Do you need to be inspired to decorate your small apartment bedroom? Well, look no further, all the inspiration that you need is right here. Many apartment bedrooms have the same beige carpet and off-white paint.

While this color scheme can have benefits, such as going with all furnishings and making a small bedroom appear larger, it certainly becomes boring. Especially, if you are a color lover.

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You may think that being a renter can make it rather hard to find inspiration on decorating a one-bedroom apartment because it limits you on what you can do.

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However, I have a few apartment bedroom ideas to help you decorate your small bedroom or any other room in your apartment. These small bedroom deco ideas will not leave any permanent damage or changes. Even in condominiums.  See more here.

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While discussing these small bedroom decorating ideas please keep these tips in mind:

  • Light colors create the illusion of space, while darker hues close in a space and make it feel smaller.
  • Using large furniture will also make a room feel smaller, so make sure the furniture is the appropriate size for the room.
  • Get creative with storage space. You can use under bed storage containers or go vertical to meet your storage needs.
  • To make space feel larger, use mirrors to maximize the appearance of a small room.
  • You will want to have furnishings with multiple functions to maximize your square footage.
  • Leave a space between the wall and bed to create a faux closet. This will also help on storage space. You can hang a curtain to hide your belongings.

Decals for ceilings

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The ceiling is a largely underused space that could add a lot of pizzazz to decorating any area, especially a small area. While ceiling medallions are beautiful and add that special something to an area, they also leave permanent damage when removed.

Don’t worry though, in today’s time, there are decals that can add that same effect to your ceiling. You just peel and stick to your ceiling. They also can easily be removed and leave no damage behind.

Image source: Dayka Robinson Designs

Even if you don’t have a ceiling light fixture, you can still use a medallion decal. They have many different styles such as butterflies, Celtic designs, geometrics, compasses and many other wonderful designs. You are sure to find one whatever your style is.

Fashionable and fun doorknobs

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Yes, replacing a plain functional doorknob can be stylish and add spunk to a room. It is a very simple task to remove and replace a doorknob. All you need to do it is a screwdriver.

Be sure to remember to replace it with original doorknob when you move. There are many stylish doorknobs available. You can choose from a glass doorknob, a lever or maybe something rustic. The style is yours to choose.

New wallpaper

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Even today’s removable wallpaper can be a lot of work and is a two-person job. However, it can be a great small bedroom decorating idea. You could choose to do one wall or all four walls.

The fad, today, is to create one focal point and wallpaper one wall. You could use a bright, wild and busy wallpaper by using this decorating idea.

Image source: Elayne Barre Photography

You may want to go with a more subtle design if you choose to do all four walls. A busy wallpaper on all four walls may be a bit distracting and unrelaxing. Whichever way you choose to go, the use of wallpaper will surely be beautiful.

Rugs, big or small

Image source: J Design Group

Although your apartment bedroom probably has carpet, an area rug can still add texture, color, and contrast to your room. You could go with a big area rug that would fit under your bed and nightstand or something smaller that would fit between furniture pieces or next to your bed. Either way will be a great decorating choice


Image source: Rikki Snyder

Another great apartment bedroom décor idea is window treatments. While you probably have blinds on windows and glass doors that provide privacy, they can do very little in terms of decorating. This is when you will want to hang curtains to provide that decorating sense that you are looking for.

Since you have privacy from the blinds, your curtains could be sheer or bolder, if you choose. The one problem with hanging curtains is you will have to put up curtain rods which will leave holes that you will have to patch when you move.

Cute and fun washi tape

Image source: TG-Studio

Washi tape was created in 2006 by a Japanese masking tape company named Kamoi Kakoshi. It has been a great hit among the DIY and crafting communities. The uses and possibilities are endless. It is a renter’s dream come true because it clings to anything and can be removed easily and leaves no damage or residue.

There are several different things that you can do to decorate with it. So, why not grab a few in several different colors and styles. Here are a few examples of things that you can do with washi tape.

Image source: MyHome Design & Remodeling

  • Design a geometric shape on your wall.
  • Write your favorite phrase or word with it.
  • Use it to create a “headboard” on the wall
  • Add color to doors, window and along baseboards and ceilings
  • Decorate the closet door with it


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Chances are in your small apartment bedroom, you are limited to lighting. Plug in wall sconces can add lighting and be a fabulous decorating source.

All you need is a plug outlet in the location you would like to hang the sconce. You will need to screw the sconces into the wall which will lead to holes that you will have to patch later.

Image source: Essentia Environments

Plug in sconces come in multiple designs that will go with any decorating taste you may have. They range anywhere from contemporary to rustic.

They not only will meet your decorating needs and wants but will provide a great lighting source for you. You will find a great variety of these sconces at Wayfair,, Pottery Barn and Lamps Plus. These are just a few of the places that carry plug-in wall sconces.

Image source: Marvel Realtors

Ending thoughts on creating an apartment bedroom design

Being inspired to create apartment bedroom décor ideas is not easy. Remember to use furnishings with multiple functions to get the most out of your small space.

Also, try implementing one or more of these bedroom decorating ideas for apartments provided for you to create a fabulous, luxury apartment that meets all of your decorating needs and wants.

Doing these things will be fun and yield some great results for you to show off to family and friends. You may even inspire one of them to do the same. Have fun decorating with these bedroom ideas for apartments!

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