If you are looking to sell your home in Sydney, you probably have a lot of anxiety about the best way to go about it. One of the best things that you can do is to hire a great realtor. This person will be honest with you about the price you should set, and how long you should expect your home to be on the market. Starting with a great realtor gets you off on the right foot.

Your realtor will set appointments for people to come to your home and we’ll do an open house and invite potential buyers. Your job will be to make sure that your house looks as appealing as possible to anyone who comes to see it. This process is called staging your home and there’s certain things that you can do that will make buyers have stronger interest and pay more. In some cases the homeowner might rent better furniture, or if they need an indoor plant hire Sydney has the top company that might be called.

Here are a few of the proven staging techniques that the top realtors in Sydney use when they want a home to sell fast.

Do a Good Cleaning

A clean home shows much better so you should do a deep cleaning of your home before people come and view it. This means all surfaces and in every room. You should expect that prospective buyers will want to look everywhere. If you are not good at cleaning this is a great time to call in a professional cleaning service to do the job.


When someone walks into a home, they spend most of their time imagining themselves in space. They want to know how their furniture will look and where their pictures might be placed. If all of your stuff is placed in all of the obvious places, it will be very difficult to imagine themselves living in your home. For this reason you should take out any personal items that are prominent in your home. This includes family pictures, any awards, or very cultural items you may have. Artwork that is very stylized is something you should remove. Try and make the spaces as neutral as possible.

Make Small Repairs

You should repair anything in your home that you can see is broken by sight. If you cannot repair it, then remove it. If it cannot be removed then you have to repair it. This is also the case for any walls, doors, or ceiling areas in our home. Take on the expense of repairing them. Broken to a buyer means that you have not maintained the home well. Spend a little money and it will get you a better sales price.

Get Rid of  Clutter

The homes that sell the fastest and most look like they are well maintained inside and out. Home buyers judge the home and the people living in them when they look to purchase. If a home is cluttered with stuff everywhere, it is a definite turn off. Get your family together and go through each rome removing anything that is not necessary to add to the beauty of the room. In the end, each room should look sparse and clean. You should be able to walk around every room without having to avoid stuff and there should be no junk anywhere. This includes any storage spaces in your home. If you find yourself with too much stuff to conceal, rent a storage space and pt it all there.

Open the Windows

People love natural light and rooms where there is lots of light. The viewings will all be in the day because this is when homes look best. So use the natural light to show off your home and to let potential buyers see how much sun there is inside your home. If you do not get a lot of natural light in your home turn all of the lights on for a viewing.


The yard is also important to homeowners so you should have your yard landscaped before a viewing. Make sure that the grass is healthy and flowers are blooming if in season. If not, put down some sod and buy new flowers to make your yard look nice. Homebuyers rate a manicured yard high on their list of desired items in a home.

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