While we all spend a large amount of our time at home, and even more so now since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we also spend a good amount of our time in our yards as well.

Most will agree that it’s nice to spend time in the yard visiting with friends and family, or just sitting and watching the sunrise in the morning. But, it’s much nicer to do this in a stylish sitting area. And, you don’t have to save for half of your life to make this a reality.

Outdoor sitting areas come in many forms. You might prefer a deck, a porch, or even a stone bench near a garden. No matter your preference, design professionals can assist you in bringing your perfect sitting area to life.

In this post, we’ll explore some simple sitting area ideas that will add value and style to your property.


You can do a lot with a deck, and these can be extremely creative if you think outside the box.

Instead of a boring, wooden, rectangular deck, (a common sight around most homes), get creative with your design and think of ways to manipulate or accent this space. For example, you could go with a wraparound deck style or a stair step deck that incorporates planters or trees.

You can also construct your deck using a specific pattern, or emphasize an area of your yard by building a small platform deck, separate from the house. This area could be used for sitting, or even as a stage to host outdoor events and parties.

No matter your deck idea, you’ll want to enlist the service of a professional deck builder to ensure that your deck is built well and that you don’t have any structural issues to contend with.

Stone Sitting Areas

Just imagine the look and feel of an elaborately built stone courtyard, inviting and mesmerizing… You can have the same thing right at home if you desire.

Masonry work is often beautiful and ornate, and though this will cost much more than a wooden deck, the increased value you’ll build by adding a stone courtyard or sitting area will definitely be significant.

A stone sitting area gives you the pleasure of an outdoor environment with the feel of modern society. Whether you want to accent this area with wrought iron fencing, stone walls, or other renovation ideas is entirely optional, but the stone materials that you choose will give your outdoor space a unique sense of style.

Covered and Enclosed Porches

Some may consider an enclosed or screened porch a quintessentially southern element of design. And while you do often see screened porches in the Deep South, this is largely done for functionality due to the large amount of biting gnats and mosquitos common in the south.

An enclosed porch offers you a private sitting area, while also offering a sense of security as well. Though a screened porch won’t keep out a persistent burglar with a pair of scissors, it will keep you safe from buzzing, stinging, and biting insects.

Covered and enclosed porches also offer shelter from the elements as well. While you won’t have to worry about it raining on your head while you sit and enjoy your coffee, you’ll also have a sitting area that isn’t exposed to the harsh midday sun in the heat of summer.

You can also get rather creative with covered or enclosed porches and choose to use lattice instead of screening material, though this won’t protect you from those pesky insects as much.

Your sitting area needs to be comfortable for you. So when you consider a sitting area design, don’t worry too much about popular trends or what’s considered “in” at the moment. At the end of the day, it’s you and your loved ones who will be enjoying this space, so your only job is to ensure that it meets your sense of style.

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