It is normal to have cars in our homes today. The problem comes when we have to store them since we require a considerable space where we can locate the vehicle and, at the same time, be comfortable and spacious to move or even make repairs.

That is why during the construction or purchase of our home we must take into account the garage dimensions. Today we will teach you how to make the best decision for you and your vehicle.

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The first thing we should not forget is obvious, and that is that much of our choice will depend on the size of our vehicle, as well as the amount of these we have. The garage required for a van is not the same for a mini cooper.

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Different garage sizes should allow us to move around vehicles without problems, as well as allow us to open the doors comfortably. Regardless of our choice, we can rest assured that we will have the necessary space for any occasion with some standard measures.

Standard garage size for multiple occasions

One car garage size for when we look for something compact

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The smallest garage dimensions option is one where we can only park a car. The advantage of this type of garages is that, if at any time we stop having a vehicle, its size allows us to convert them into rooms or sheds. The space we need is 20 feet deep (6 meters), 12 feet wide (3.65 meters) and at least a gate 9 feet wide (2.75 meters).

Garage for 1.5 vehicles? A growing demand

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It sounds strange to say that there are garages for a vehicle and a half, but beyond the name, this only refers to dimensions that allow us to have some more space to maneuver inside the garage. This additional half-car space also allows us to have areas dedicated to mechanical maintenance, or we can even store smaller vehicles such as motorcycles.

Garages for a single vehicle can be a good starting point if we want to add some additional space. Before embarking on this type of remodeling, it is prudent that we evaluate if we need to make the changes or if, on the contrary, this project will be rather damaging to our wallet.

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And, although some constructions are perfect for this type of extensions, others, on the contrary, require larger jobs that may include the relocation of the access gate.

Whether you build it from scratch or start from a previous base, we tell you that this garage has a depth of 24 feet (7.30mts), a width of 16 feet (4.87mts) and the same gate of 9 feet to keep it practical.

Two Car garage dimensions for extra comfort

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The most popular of all variants is the garage for two vehicles. These garage dimensions allow us to house the average number of vehicles per family or household. When it comes to double garages, we have two possibilities to build it when it comes to gates.

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The most aesthetic alternative is to use two individual 9-foot gates, but if we want to reduce costs, then a single large gate (approximately 16 feet) will be our option.

To have a garage of this type, we must have a minimum space where the width will be 20 feet, standing alongside the depth.

Three Car garage dimensions for when we progress

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A garage for three cars can mean that our family is growing, that our economic well-being is improving, or you simply want to have more space to be able to realize all your mechanical dreams. Whatever the case, we are at a time where having more vehicles can be a great benefit.

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As it is most likely that at this point our vehicles are larger, we will have to add a little distance to the depth, reaching 22 feet (6.70mts), while the width will be 32 feet (9.75mrs). Here the standard option is to simply install a wide 16-foot gate and use the additional depth to maneuver when parking.

Required height for a garage

Unlike the spaces where we walk every day, a garage must only fulfill the function of being a warehouse, so its height should not be so prominent. At a minimum, it must comply with being 7 feet tall (2.13mts), although if we reach 8 feet (2.43mts) it would be much better to be able to install other elements such as more standard doors and windows.

Also, consider that a garage prepared for compact vehicles is not the same as that of a van. The latter needs a much higher height. Another factor to consider is whether the height will match the rest of our home.

In simple words, the minimum height of a garage gate is 7 feet, so everything that is above this measure will work perfectly for a garage with possibilities for other uses.

Should I opt for an attached or independent garage?

Getting extra space only requires ingenuity. Sometimes, if we have enough land available, we will want to build an independent garage that gives us some more security. We can even have both garages in our residence so that we simply use one as a backup.

Let’s briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of construction

Attached garage

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There is not much to understand about this design; it is simply a garage that has a direct access door to our home. This type makes it easier for us to move around since we simply park and we can enter the house.

It is also perfect for rainy days and snowfall since we will not have the risk of getting wet. An attached garage is the standard option when it comes to constructions since they fit directly into the design of the house.

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Of course, these come with certain negative points, such as the fact that it is directly attached to the house and usually dangerous substances such as gasoline or oil are stored in the garage. They are also problematic with smoke since they allow them to enter the home if there is not enough ventilation.

Independent garage

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This has the benefits and problems opposed to the previous version. The first thing is to emphasize that, being completely separated from our home, we can locate it anywhere on the land, building larger garages if we require it. These garages also allow us greater creative freedom, since they are annexes foreign to the main residential complex.

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However, an independent garage requires its foundations, so we are building a small separate house. Also, if you want to avoid the inclement weather in the route between the garage and your home, you will most likely have to install an additional roof in the garden.

Making the most of the available space

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If we do not have much space to expand our garage, we can always apply some constructive and organizational tricks to make the most of the available space. Also, if you still have doubts about whether or not you need the extension, we recommend that you first try the following:

  • The first thing is the order of the objects inside the garage. Whether large or small, all must be located in suitable and accessible places. Install shelves on the walls so you can take advantage of as much vertical space as possible. For smaller objects, using drawers is a way of having them sorted.
  • Try to grow up first by raising the ceiling height. This will make your garage feel more spacious without resorting to more square meters. You can also try installing lattices to divide the spaces without subtracting visibility that could make the space feel smaller than before.
  • If instead of extending horizontally you decide to expand vertically, it is good to keep in mind a second floor where you could create a new room.

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