If you want to transform your garage into a space that has a different use for sure you can do it with not such big investments. Depending on your choice there are a lot of garage conversion ideas and they usually don’t cost as much as a renovation.

Changing, for example, the door of it is already a great way to give a new vibe to space. But that is not all, so choosing what you want to get of that space is the way to go.

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Is your garage kind of messy and collecting dust? Making a new space out of it can be a great choice and can bring a lot of value to your home. We discovered some good garage conversion ideas that we want to share so you can get inspired and transform your space.

Things to consider when you start

  • plan ahead how do you want to clear the space; chances are big that you have a lot of items you don’t need anymore
  • if you want to add a bathroom to the new space or why not a kitchen check if the plumbing is accessible and if not, you should contact a plumber
  • check if the law needs you to get the permission of a contractor or architect when you make the changes, you don’t want to get yourself into trouble
  • if you want to try garage conversion ideas in order to increase the value of your home use good materials and respect the building codes. For sure it is going to increase the value, but it depends a lot on what you plan to do there
  • when you do a garage conversion this means you are going to lose the parking and storage option so double check before you make the final decision
  • when you choose the garage, door make sure to check all the different options that you can choose today
  • another question you should ask yourself with your garage conversion is what you will do with the driveway

Interesting Garage Conversion Ideas

Our garage can become a lot more than a storage space. It can become with no problems a relaxing space and accommodate all kind of family activities. You can transform it into a workshop where you do your activities, or maybe a studio.

There are a lot more ways to use it than you can think off. In the examples that you are about to see you will understand the full potential of garage conversion ideas.

Garage renovated for family play

Image source: Menter Byrne Architects

You know that kids are full of energy and having space where they can consume it can be an awesome thing for them. Why not use this energy in order to learn sports? You might never know what kind of passion they can develop for sports. For sure you can add some gym mats, some bars or rings that can be a fun playground.

Making your garage into a playroom is also a great way to deposit toys and other items that your kid uses. Check this garage conversion plans and think about it.


Image source: Garage Envy

Making a workshop space from your garage will excite anybody that needs some extra space for their favorite activity. Garages have a lot of space and this means more room for ideas. If you plan to use the space the entire year also think about heat and cold. Certain activities need you to clear the air especially if you use chemicals.

Also, workshops need a special electrical upgrade most of the time because you will be bringing some extra machines that consume a lot of energy and this means the circuit should be separate from the main house. Starting to like our conversion ideas?

Garage Gym

Image source: Studio Bergtraun AIA

Having the right garage conversion floor plans means you will be able to transform it in basically any type of space you want. How does a gym sound at one minute away from your house? If you have gym equipments than this should be really a good idea that you can try.

You will eliminate the commute to the gym together with the gym fees and who knows maybe you will also invite some friends over. You just need a few mirrors and some equipment depending on what kind of training you want to do.

Home office

Image source: The Home Index Interior Design

Being a freelancer is very popular today and more and more people are running their own home business like blogging, online shop and so on. Creating your own home office should be also on your garage conversion ideas because it can help a lot. Space can help your storage thing, bring even a small team together to work on a project and have that space specially designed for work.

It can be annoying if when you work you can hear the TV in the house so for sure your own home office doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

Guest Room

Image source: HDR Remodeling Inc.

If you want to transform your garage into a guest house, you should know that this is one of the most used ideas that families apply. Depending on your budget you can play around with a lot of design and because usually, the structure of a garage is strong you can end up with a great guest suite.

Image source: HDR Remodeling Inc.

You can start with new paint, a ventilation system, a sofa or a bed and you already have the foundation for your idea. Converting your garage to living space is something that can be done for sure, all you need to do is think exactly at how you want it to be.

Stylish lounge With a Bar

Image source: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Continuing our garage conversion ideas, we reached one that we think you will like a lot. How does space specially made to watch movies with your family and friends or have a cool party? A garage can surely do this if you consider the amount of space you have in it. You are going to improve the beauty of your house with such a garage conversion.

After you finish it for sure you are going to be known in your group of friends as the party started. Arranging a bar is something cool that you can play around and use your personal preferences.
Image source: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

The design is also important because it will set the mood of the space. If you want to give the sensation of more space, you can always use mirrors. Also, some art on the walls is going to look nice. Just think about what you usually like when you go into similar spaces and start defining.

Home Cinema

Image source: b+g design inc.

Movie lovers for sure are going to enjoy this great garage conversion ideas because having a special space to watch movies is simply amazing.

Image source: b+g design inc.

Building a home cinema in your garage should not be complicated at all. You need to install a tv that has a good sound and get a sofa. For sure this is the simple version, you can always go for more, improve the way the sounds hear in the space by buying isolation materials, sound systems, gigantic TV’s and so on.

For sure you will love this change in your house so why not really think about this type of garage conversion designs.

Extra Living Room

Image source: Ed Ritger Photography

The garage has enough space to be easily transformed into a living room. A lot of homeowners choose this idea and sometimes even remove the wall between the garage and the rest of the house.

If you do this, you need to think about the heating system and how to adapt it to the new change. For sure this is a popular garage conversion because it is simple, and the results are you will have a new room where you can spend great times with your family. It can be done with a medium budget so why not give it some time and start searching for some ideas that you can apply.

Man Cave

Image source: Heritage Restorations

Another choice for garage conversion ideas is making a garage into a private retreat for the alpha of the house. The big boy will be able to dedicate his time to different hobbies or projects or have some boy meetings for good times.

A pool table is something that can easily be installed there. Video games, board games you name it, all can fit easily in the new space made from the garage. Even installing a bar is not a bad idea, just make sure you have enough space to do this.

Practice Room

Image source: Sol Haus Design

This idea is for those who want to become professionals at a certain thing from music, to sport and other activities. Turning a garage into your own practice area helps a lot. You will be able to focus more on your craft and you will progress for sure a lot faster. It eliminates any distraction and you will be able to save more energy.

Image source: Sol Haus Design

Soundproofing should be a real option when you want to use this garage conversion idea especially if you are into music. Doing is not hard and you can learn easily from the internet or have somebody to do it for you.

Ending Thoughts on Garage Conversion Ideas

To summaries, for sure you will find a lot of garage conversion ideas that you can apply. With some imagination, you can turn an unused space into something that helps you. The final design for sure depends on what you need, and the options are endless. So, start creating and see what you can come up with. After you reached a decision you should be able to have it done quite fast.

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