If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know how tough it can be to live with a lack of space. But there are ways to maximize the limited square footage, and we’ve put them together here for your viewing pleasure! Below are thirty-eight tips that will help improve how much room you have in your apartment. Put them into practice and never feel too cramped again. It is the ultimate list of space-saving ideas that can help you create more room in your home.

Saving space is a lot easier than it sounds. Let’s look at some space-saving ideas that will make your life easier while creating more room in your apartment.

1. Build baseboard drawers in your kitchen

This is a simple way to clean up and make your kitchen look neater. You need to cut out a rectangular hole into the wall at the appropriate height, then install a baseboard that matches up to the pits. Then fill in the gaps between pieces of wallpaper or other materials. It will make the kitchen look more polished and a great space saver idea.

2. Foldable exercise equipment

More people than ever are choosing to invest in home exercise equipment for better health and fitness. But for apartment dwellers, weight racks and exercise machines can quickly consume all available space.  The solution is to opt for foldable equipment. A foldable squat rack, exercise bike, and treadmill will save loads of space when not in use. The result is access to various workouts from the comfort of your home without turning your apartment into a miniature Gold’s Gym.

3. Sliding doors

This is an excellent space saver idea for apartments with narrow hallways and doorways. Install sliding doors if you’d like to have a convenient way to get in and out of rooms. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom, or closet to make entering and exiting easy. Slide the door open, step into or leave the room. It makes going up and down stairs or fighting traffic more manageable than ever before.

4. Dividers

These versatile dividers greatly divide space between rooms for kids’ bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and closets. They’re also a great space saver small idea that helps you create more room. Use them to separate areas or use them as shelves or cabinets. The possibilities are endless.

5. Transform the area under your stairs for extra space

There is space under your staircase waiting to be taken advantage of. You could build shelves so that you can store anything from shoes to books on them without having to worry about floor space. If you have a small apartment, take advantage of the space under your stairs. You can hide the area behind curtains or install shelves and cabinets to make it look like a closet and create space.

6. Install hidden shelves

Put up some hidden shelves to store things in an easily accessible place like the side of your walls, behind doors, or under your staircase. It is also an excellent way to save space in a bedroom or living room to store things from sights such as books, photos, and even clothes.

7. Install an extra shower curtain rod in your shower

There is a lot of room in the average shower, yet people don’t utilize it. One space saver idea that you can use to maximize space and make your battery more useful involves installing an extra shower curtain rod. It’s genuinely one of the best tricks you can use to create more room in your bathroom. You can use it to store towels and other items, making it an efficient organization small idea.

8. Use of wall hooks

Wall hooks are perfect for organizing your living room space. They’re also a great space saver idea for keeping your bedroom neat, tidy, and organized. These little hooks don’t take a lot of room to install, yet they come in handy when organizing the kitchen, bathroom, and even the closet.

9. Use of Murphy beds

Murphy beds are a great way to save space in a small apartment. They’re an elegant, classic yet modern, and stylish way to sleep in your home. It’s helpful if you have a guest who needs to stay overnight since the Murphy bed makes it easy to fit in their space without taking up much room. It is the perfect space-saving idea if you have a small apartment that lacks enough room to sleep in.


These are just a few of the tips for how to use space more efficiently. We hope you found something useful. All of them are very easy to implement and don’t take up too much room. They’re also all easy to incorporate into your living space, so go ahead and start using them to create more room in your home today!

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