Are you planning on renovating your kitchen? There’s a lot to consider before coming up with a design plan. One of the major things you’ll have to decide on is your flooring.

Since your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, your floors will need to be able to handle serious foot traffic. They should stand strong when exposed to moisture. The material has to be comfortable to walk on, and you want them to be easy to clean.

There are many types of floors that fit these criteria. That’s what makes choosing one so difficult.

We can make the shopping process go easier. Check out this home improvement guide to weigh your options.

Things to Consider 

Before we get into kitchen flooring types, let’s talk about what features you should consider. Be on the lookout for durability, water resistance, comfort, and easy maintenance.

It should also suit your own personal design tastes while still fitting within your budget.


Your kitchen floors go through a lot. Your kid’s spill juice on them. Dropping pots and heavy skillets is an everyday accident.

You have hungry teenagers who come in and out of the room looking for snacks. You need to find kitchen floor tiles that can withstand this kind of punishment without cracking under pressure.


Your kitchen doesn’t see as much moisture as your bathroom, but damp floors still happen. You might dump a full pot on accident or spill water when you’re doing the dishes.

You should look into getting something with at least some water resistance. If you don’t, you may end up having to replace the floor sooner than you would like.


Do you stay in the kitchen long enough to make quick meals during the day, or do you spend hours on your feet baking cakes? If your answer is the latter, you want a flooring that’s comfortable to stand on.


At the end of the day, you should consider your own tastes when weighing your kitchen flooring options. You’ll want it to go with the natural aesthetic that you already have going on in the room.

Easy to Clean

Again, when it comes to your kitchen, accidents happen. Between food spills and dirt, it won’t take long for your floors to get gross. You have enough going on without having to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

Do yourself a favor and opt for a flooring option that doesn’t take much effort to clean.


Depending on your budget, you want to find the cheapest flooring options available. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality.

There are some sturdy flooring materials out there that can fit pretty much any person’s wallet.

  1. Vinyl 

Vinyl comes in a wide array of colors and textures to choose from. This means that you’re sure to find something that can match the style that you’re going for in your kitchen.

It’s waterproof and can stand up to any stain. You won’t have to put in too much effort into cleaning the material and it will be hard for you to damage it. The best part is that you can get all these bonuses for little cost.

  1. Hardwood 

Hardwood makes a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. It can go with almost anything and it laughs in the face of dropped plates and skillets.

As far as maintenance and moisture are concerned, you may run into some issues. Heavy amounts of water can damage wood unless you go through the trouble of sealing it every once in a while.

Any spills and food splatters will need to be cleaned up ASAP, or they will set into the material. Still, if you don’t mind staying on your toes with cleaning, wood isn’t a bad choice.

  1. Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic tile is a durable material that can withstand moisture and pretty much any stain. It’s resistant to heat, and it comes in various styles and colors.

We will warn you that it’s a hard material. Your feet may ache after a few hours of standing on it. You can fix this problem by investing in a comfortable mat, however.

  1. Bamboo 

If you want the classic look of wood without having to worry about moisture problems, bamboo has you covered. Not only is it more resistant to water, but it’s also more durable than wood.

The only problem with bamboo is that it can be expensive. If you feel the need to refinish the material, you’ll have to go through a professional to get the job done.

  1. Natural Stone Tile 

Natural stone kitchen floor tiles can stand up to any punishment that you put it through. It’s hard, durable, and beautiful to look at. Since they have a more luxurious appearance than the other flooring options on this list, getting them can increase your home resell value by a large margin.

Natural stone is porous, though. This means that any spills will absorb right into the material. The only way to combat this is by sealing the stone every few months or so.

Types of Floors for Your Kitchen 

When remodeling your kitchen, the types of floors you go with is an important decision to make. If you aren’t careful, you may end up with something that doesn’t meet your needs or style. We hope that you’re able to use this guide to stop yourself from making any costly mistakes.

Once you get your flooring installed, it’s time to update the rest of your kitchen. Visit our blog daily for all the latest renovation tips and tricks.

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