Out with the old they say…Sound advice. Though when it comes to our homes, particularly our bedroom, it’s not always that easy. Or more to the point- necessary. Are you feeling like your bedroom needs a little something? Well hold of that interior designer. Here are a few simple ways you can refresh your bedroom without breaking the bank!

  • Pillow Talk

First up, what you lay your head down at night play’s a big part in the quality of your sleep. And while you’re freshening up your bedroom, you might as well freshen up your mornings. Finding the perfect pillow can help you sleep better. Though choosing one very much depends on what type of sleeper you are. Front, back or side? Do a little research to make sure you find something that suits your posture. And cool and supportive enough to keep you comfy.  If there is one thing to throw out, old pillows are definitely it. Go for soft, natural pillow covers that make bedtime the treat it should be.

After all, it’s the best part of the day! Right?

  • Plant life

Is there anything more refreshing than nature? Though depending on where we live, it can be tricky to be around it as much as we would like. Choosing yourself a few of your favourite plants is an easy way to freshen up your bedroom plus bring home their natural benefits. One great plant for the bedroom is Lavender, not only does it smell divine, the soothing effects of the plant are renowned for helping you to relax. And what are bedrooms for? A pretty vase of flowers works as well, an easy way to breathe life and floral freshness into your room and the best part is you can change the colours and styles as much or as little as you fancy.

Roses delivery, anyone?

  • Get arty

The great thing about art is the abundant variety! From colours and shapes to different textures. Choosing art to hang in your bedroom is part of the fun of any last-minute refresh. What would look good on that space above your bed or bring some life to those blank walls? Get creative, from interesting ornaments to a few carefully placed books… Anything goes.  Art is subjective. It gives you the opportunity to personalise your space or add a splash of colour without making any drastic changes. (Like repainting the walls) Have a browse online or visit a few craft stores and see what catches your eye.

Go ahead and release your inner artist!

  • Call the cleaners

Or even better, grab the polish… A good clean can make your bedroom feel brand new in under an hour. Hoover up those toast crumbs (is there anything better than breakfast in bed?) give those desks a polish and change your bedding. Ta-da, a fresh new bedroom, not to mention the free cardio. Of course, if you would rather put your feet up, having a cleaner once in a while can be a good investment. Especially if you’re really not a fan of the hoover. And once you have made the effort to get things ship, shape and shiny treat yourself to some incense or fancy room diffusers to keep things smelling sweet.

Bedtime will be sparkling!

  • Add a personal touch

Dust off those old photographs and put them into some shiny, new frames. You want your bedroom to be a happy place. And what could make you happier than waking up to pictures of loved ones and special memories? Above all, remember a bedroom is your personal place to feel relaxed, calm and centred. When it comes to adding a personal touch, no rules apply other than it creates a room you feel at home in. We tend to spend a lot of time in our bedrooms…So use these tips to keep it fresh, comfy and truly wonderful!

Sweet Dreams.

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