The process of remodelling the house is complete, and you’re ready now to bring the furniture inside and place each item into its designed spot. You ordered the furniture, and it was successfully delivered to your house, but have you thought about who is going to install it? Furniture assembly can be a tricky job, especially because you need to secure the big pieces and ensure they don’t pose a danger to those living or visiting the house. You need all items to look and function at their best.

Picking furniture was entertaining but assembling it is far from exciting. How nice would it be if all the pieces would be pre-assembled so you can only arrange them to fit your design? Unfortunately, most furniture providers deliver the items unassembled, and you need to handle the installation process by yourself. Or you can hire a specialist to handle the job.

Should you hire a furniture assembly company?

If you want to assemble the furniture without suffering, hire a professional. Why?

Save time – when remodelling your house, you handle multiple tasks at the same time. You have no time to figure out how to install the new furniture. It’s wise to outsource the task to a furniture assembly expert equipped with the right skills and tools to handle the job.

Professional and experienced services – furniture installation professionals live up to this title because they handle this kind of project daily. They assembled various types of furniture, and there’s nothing to pose a challenge for them. Also, most companies have liability insurance to offer you peace of mind that they complete the task right and can cover any damage.

Safety is crucial – assembling furniture can be dangerous when you have no skills, and accidents sometimes happen because you don’t know how to set up the pieces together properly. Most furniture pieces are heavy and sharp, and if they’re not carefully secured to walls, they can fall and hurt you or your family. If this happens, you can apply for compensation for your injuries. Visit an online directory that offers compensation estimates to find out how much you can get to cover the medical expenses for the damages experienced as a result of poorly installed furniture.

They have the right tools – you may’ve tried to install the furniture on your own, but you have only a screwdriver, and it’s not even the proper one. It’s not worth buying tools to use them solely for setting up the furniture. Hiring a furniture assembly expert is the best choice when you have no tools at your disposal because they have the right tools to set it up properly.

No damage – furniture parts are challenging to manoeuvre, especially when you have no idea what part fits where. When you lack knowledge on how to handle them, you can drop the parts, scratch or even break them. But the installation company has experience setting up furniture, and there are fewer chances for them to damage it.

They get it right the first time – a professional knows how to follow the furniture provider’s instructions and set it up right the first time. If you ever assembled a furniture item, you know what a hassle understanding the instruction book is.

No mess – when the furniture is all set up, the furniture assembly company cleans up the mess and picks up the garbage. All you have to do is place the items in their designed places.

If you want to install it yourself, consider these recommendations 

Follow these recommendations if you don’t want to pay an expert to assemble the furniture and handle the job yourself. Approach the process like a pro.

Give it a thought before you buy

Consider how challenging the assembly process can be before you buy that dressing from your local furniture provider. Look for online reviews and testimonials to find out how other homeowners found the installation process to get a better idea of how difficult it is. This way, you won’t have any surprises when you open the boxes and figure out how to fit the pieces. If a particular furniture piece requires skills beyond your level, look for an alternative that comes partially assembled. You’ll find it easier to install it when you have to attach only three or four parts together.

Be realistic about your aptitudes

Some furniture items are better left to the experts because you can easily break or damage them. For example, if you have to install upholstered items, they require to stretch the material on wooden frames, and you have no skills to do it. Also, some of the connection points are obscured, misaligned, or blocked by the fabric, and it’s more than challenging to put the pieces together. Some other items may not be difficult to assemble, but the process may be tedious because it requires putting together dozens of pieces.

Pick the right location to assemble it

Your first instinct is to assemble the furniture in the most spacious room of the house because you find it more comfortable. But experts recommend setting up the items in the room where you want to use them, especially when it comes to heavy pieces that are challenging to move afterwards. And besides being a pain to move, they can also leave scratches on the floors and walls as you take them from a room to another.

Open the boxes carefully

Don’t scratch or damage the pieces before starting to assemble them. Furniture providers always recommend opening the boxes cautiously without using cutters or other sharp objects. Unfold the boxes gently and make sure you position them as the provider instructs not to damage the content. Use the boxes to protect the floor when you put together the pieces.

Before starting to assemble the furniture, read the instructions to make sure you understand what steps you must follow. And reread them during the process because you may miss some pieces of information when you first read them.

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