Building sustainably isn’t just a fad—this new way of approaching construction and lifestyle yields abundant benefits for the home, environment and pocketbook! Consider these popular sustainable home building trends to gather a few ideas for your next building project.

Having an Eco-Friendly Foundation for Your Home

If you want to maximize your home’s sustainability especially if you want a modern concrete home, why not start with the fundamentals—literally, the building blocks of your house!

There are lots of choices when it comes to foundational materials, but to maximize sustainability efforts, it’s important to select materials that will deliver outstanding energy efficiency and durability at the same time. For this reason, many eco-conscious builders turn to ICF products—products with insulated concrete forms.

Offering a plethora of design options, ICF homes experience excellent energy efficiency as a result of decreased air infiltration—which often translates into big financial savings on heating and cooling bills. Additional perks of ICF homes include greater fire protection, easy installation and noise reduction. With an ICF home, you can brag about your home being built sustainably from the ground up!

Modern Home Exterior Design

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A return to traditional aesthetics has been heavily present in popular building trends. Modern designs offer classic elements with reimagined layouts. Wood siding, for example, has seen a resurgence in modern home exteriors.

The look of wood often inspires a nostalgic, cozy sentiment symbolic of the home front. Refreshed interpretations, however, use wood siding in surprising and delightful combinations for a fresh look. For example, vertical paneling, weathered barn wood accents, privacy screening and bold color tones bring house wood siding into the modern era.

Designs aren’t the only thing to get a makeover—the technology used to develop house wood siding has advanced, too. Innovative production treatments and processes deliver wood exterior siding that is exceptionally durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to rotting, insect damage and weather elements. Welcome to the modern era of house siding, featuring high-tech wood products that are also eco-friendly!

Protecting Your Home from Ever-Changing Weather Conditions

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If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainstorms, snow or baking heat, you probably already know the importance of a high-quality roof that can weather the elements.

Yes, roofing can be a huge expense, and in many cases, may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. According to John Anderson of Denver’s Severe Weather Roofing, sometimes roofing repairs required after changing weather conditions are most easily met with the installation of an entire new roof. Extreme weather can cause even more damage to other parts of the house if the roof itself doesn’t hold up.

Save yourself time and money in the long run by investing in a high-quality roof that also meets your eco-friendly goals. Also, be aware that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to sufficient roofing.

Different roofing materials suit different needs, which can change depending on your home’s particular conditions, including humidity, extreme weather elements, sun exposure, presence of nearby trees and algae, and architectural design.

Selecting the roofing material right for your home is critical to improving roof performance and lifespan, so it’s perfectly reasonable that careful, deliberate consideration of roofing materials has become a popular trend in sustainable living.

Improving Sanitation and Drainage

Another important note when it comes to sustainable homes is its efficiency to get rid of waste products. One way of ensuring that is by making sure that you have a drainage system that can easily clean itself.

One particular type of drainage system right now is becoming popular in modern homes, some call it grateless drain or slot drain. It is similar to what big facilities are using for their sanitary drainage system. With this type of drainage, there is a lesser chance for bacteria to grow within your drainage system.

Long-Lasting Building Materials

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Again, investing in high-quality building materials often translates to longer-lasting performance with fewer repairs. This is certainly the case when it comes to house siding.

The home’s exterior is often up against harsh weather conditions, direct sun exposure, insect damage, and accidental impact. Investing in a quality siding material can reduce upkeep, maintenance and repairs—all while maintaining impeccable curb appeal. One of the hardiest siding options on the market today is steel log siding.

Available in a variety of designs, including cabin-style logs and chic cosmopolitan panels, steel log siding is a premium quality material that simply outperforms other exterior material options.

Furthermore, insulated steel siding can enhance the energy efficiency of the home, cutting heating and cooling costs significantly, and it is fire-resistant for increased safety standards. One of the best sustainable building materials on the market, steel log siding is a home building trend experiencing a well-deserved boost in popularity.

When it comes to building your sustainable dream home, there’s no need to fret. A plethora of innovative building materials and eco-friendly methods are constantly being introduced to the market. Consider these popular home building trends during your next renovation, and you’ll love the results!

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