Even if you are a very tidy and pedantic person, this does not imply that your work setting is logically organized. The workplace is one of the most important factors influencing productivity. Furthermore, with the right organization, it has the potential to be the most effective tool for achieving success. Do you know how to optimize a workplace to get the maximum of it?

The modern rhythm of life and the need to “be in several places at the same time,” necessitates people’s being as efficient and organized as possible. Having enough time is especially important if you want to achieve more than just a successful career.

People often sign up for time-management courses, keep checklists, and make endless plans in pursuit of success, not noticing one of the most obvious reasons for their poor performance – chaos in the workplace.

Five Ways To Increase Productivity Through Workplace Optimization

A poorly organized workplace is a major obstacle to success and high productivity. It can result in:

  • Loss of important documents at the most important moment;
  • Inability to gather all notes together due to their chaotic location;
  • Refusal to work in the office and preferring to work at home or in a quiet café.

External annoyance is usually followed by a slew of personal issues:

  • Dissatisfaction;
  • Inability to relax;
  • Rapid fatigue after performance of a minimal amount of work.

So, what should one do to optimize his workplace? First of all, take a picture of your workplace to assess the problem. Do you enjoy working in this workplace? The picture will reveal all of the gaps in your workplace.

Think about ergonomics

Nobody would be able to work well in an unpleasant environment. Examine your desk. Is it comfortable, or can it be replaced by another piece of furniture, such as a height-adjustable desk?

It is no longer difficult to find a height adjustable desk in Canada. All you have to do is decide on the shape, size, and material before making a purchase. The same is true for a chair.


The second important factor influencing productivity is lighting. If you have long dreamt of a new lamp, now is the right time to buy a more functional one.

Get rid of useless staff

According to scientists, people spend about an hour per day looking for the right things – that is five hours per week and 240 hours per year! To save this time for more important things, get rid of unnecessary documents, broken stationery, and items from colleagues that are taking up space on your desk.

Keep it simple

Use file folders and organizers to store your office documents and supplies. Only a well-organized table motivates people to work. Of course, you may experience an “active phase” during the day. Nonetheless, every process has a logical conclusion, at which your workspace should be cleaned up.

Add some colour and plants

Decorate your workspace with motivational images that will inspire you to work. Also, get a plant to improve air quality.

These simple steps can significantly improve your focus and overall performance. Do not be afraid to make changes because perfection knows no bounds.

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