“Ready to Assemble” cabinets, or RTA cabinets as they are popularly known, are kitchen cabinets that are delivered to customers in disassembled form with specific instructions to the customers on how to assemble the cabinet themselves.

Unfortunately, RTA cabinets have always suffered a bad reputation amongst people for several years now. Most people seem to overlook the numerous advantages that RTA cabinets can afford, all because of certain misconceptions floating around for some time.

So here we are, armed with all the facts about RTA cabinets to debunk the myths that the poor RTA cabinet has been suffering from. It’s about time we stop this handy little invention from being dragged through the mud and restore it to its place of honor! So, without further ado, here are 7 of the most common myths that people have about ready to assemble cabinets and the facts that bust them!

Myth 1: RTA Cabinets Are Flimsy

Many people hold the misconception that good things can never come easy to anyone. This is the same myth that applies to RTA cabinets. People believe that just because these cabinets are “easily” assembled, they can’t possibly possess the same strength and durability that pre-made or craftsman-designed cabinets would have.

The truth, however, is that RTA cabinets are almost always created with the same techniques as the ones that are designed by craftsmen. This means that RTA cabinets are just as sturdy and durable as your next custom-designed cabinet.

In fact, some RTA cabinets might even prove to be stronger than units that craftsmen or machines have put together. This is because RTA cabinets are disassembled before they are shipped for delivery, which means fewer chances of them getting as damaged as pre-designed or custom-made units can sometimes get during transit.

Myth 2: RTA Cabinets Are Built With Cheap Materials

While it is true that your parents or your grandparents purchased an RTA kitchen cabinet that was made of weak particleboard, this is definitely not the case today. Advancements in technology have made it possible for RTA cabinets to be constructed with exactly the same materials as custom-made cabinets.

This is why most RTA cabinets that you will find out there are made of solid and durable wood or plywood.

Myth 3: I Will Need To Call In An Expert To Assemble My RTA Cabinet

It might be true that assembling RTA cabinets might require you to be a lot more hands-on than if you were assembling something much simple, like an end table, for instance. However, you need to remember that RTA cabinets have been designed specifically to eliminate the need for any experts.

This means that they are targeted towards laymen like you and me, who can assemble them by following a set of simple instructions. And of course, there are thousands of guides and tutorials available on the internet today that you can use to assemble your cabinet.


Myth 4: RTA Cabinets Are Expensive

Kitchen cabinets are a costly affair. There is no denying that. However, what you need to keep in mind is that this is only true for custom-made cabinets that have been designed by master craftsmen and assembled by experts in your home. RTA cabinets tend to be much cheaper in comparison.

In fact, with RTA cabinets, all you would be paying for is the cabinet itself since you would be taking care of the assembly part on your own. This means that RTA cabinets can cost almost half the price of pre-made units, allowing you to save an immense amount of money while giving you the same finish as a custom-made cabinet.

Myth 5: RTA Cabinets Are Not Useful In Adding Market Value

Many people seem to think that only custom-made master-craftsman-designed cabinets can drive up their house’s market value. However, these people tend to forget that any sort of remodeling can increase a house’s value, including the installation of RTA cabinets.

In fact, installing RTA cabinets might even prove to be a good deal for you in the end because you would be shelling out a lot less money on them than pre-made units.

Myth 6: RTA Cabinets Are Unattractive

Most people seem to think of boxy and standard cabinets that simply look odd in any kitchen space that they are placed in. However, in busting this myth, we are once again forced to remember the immense technological advancement that we have made over the years. This means that RTA cabinets are no longer ugly and plain like they used to be twenty years ago.

In fact, RTA cabinets come in several different styles and shapes that you could pick and choose from. As such, you could get any style of RTA cabinets ranging from basic to highly intricate, from country-style to modern, or pretty much anything else you want, all of which look great in your house!

Myth 7: RTA Cabinets Cannot Be Customized

In the face of this myth, we would have to say… no, no, and an even bigger NO! Many people think that RTA cabinets are mass-manufactured products that cannot be customized to fit the décor of your house. However, this is simply not true.

Most RTA cabinets these days come in several different designs that you can choose according to the décor of your house. Further, many RTA cabinets provide various customizable options, including organizational options that you could add or delete according to your needs.

Well, there you have it! People have bad-mouthed RTA cabinets for far too long, but that stops today. In fact, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen, then RTA cabinets are the way to go! They are just as sturdy as custom-made units, just as attractive, and they cost just half the price! A win-win all around, wouldn’t you agree?

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