This kind of title poses a pretty important question.

What is a studio apartment? What are studio apartments made of?

Let’s begin.

A studio apartment is basically a new concept that has been rapidly rising in popularity, worldwide.

This is even more obvious since apartments have an expensive price tag.

Studio-Apartment-in-Los-Angeles-by-Meg-B.-Frank-Interiors Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
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A good studio apartment definition isn’t just “single room apartments”, or “one room apartment”. It is a small, self-contained apartment which is very efficient, and comes with all the essential rooms, without any walls or divisions, and you have a lot of creative freedom.

What does a studio apartment layout include?

A typical studio has a sleeping area, a living area, as well as a kitchen area. The only room, separate, with a door, is the bathroom, which may have one or more closets. The units are much cheaper than a regular apartment, and studio apartment floor plans come with advantages as well as drawbacks.

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What are the other features of a studio apartment setup?

Some studios may come with a studio apartment design which has half-dividing walls which separate the sleeping area from the rest of the home. These walls provide more privacy in case you have guests.

If the studio apartment interior design doesn’t have dividing walls, you can add folding partitions to separate the areas. There are a lot of stylish partitions for anyone’s taste, and they tend to be pretty attractive.

Why a studio?

Besides it being inexpensive to buy or rent, studio apartments tend to have lower utility bills. The small size makes them more efficient, and it costs much less to keep them warm. The electricity bills are also much smaller, due to the fact that you can light up the entire unit with a single light, if you get the placement right.

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Why not?

The only drawback is the limitation of space, and therefore, if you want to store a lot of things, you’ll have to be pretty creative, or have a storage unit in a different location.

A flat box that you can slide beneath the studio apartment furniture is a good option as far as studio apartment ideas go, for example. A careful selection of furniture and accessories is needed, to make things look bigger, and not cluttered and small.

A studio apartment vs. a one-bedroom apartment

A one-bedroom apartment is usually known as a single apartment. A basic one comes with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Some of them may come with a fireplace, balcony, or a yard, but these are all extra features that vary greatly from apartment to apartment.

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On the other hand, a studio is basically one large room with a kitchen and bathroom. It is a self-contained unit that keeps everything in a single room, except for the bathroom. There are different areas of the room which serve different purposes.

For example, one corner may be the kitchen, another one can be the sleeping area, and the space in between may be the living room. The areas are usually divided with partial walls or dividers.

The main difference is that the one-bedroom apartment comes with separate spaces, whereas a studio has a single, large, multipurpose room. The only thing they have in common is the separate bathroom space.

Except for this, they differ in almost everything. A one-room apartment is usually larger, and comes with a higher rent rate or price tag, and the utility bills are often higher as well.

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If you’re after a small, cheap apartment, studios are the way to go. If you don’t want to pay for a large place or are a minimalist, or if you spend little time at your apartment, it’s a great place for you. They may vary as far as size, cost and amenities go, but when it comes to other apartment types, they’re at the bottom.

Single apartments are best suited for couples and individuals because the separate sleeping area gives you more privacy and control. Singles are pretty functional, and the space offered is usually enough for you, and you can even host guests.

Some inspiring ideas

Brick and glam: Your living room isn’t small – it’s cozy. Go for a nesting table, which gives you extra side tables when you need them, and they disappear when you don’t.

Nordic chic: The TV shouldn’t dictate the arrangement. Sure, you may need to rearrange things if more than one person is watching TV, but if you want to put an emphasis on conversation over TV, that isn’t a problem.

Art-in-Situ-by-Jennifer-Perlmutter-Fine-Art-1 Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: BARRETT STUDIO architects

Classy gray: A uniform color palette means a small space won’t feel too busy, and gray can be soothing and consistent. Add a shag rug and wood trim for a bit of texture, without compromising the color scheme.

Open spaces: When you’re decorating, accessories are best kept at a minimum if you want a relaxing feel. If you want a light and bright apartment, add house plants, for example.

Scandinavian glass: For an open, airy feel, use a glass partition. It does take away some of the privacy, but glass and large mirrors will emphasize spaciousness, as well as openness. The whole room will feel more connected.

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Creative touches: The right amount of blue on a lot of white can make things look dreamy. You can also go with a creative coffee table and use magazines as a base.

European style: You don’t have to begin with a sofa. A daybed can give you a lot of decorating flexibility, and if you can’t fit a small sofa, or it isn’t working, opt for two chairs instead.

Venice-Micro-Apartment-by-Vertebrae-Architecture-1 Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: Vertebrae Architecture

Cube room: If your space is completely open, you don’t have to give up on privacy. Make a DIY cube which can give you that bit of privacy when you need it, and you can move it around as needed.

Pattern play: A small studio can be beautiful and bold, especially with patterns and colors. If your layout is a bit weird, or you only have a single window, use a painted accent wall or a wallpaper to bring a bit of color and interest in the room.

Floating shelves: Floating shelves are a great way to store things and not clutter your space. You can add character and color to the walls, and keep your items in place while you’re at it.

Austin-SkyHouse-Loft-by-Posh-Interiors-Austin Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: Posh Interiors Austin

Divide things with a curtain: A curtain is sometimes preferred to a regular wall. It lets in a lot of natural light, while still maintaining a pretty chic aesthetic.

Make your wall personal: DIY your own walls with bookshelves, which adds a personal touch, while giving you extra storage as well.

Enclose your bed

Do you want to make a private bed nook? Or you don’t have a bedroom, yet your bed fits into your closet? You can do a lot of things to set your bed apart, and your apartment will feel more like a bedroom you also live and eat in, and not like you’re living in a single room.

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Hang your things

Ceiling and wall space shouldn’t go to waste. Add pegs or hooks, so you can hang functional items, as well as a bit of décor. Your ceiling can be used for pot racks, or storage netting, which gives you even more options for storage.

Use big furniture

Big furniture might make things look airier and bigger. On the contrary, a lot of small pieces will make things look busy and cluttered, so you shouldn’t shy away from big pieces.

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Light and bright

A small, dark space surely looks dramatic. However, when in doubt, go for light and bright. This makes it feel bigger, and is easily achievable by cleaning your windows and taking away items that may be in the way of natural light. Materials and paint colors can help you here as well.

Put items that are see-through

This is a pretty fun designer trick. If you need chairs and a table, but you don’t want them to feel like they’re cluttering your space, get see-through furniture. You get the functionality, but not the visual bulk.

Raise your bed

Even small beds take up a lot of floor space. Raise your bed, however, and you can get that space beneath it for storage of whatever you want. Or, if you’re handy and have the permission, you can even build a loft area that adds a bit of usable space beneath the bed.

Contemporary-Studio-by-ZL-Design Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: ZL Design

Mirrors are your friend

Mirrors reflect natural light, and bounce it around a small space as well, and make things look and feel larger and brighter. Mirrored furniture also works, as it both reflects light, and helps you cut down on the bulky furniture feeling.

Dividers are to be used wisely

Dividers may make things look cluttered. If you need division, go for mid-height dividers, or opt for ones that let light through. This both gives you a visual division, and makes things not seem that closed off.

City-studio-apartment-by-Black-and-Milk-Interior-Design-London Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: Black and Milk Interior Design London

Make invisible storage

If you don’t want things to feel like a closet, you can camouflage your storage in the space. Use double-duty furniture, for example a trunk for a coffee table, or an ottoman that has hidden storage. Or, paint the storage in the same color as the walls, so it blends in your apartment.

Some decorating mistakes you may want to avoid

Treating it as a single room

Sure, you might want to treat things as a single open room. However, if you create zones, you will maximize your space, and you can even use rugs or room dividers to delineate spaces, and you no longer have to eat on your bed.

Hanging your curtains too low

Want to transform a small room? Hang your curtains right.

Be scared of patterns

Patterns and colors are things that can enhance your room. And the fact that you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be dangerous.

Try to do an accent wall

If the walls have a unified colors, your apartment will have a pulled-together feeling.

Micro-apartment-by-AllenKillcoyne-Architects Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: Posh Interiors Austin

Leave your bed in the open

Don’t put the bed in the middle of the room. Use cabinets and a sconce to make it feel like there’s a room within the room, and create visual separation.

Decorate with pieces that just don’t cut it

Too much accessories, and things look crowded. Too few, and it looks sparse. Choose accent pieces that create the illusion of more space for the best look.

Aqua-Studio-Apartment-by-Mary-Cook Studio Apartment Decor, Ideas, and What It Is
Image source: Mary Cook

Buy the wrong furniture

There are a lot of pieces of furniture nowadays that do double duty, like the coffee table or ottoman we mentioned earlier. They’re a great option for a small living space.


A studio apartment is a great way of living, especially if you’re a part of the eco-conscious, high-tech generation that is coming up. Regardless of whether you’re single, or just starting out as a newlywed couple, you should try using a sleek studio apartment.

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