Cleaning your oven can be a daunting task, food and grease builds up over time and this can be very hard to remove. However it can be achieved yourself with your own natural cleaning products, there is no need to reach for those harsh chemical filled shop bought products. These harsh chemicals can be so harmful for your health, we like to offer guidance on how to clean safely so that everyone in your household remains safe. Shop brought cleaning products contain harmful chemicals such as potassium hydroxide, butoxydiglycol and potassium hydroxide. All of which can cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory system and if spilt on the skin can cause chemical burns.

One of the most commonly used items that can can be found in most pantries is baking soda. Baking soda is inexpensive and very effective when used to clean. It is completely non toxic which means that it can be used around the home no matter who is present, children and pets will remain completely safe whilst you clean. The grease that may have built up inside your oven will be typically made up from acidic particles from food, baking soda is alkaline so it will neutralise acids and break them down making it easy to simply wipe the grease away without using any effort at all. It will also break down dried on food particles so if left for a few second on the dried mess it will completely loosen it. The best thing about using baking soda is that it is so mild that you can use the oven straight after cleaning so as not to disrupt your day. You could even add a dash of lemon to give it a fresher, more clean smell, lemon also being a natural cleaner allows you to get that fresh scent and a sparkling oven with minimal effort.

Another item you can pair with baking soda is white vinegar, although it doesn’t smell Pertinax nice to come people the smell won’t last for long, the white vinegar creates a reaction with the baking soda it fizzes up when applied together, this helps to loosen stubborn dried on grease and grime if other methods haven’t worked successfully. Simply line the inside of the oven with a thin layer of baking soda then using a spray bottle spray a few squirts of white vinegar, it will immediately start to fix up the leaf for 3-5 minutes. Upon your return using a clean damp cloth wipe the surfaces. You will see that the baking soda and white vinegar has lifted all dirt and grime from the surfaces. The smell of the vinegar shouldn’t be noticeable at all however if there is a lingering smell you could grab that lemon again and give the oven a quick wipe over with the lemon juice on a clean cloth.

Using these methods of cleaning are so beneficial for your health and for the environment, removing the harsh cleaning products helps to minimize the footprint you leave behind helping you become greener for our planet. All the while helping you achieve the best possible clean for your oven in as little time and with as little effort as possible. After all, life can become extremely busy and sometimes cleaning is something we all want at the top of our list but it often gets pushed back simply because it can take a long time to complete. This is why Premium Clean here will give you all the tips and tricks to an easy cleaning life.

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