a seamless piece. We will suggest some of our favorite shelving solution, and invite you to think of how they’d fit your home and needs.

    Modern built-ins for bedrooms

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution9 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: House of Earnest

    Built in shelving is a standard for master bedrooms, and usually the solution that adds the dramatic note needed to turn it into a masterpiece. Most of the time, they combine several cabinets, platforms, and drawers.

    Universal shelving

    Who said your amazing floor-to-ceiling shelves must be packed with books? We suggest more entertaining solutions, such as displaying well-loved memorabilia, globe collections, family photos, or holiday souvenirs.

    Astonishing bookcases

    The more attention you pay to your bookcase, the prettier it will become, which is a handy ace up the sleeve to have in rooms without glorious window views.

    Enclosed glass bookcases

    Even the simplest trinkets can turn into works of art, if displayed in a cute bookcase enclosed with glassy doors.

    Bunkroom cases

    Your child’s bunk room can be the perfect place for bookshelves, as there is a high ceiling to accommodate them.

    You can install one on an unused wall in order to secure an extra organization option without bringing in clunky furniture elements.

    Buffet-inspired shelving

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution14 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Arnold Schulman Design Group

    Thanks to the fact bookshelves were invented to be practical, you get all shapes, sizes, and colors of them.

    For a more Asian-like home, you can choose buffet-styled built-in cabinetry, and adjust some custom lighting to display your valuable art collections.

    Media organizers

    You can mount your large TV on an attractive wall shelve, and add few extra storage compartments to accommodate the rest of your gear.

    Crooked nooks

    Nooks can be the smartest and most functional storage idea in a room with irregular walls, or for homeowners who simply want their place to be more creative. In cases like these, nooks look the best displaying family heirlooms, memorabilia, and artistic photographs.

    Stylish and elegant shelving

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution13 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Cardea Building Co.

    With few well-chosen shelving ideas, you can make even the simplest dressing room a luxurious and glamorous place. It is time to give all those shoes and accessories the attention they deserve, don’t you think?

    Bathroom shelves

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution1 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Studio 511

    One of the coolest and homiest things there are to be seen in interior design is neatly arranged bathroom utilities. Ever wondered what shelves have to do with that? To start with, group your towels by color. The result will surprise you.

    Gallery shelving

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution4 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Ana Williamson Architect

    If you have several artistic knickknacks and some entertaining pop-art pieces, it may be time to showcase them on white-washed living room shelves.

    The open-shelving concept

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution3 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Re:Vision Architecture

    Open shelving is probably the most popular built in furniture solution, and its popularity is nowhere close to decreasing.

    This is because open shelves are modern and quite versatile, and will effortlessly make your place look cleaner, warmer, and more contemporary. For an even more personalized look, think of designing your own type of shelves.

    Symmetric shelves

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution5 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Lucy Call

    For rooms with a mantel supposed to assume the focal role, it would be great to add some symmetry with two built-in matching flanks.

    Solid and simple shelves

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution16 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Rinfret, Ltd.

    If you have no time for creative experiments, jump on these premade corbels for a fresh look in only few hours.

    Shelving in high-ceiling rooms

    To be completely honest, shelf lovers with high ceilings are the ones who won the lottery here. With a double volume and dramatic ceiling there is literally no such shelving solution you can’t implement, so start thinking of floor-to-ceiling wooden and metal shelves. What would also look good is a spiral staircase used to reach the upper levels. Pretty industrial, isn’t it?

    Little kitchen nooks

    Kitchen nooks are ideal for prep-time chats and cooking assistance, but what if you could also use them to store items?

    Staircase-inspired book shelves

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution15 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Zephyr Interiors

    Why not building in a staircase-like bookshelf? It adds storage, and plus it is unique. How many of those have you seen so far?

    Office closets

    If you have a closet you’re not using, transform it into an office. Several practical shelves will help achieve that in minutes.

    Private libraries

    If you’re lucky enough to have a whole room to devote to books, start by decorating it with beautiful bookshelves on each wall, and choose the appropriate furniture to make the place even cozier. A traditional fireplace would be just delightful!

    Wall-mounted storage units

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution2 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Keep Smiling Home

    These wall shelves are extremely easy to build, so start thinking of your personal DIY project. We suggest using them for book collections or flat-panel TVs. More creative ideas are welcomed.

    Industrial-style and minimalist shelves

    Basic chain boards have never been cooler than today, with more and more people going crazy about minimalist and industrial solutions. Compared to similar shelves, industrial ones are more affordable and easier to install (organize in units).

    Wired shelving

    The easiest way to accelerate your morning routine is to keep clothes and accessories well organized and at the reach of your fingertips.

    Wired shelving can make this happen,, together with the fact that you can customize it as you want it, and save the bucks you’d invest in expensive closets.

    Dramatic solutions

    If interested in an eclectic living room, you should make sure your shelves blends with the wallpaper, and voila – there comes the dramatic statement you always thought the room needed.

    You can also support the look with two cabinets beneath your TV, where you’ll also hide cords and other electronics.

    Storage, storage, and more storage!

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution12 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Terracotta Studio

    It is your home, and you get to decide how it is going to look.

    If it seems that a single wall won’t accommodate all of your stuff, go ahead and cover all walls with built in shelves. The effect will be memorable and dramatic, and your storage problem will be stored long term.

    Ending thoughts

    Open-shelving-A-Popular-Built-In-Furniture-Solution11 Open Shelving - A Popular Built In Furniture SolutionImage source: Michael Smith Architects

    There is a lot of hassle related to making your home an organized place, unless you’ve really given storage some serious thinking.

    Luckily for all of us, storage and decoration meet halfway with built in shelving, and reveal a whole new world of entertaining, affordable, and easy-to-setup solutions.

    Plus, this is one of the very rare design concepts where you can genuinely make a personal contribution.

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