The garden is bursting with blooms and plants are in their full glory! So, why leave this green goodness outside? Bring the summer into your home with bold florals and lush botanical prints. Going green doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn your home into a hot house, with a little bit of method and design strategy you can marry comfort with a dash of summer magic and arrive at a home aesthetic that will endure all year round!

Here are a few tips on how you can get your garden indoors:

  1. Bring the Sun indoors

Adding sunshine colours is a sure shot way to brighten the interiors and an easy way to do that is by decorating with yellow. If you want to go bold then we suggest you add yellow wallpaper or wall paint to infuse summer magic into your living space.

(Pro tip: Partner it with green to go all out! You can add floral decals or just simple green edges to your walls. Chinoiserie printed wallpaper is another good option when paired with an opposite wall in pale yellow or with more muted shades of yellow furnishings.

  1. Bold florals

No summer garden is complete without its blooms and no garden-inspired room can do without floral motifs. There are many ways to integrate flowers into your décor, you can opt for big and bold floral curtains, delicate upholstery or dress up your walls with flower-patterned wallpaper.

(Pro tip: If you want to play it safe, then large botanical prints or small floral accessories can be paired with your existing décor. Adding small and select decorations is an excellent choice for people who don’t want an overpowering design and have the added benefit of being cheaper and faster to incorporate.)

Embrace nature-infused accessories such as botanical-shaped vases, garden-themed candles, and leaf-patterned tableware. You can also take botanical artwork beyond the walls by using decorative trays with botanical illustrations, cushions and more.

  1. Do a patio makeover

With fine weather and long days, comes an indescribable yearning to spend time outdoors. Dress up your patio as a hybrid indoor-outdoor space that combines the natural beauty of your garden with the comforts of your four-walls. Invest in comfortable garden furniture, add lots of planters, string up some fairy lights and you can easily create the illusion of a room with a garden or a garden with a room.

(Pro tip: Don’t forget the walls. Add bright floral prints to evoke a sense of solidity to balance the real plants.

  1. Fill the rooms with flower arrangements and plants

Naturally, the best way to capture the garden vibe is to actually bring parts of the garden indoors. With so much blooming in your garden, you must take inspiration and bring some of it indoors.  Add lots of small pots and vases filled with fresh flowers on surfaces: dining tables, side tables, bedside tables, kitchen counters, window sills and more! Don’t miss a spot.

While the flowers add a pops of colour and, of course, smell divine,  the greens have their own unmatched charm. From large ficus and ferns to delicate vines and succulents, anything green is welcome indoors.

(Pro tip: Make sure you place your plants to get plenty of sunlight and use self-watering pots or tools to reduce your watering duties)

  1. Refresh your Upholstery

We spoke earlier about adding floral upholstery but let’s go deeper into the topic now. It is best to remove heavy winter blankets, curtains and bedsheets and replace them with summer hues in a lighter fabric. A simple start can be made by just changing your cushion covers and throws, or adding bright flower-patterned bedspreads, or table runners. You don’t need a full reset to feel the summer, small changes can add up to bring a summer refresh to your home.

  1. Mirrors and Lights

Light is the essence of summer and while letting in the sunlight during the day is of course given, there are other ways to make your home bright, light, and airy. Add mirrors to catch and multiply light sources and make your house appear more spacious. We are not just talking about functional mirrors in the foyer; instead, use them as design elements in interesting shapes and positions to enhance and enlarge the space.

Once the daylight falters, switch on warm yellow lights to create a super cosy vibe. Again, mirrors and lights work well to add a luminous feeling to your home.

(Pro tip: switch to yellow lights, the cosy effect they impart cannot be matched by white bulbs.)

  1. Summer vibes for minimalist rooms

If you love an all-white look then the suggestions above might not work for your aesthetics. The good news is that green goes well with muted palettes as well! Add plants in rooms dominated by whites, beiges, and pastels to create a serene and relaxing ambience, You can balance real plants with botanical prints in low-key colours and designs to stay true to your taste.

(Pro tip: don’t be afraid of colour; you might like it)

  1. Switch to Blue

Summer is not just about the garden, for many of us our summer memories are centred around water. If green and florals seem too overpowering for you, you can break away to dip your toes into nautical or water themes. Naturally, the colour palette changes to blue and with a well-selected shade of blue paint you can evoke the ocean (or your pool). Thrown in some white striped cushions or rugs and you are all set for a fun-filled summer.

(Pro tip: Add some seashells or small motifs of the ocean to complete the look.)

It’s a good idea to shake things up once in a while. If you are bored with how your home looks, then now is the perfect time to shift to a bright, sunny and joyful theme.

Here is the last tip: Experiment without fear; after all, you can’t go wrong with green!

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