If you can afford them, luxury apartments are really great. Not just for the fact that they are beautiful, but also for the fact that they can be decorated in so many ways from time to time, and if you can be up to date with latest luxury home decorating ideas, then your home will never be outdated.

Interior designers will listen to your own ideas on what you want, then have a look at your space and suggest something totally different, but wonderful.

The concept of luxury in design

You can’t talk about luxury being about a specific style, luxury is just a characteristic that a certain merge-up of elements brings in a final state. That means your apartment could be luxurious and at the same time be of minimalist style

Luxury is much about quality, branding, exorbitant shapes and wonderful materials and aesthetics with a flawless equilibrium.


There is virtually no one in the world that doesn’t want to own a luxury apartment, and although you can give your apartment a luxurious decorating at a very decent cost, a lot of people are oblivious of this.

If you are creative enough, you can give your apartment that showy luxurious look by trying a few luxury home decor ideas like the use of textured fabrics of different colors and prints to cover your cushions.

You can also make table tops for the central table and side table with old or new slabs of marble, glass or stone.

You can also create beautiful gallery walls by decorating them with exceptional paintings, framed photographs, dry leaves and mosaics of glass to give your apartment a very unique style.

Your apartment is bound to have a luxurious look if you use grosgrain or satin ribbons to adorn the lampshades.

Luxury Open Plan Living Room Design Using a Gray and Magenta Color Accent

The first thing you do when you move into a new apartment is personalizing it as your own. Giving it your own flavor and decorating it to your taste to reflect your personality.

Nevertheless, doing a complete overhaul of the entire set of accessories isn’t really a prudent thing to do, having already spent so much in the course of moving.

So you just moved into a new apartment and you want to give it a luxury apartment interior design without going broke? Here are some inexpensive luxurious decorating ideas that might just be perfect for you.

The open plan living room design might be perfect for you if your space is small.

Using a gray and magenta color accent for the furniture and the decoration, this design idea is definitely worth giving a try.

You can make your living room appear bigger with witty and sophisticated organization, and placing your living room and your dining room into an open plan design idea might just be what you need.

Use a wooden accent to cover the floor and also use it for some parts of your kitchen and your apartment is sure to have a unique luxury look.

Display fresh flowers

To make your apartment look stylish and have that fancy look, you don’t need to break the bank.

A bunch of flowers could just b enough to give your apartment that elegance appearance. Separate the bouquet by stem type and create several small arrangements to spread around your home.

Use elegant Lighting Fixtures

You may add some decoration in it to make it more attractive. Use a perfect and contemporary lighting model to your luxury open plan living room design.

Normally, everything looks better when its brighter. So, the perfect lighting or illumination might just be the hit to make your apartment look better and brighter.

Choose something like chandelier or pendant if you want to be audacious, and you want to be more classy and simple? Wall lighting is perfect. It’s very simple but yet, very effective.

Use a variety of textures

Replace bland pillows with different textures and sizes to add dimension to your apartment.

A sofa, throw pillows, chair, and drapes that are all made with fabric and texture will virtually make your decor fail completely.

Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to reflect your personality. It is very simple but very versatile and options such as posters and paintings might just be perfect for your apartment.

Putting your favorite pieces of art in frames is sure to give your walls some sparkle.

Mirrors are a great part of interior decoration, and putting up large mirrors throughout the obvious arrears in the apartment is sure to add beauty and sparkle to wherever you place them.

This is particularly a great option for you if you have a small space and it is sure to make the entire area appear bigger than it actually is.

Hang curtains high

One of the first things you notice when you enter luxurious homes is that they have high ceilings and that of course brightens up everything.

Your apartment can be given this deceptive appearance when you hang your curtains and other fixtures high up as possible instead of placing them directly above the window.

This will lure the eye up and gives the believe that the space is higher than it really is

Reuse and Repurpose

What is a better way to save money than not spending it at all?

You don’t need to dispose your old furniture and fixtures and you can rather extend their life spans by rebuilding them and giving them new purposes.

Virtually anything crafted from wood can be taken apart and joined together again in a fancy way.

So, you can turn your antiquated furniture and fixtures into contemporary ones or give them new purposes with very little effort

Display Incredible Artwork

There is no better way to give your apartment the luxury look than adding something that has always been connected to luxury from its genesis.

This is the reason art exhibitions and shows are so expensive that only people of higher class could afford to attend them.

Beautiful artworks like paintings and sculptures are sure to give your apartment that fancy and luxurious look.

Just spread them around essential areas such as the dining rooms and living rooms and you can also light them up. This certainly works all the time.

Edit your collections

Too much stuff can actually make your bookshelf or mantelpiece look rough and messy. Arrange your accessories and display only your few favorite possessions and your bookshelf or mantelpiece is sure to get a classy look.

“Build” a Headboard

A simple headboard is certain to enhance the look of your bedroom and give it a more appealing look.

Building a headboard is not really a hard thing to do if you have the know-how, all you need is a slab of wood to build your headboard from scratch.

Apart from it being cheaper than the ones they sell in the stores, you will also be able to choose the kind of material you want.

But if building it seems too much of a task for you, there is an even easier way to give your bed that distinct stylish look.

You can create a pretty trompe l’oril (trick of the eye) frame on your wall with just a masking tape, a level and paint rollers.

You can create the illusion of a colorful headboard of your very own by painting a rectangle that’s 50 inches from the floor slightly wider than your bed.

Choose coffee tables that stand out

If you want to create a luxury apartment, coffee tables must be given great attention. They are one of the most essential parts in home decor and they can’t be ignored.

They are usually placed in obvious places where guests and family are sure to see them, and that is a great way to show off a beautiful or stand out luxury in your home.

Coupled with an astonishing table setting, you are surely good to go.

Style your vignettes

Surfaced styling is very important in home décor, and that’s why professionals always emphasize on this. As soon as you figure out your favorite decorative accessories, arrange them in such a manner that will be very charming and alluring.

You can also use natural objects to create an appealing look. Objects such as shells, marbles, natural colored stones, carved wood and feathers are decorative elements and you will almost be shocked when you see the magic they can bring.

You can also use other creative ideas such as filling a glass bowl with colored marbles or stones and placing it on the tables or the vitrine and filling a shallow bowl with water and let fresh rose petals float on its surface for the central coffee table or the dining table.

Embrace the beauty of a good rug

Rugs have the ability to make anywhere look beautiful and classy, same thing it can do to your apartment. Be careful when you are choosing your rugs and choose those that match other decorations in your apartment.

Rugs portray class, and they can also make your apartment cozy and warm.

Use matching storage containers

Having set of matching containers in your kitchen is a great way to give a flashy and classy look to your apartment.

Using liquid soap in a dispenser and transferring cotton swabs from a box into a matching container enhances the whole view.

Although we don’t recommend sets of furniture, but a set of matching containers is perhaps the best.

Decorate with mirrors

Even in the ancient palaces, mirrors were always adored. From generations to generations, mirrors have always being a representation of beauty.

Besides being a must have item in your apartment, they are also gorgeous, and they can enhance the view of wherever they are placed.

To make the most of mirrors, choose ones that are unusually shaped. A simple but effective way of beautifying your apartment.

Ending thoughts on living in luxury apartments

Everybody loves luxury apartments and everybody has the right to live in them.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until you go to luxury hotels or visit your friends that own luxury houses before you can enjoy luxury.

You can own and enjoy luxury apartments without needing to break the bank.

The greatest thing you can do to your house is giving it everything it deserves like making its interior a luxury apartment decor.

It makes all the difference and gives you the kind of feeling a king has in his castle. You are definitely a king in your own right and you totally deserve to have this feeling.

You should give your beautiful home the feel it deserves and that’s why you should consider these apartment decorating ideas as they are definitely worth it, and the best thing is that you don’t have to be millionaire to give your home a luxurious appearance.

Think about it. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

If you can afford to live in a luxury apartment then you should be able to afford having it decorated in a way that will look and feel right to you.

When you talk to an interior designer they will often listen to what your own ideas might be, look at the space and recommend something completely different.

This is not to say they are not listening to your needs, but that their artistic vision might show them a completely different direction on what that space can do.

Either way the look and feel of that luxury apartment should be able to hold a comparison to the ones that are pictured here.

The designers that have spent the time on each luxury apartment interior design that you see here, put a lot of work and effort into making the right use of space into the place it is in.

From capturing the look and feel of the place itself to showing it off in just the right aspect so as to make everyone gasp as they first see it, you will be amazed at each one.

The use of light plays well with each picture showcasing exactly how the place looks to a person that walks into each room.

From making the most use of space in the living room to designing a place that functions not only for the family but for guests as well.

Take your time to peruse each picture and imagine yourself when you choose your next luxury apartment interior design.

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